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The Crown of Indian Heritage – Taj Falaknuma Palace,Hyderabad

By Indranil Dutta on Jun 9, 2016
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During the time of Colonial administration the majority of Indian empire was ruled by some 565 Princely States of Various size. Among these 565 Princely States the Largest one was the Hyderabad. The Size of Hyderabad State was 214,190 Square Kilometer, ruled by the Nzam said to be Most Richest Person of his time.

The Nizams are famous for their collection of Jewellery which was unique and Priceless and not to forget the Majestic Palaces of Hyderabad. After the Hyderabad’s accession to Union of India and further merger with Republic of India after the States Reorganization in 1956, the Hyderabad was divided into today’s Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

The Nizam’s decided to follow the Other Princely States and convert this palace into Heritage Hotel. In year 2000 the Present Nizam Mukarram Jah decided to hand it over The Falaknuma Palace to the Taj Group after the Thorough Restoration the Falaknuma Palace is converted into a Heritage Hotel.

It is very Much Necessary to first have a look into the History of Falaknuma Palace.

The Palace was initially constructed by, prime minister of Hyderabad Nawab Vikar-Ul-Umra. The Property is built in a higher ground which is aroud 2000 feet above the Hyderabad City overlooking the whole city. The Term Falaknuma mean “Like the Sky” or “Mirror of the Sky” in Urdu. The Falaknuma Palace was later taken over by the then 06th Nizam Mehboob Ali . The Falaknuma Palace was used by Nizam’s as State Guest House to offer the incredible Hospitality to the State Guest which Includes the Viceroy’s Political bigwigs and the Last High Profile Guest was the First President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad in 1951.

The Palace is famous for its various unique things.

  • The 2 ton manually operated Piano in the ballroom.
  • The Falaknuma Palace do have a very impressive collections of unique artifacts like Paintings, Furnitures, Statues, Books and Manuscipts
  • In Falaknuma Palace, you will find a world’s unique jade collection which belongs to Nizam and his family
  • The World famous table which can accommodate 100 guests.
  • The Palace do have the amazing collection of Venetian Chandelier’s
  • The Guest are welcomed in Nizam Style that means in a Buggy

The Taj Falaknuma Palace do have some finely decorated rooms restored by Princess Esra, the Nizam’s wife. The types of Rooms are

  • Luxury Rooms
  • Palace Rooms
  • Historical Suites
  • Royal Suites
  • Grand Royal Suites
  • The Nizam Suites





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