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11 Places In India That Are Better Than Foreign Places

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 6, 2016

Nature is always surprising us with its hidden beauty and undiscovered elements. One among is having twin-landscapes in the various parts of the world that look alike. We all don’t have the privilege of going abroad on a whim. Time and money are barriers that never let us enjoy and explore all the wonders of the world. However, India has its own set of beautiful places that reflect the essence of some of the world’s nicest places. Check out extremely beautiful foreign places that resemble with our Indian places by India Holiday Packages. But before you set out on exploring the world, make sure you’ve enjoyed the serenity of these exotic dream destinations closer to home.

1. Before enjoying the scenic beauty of Scotland’s, explore the green hills of Shillong

2. Before enjoying the mist of Niagara Falls, indulge into the high and most beautiful Chitrakoot Fall

3. Before exploring the Malaysian tea garden & Boh Tea Plantation, enjoy the most beautiful tea gardens in Munnar, Kerala

4. Before experiencing the Switzerland’s scenic and wonderful places, enjoy the Heaven on earth Kashmir

5. Before appreciating the natural panorama of Alaska, explore Uttarakhand hindu pilgrimage’s beautiful sites

6. Before exploring the mountains of Australia in Overland Tracks, go for trekking on stunning Himalayas in Ladakh

7. One can Dive deep as much in Spain, but the dive in Andaman water casts its spell so strongly that it will hold forever

8. Before enjoying the tulips in Amsterdam that make you happy, first explore the colorful display of Tulips in Srinagar

9. Before experiencing the pristine beaches of Brazil, first enjoy the endless and most lavishing beaches of Goa

10. Before cherishing the Windsor Castle’s Royalty in England,  Enjoy the Royal welcome  visiting the Bangalore Palace

11. Before visiting the Great Wall of China with our China holiday tour packages, go for a Kumbalgarh Fort Heritage Walk in Rajasthan




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