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The Best way to Relax and Rejuvinate Yourself!

By Indranil Dutta on Jun 29, 2016
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The life these days become very Fast and is full of Hardships. It is very much necessary to take break from their hectic life in order to rejuvenate and reinvent themselves.So as a result of it the importance of Short Vacation has increased drastically. The People now a days prefer the Short breaks instead of going for Long breaks. The main reason is that its not Viable to take long breaks from their occupation be it their Job or to close their business for a long time. In order to save themselves from the hassles of long break the trend of Short breaks or Weekend gateways is gaining popularity.


The Tiny State of Goa state nestled in the West Coast of Republic of India. The State which was once under the Portuguese administration now rank among the top favourite destination among the Indian Tourists as well as the Tourists from all over the world. The Goa is indeed famous for its Golden Beaches, Pristine Water of Arabian Sea, the famous cuisines, the Historic Churches of Old Goa now listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the Lush Green Forest.  The Goa tour packages are also famous for its Water Sports like Parasailing, the Bumpy ride, banana boat ride and many more. The Goa is divided into the North Goa ad South Goa. Check our Goa Tour Packages Now!

Famous Beaches in Goa:











There are many more beaches in Goa. The Important tourist Attractions of Goa,

Basilica of Bom Jesus:- The Basilica is indeed the one of the oldest church in Goa but also in India. The Church is holding the Mortal remain of St Francis Xavier. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is an important Pilgrimage centre for Christianity. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the constituent church which was declared the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Fort Aguada:- The Fort Aguada is a Seventeenth Century Fortress constructed by Portuguese. The main purpose of this Fortress was to guard the shipping channel and the Bardez district. The  Fort was once used by the Portuguese Administration as the Prison. The Most Prominent feature of this Fort is its Lighthouse. Today one of the Most Luxurious resort which is managed by the Taj group is situated in one of the part of this fort that can seen during goa package. The resort is named “Vivanta by Taj-Fort Aguada”.

The Goa is famous for its water sport activities. The Tourists can enjoy the Parasailing, the bumpy ride, the Banana boat ride


The State of Maharashtra, nested in the West Coast of Republic of India is considered to be India’s third Largest State as per the Area. The most important city in Maharashtra is the City of Mumbai which is today the India’s most important city. The Mumbai is popularly known as the Financial Capital of India. The Mumbai is also famous for being the base of Bollywood-The Hindi Film Industry. The Maharashtra is having the impressive landscape, it has the impressive coast line along the Arabian Sea, the world famous Deccan plateau, the Portion of Western Ghats.

The Major Tourist destinations in Maharashtra are


The Mumbai, one of the four Metropolitan cities of Republic of India, the India’s financial capital, the home to Bollywood and the India’s most important Stock Exchange the Bombay Stock Exchange said to be oldest in Asia. The Mumbai, earlier name was Bombay, in its initial days its was a cluster of Seven Islands which was mainly the fishing village. The Seven Islands were part of Portuguese administration which was later handed over to British Administration by the Portuguese Empire during the marriage of Catherine of Braganza with the then King Charles II of England. The British administration undertook a project to connect the seven islands. in year 1995, it was decided to rename the city as Mumbai based on the name of Mumba Devi, said to be patron deity of Agri (Salt Collector Community), and Kolis (Fisherman Community) who were the original inhabitants of the islands.

The Mumbai is very much famous for the Tourist attractions, some of them are as under

The Gateway of India:-

The Most iconic and most favorite tourist attraction in Mumbai. Originally constructed by British Administration to commemorate the Arrival of King George V and Queen Mary in Year 1911 to attend the Delhi Durbar or 1911. The Gateway of India is indeed the most iconic structure of Mumbai. The Gateway of India is the place which saw the last of the British Troop leaving Indian land on 28th February 1948, thus finally ending the British Rule in India. The Gateway of India is the place from where the tourists board the ferry for the trip to Elephanta Caves. The Gateway of India is indeed a true icon in itself, it is standing with pride and confidence even after the attacks of various types, be it natural or Man Made. The most iconic structure which one can see only some steps away from this Gateway of India is the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel:-

The iconic hotel which is around a century old. The Taj Mahal Palace hotel was commissioned by the founder of Tata Group Shi Jamshedji Tata. This is the flagship hotel of Taj group one of the Constituent Company of TATA Group. The Taj Hotel is indeed a very sturdy structure in itself which not only tolerated the most deadly attack in itself not from Nature but as a Man made disaster which started on the night of 26th December 2008. The Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai reopened its doors to the Guests after a thorough restoration.

Elephanta Cave:-

The Elephanta caves are a series of various Rock Cut caves with beautiful  sculptures constructed many centuries ago. The Origin of Elephanta caves are still a matter of suspense. The Name elephant derives its origin way back in year 16th Century by Portuguese administration based on the huge rock cut sculpture of an elephant.

Siddhivinayak Temple:- 

The one of important landmark of Mumbai which is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, who is said to be the Remover OF Obstacles, the Patron of Art and Science and the God dedicated to intellect as well as wisdom.


The Lonavala is indeed a very beautiful hill station in the district of Pune. The Lonavala is 96 Kilometers from Mumbai and is 64 Kilometers from Pune. The Lonavala is famous for its Chikki. The people from Mumbai and nearby state prefers to visit Lonavala in the Summer months and specially in the monsoon period. The scenic beauty of Lonavala is indeed very beautiful.


The Mahabaleshwar is situated in the District of Satara. The Mahableshwar was the Summer capital of Bombay Province during the British Raj. The Mahabaleshwar is very much famous for its Strawberry’s. The Mahabaleshwar is 120 Kilometer South-West of Pune and 285 Kilometers from Mumbai. The Mahabaleshwar is the place from where one of the major River Krishna is originating before it travels all the way to Bay of Bengal through Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


The Matheran is a hill station located at the district of Raigadh. The Matheran is declared a Eco Sensitive Zone by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Union Government of India. The Matheran is Asia’s only vehicle free hill station. The most favorite attraction of Mathern is the Matheran Light Railway which is one of the Constituent Hill Railway’s of India (Other Hill Railways are Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Kangra Valley Railway, and Nilgiri mountain Railway), which is declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. So book your Maharashtra tour packages today and make a lavish journey.

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