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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 21, 2016
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Chimelong Ocean kingdom is 20th most visited theme park in world with 5.5 Million visitors in a year. Ocean Kingdom is situated in Zhuhai, China. It is a part of the Chimelong International Ocean Resort, which aims to become the “Orlando of China”. Its grand opening was on 29th March 2014 featured one of the largest aquarium showing world different sea creatures. The Park received the Award for Outstanding Achievement-Theme Park at the 21st Annual Thea award, representing it as one most recognizable theme park in the world.

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The Park is divided in mainly eight theme Areas

  • ž  FUN ZONE
  • ž  MT. WALRUS

Whale Shark Exhibit Aquarium –

Our China Tour Packages includes visit of The park that has 68 meter high whale shark aquarium & one of the world’s largest aquarium featuring 4 whale Sharks, corals, and many other species. At the time of its opening, it also had the largest aquarium window in the world according to the Guinness World records, a single acrylic panel measuring 39.6 by 8.3 m.

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Amusement rides

  • Happy Bump Bump Bump
  • Games Arcade – game stalls
  • Octopus Carousel
  • Parrot Coaster: Parrot coaster was formerly known as (flying over the rain forest)Is a steel wing coaster at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai Manufactured by Bollinger & mabillard.It is third Tallest roller coaster of its kind. It is longest and fastest wing coaster in the world at 4192 feet in length reaching top speed at 67.1 miles per hour
  • Polar explorer is a water coaster built by Mack rides in polar horizon in 2014

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Animal exhibits

  • Otter Exhibit
  • Stingray Encounter
  • Tide pools – pools with small fish and other sea creatures
  • The park also has the world’s largest marine creatures and marine theme based parade that will give the world class experience for both adults and children to be the part of this amazing event by dancing with the turtles, whales, mermaids and submarines.

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Hengqin Ocean

Hengqin Ocean is the combination of the Blending water, projections, fireworks, lights and many distinctive audio visual sections. It is also acknowledge the world’s largest dome, acrylic paneland aquarium tank window. This large-scale performance is a unique and awe-inspiring show not to be missed!

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