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The World’s Best Airport, Coming Up With An Amusement Park

By Smit Katira on Jul 4, 2017
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This blog is about the world’s number one airport, Changi airport and all the activities that it has for every traveler to utilize and enjoy.

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Singapore’s Changi airport is voted the best airport in the whole wide world. It is one big deal as we have seen a lot of majestic and beautiful airports like those of Dubai, JFK etc. and thought that nothing could be better than these, yet Changi manages to beat all these airports of the world to their knees to become the number one among all. This is one such airport where you won’t be saddened by the news that your flight just got delayed by a few hours as Changi airport has got a really long and exhaustive list of things to do here at the airport itself.

These activities that Changi’s renowned airport flaunts for itself are:

1.Duty Free Shops:

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These duty free shops have almost all the things that you’re looking for under one single roof and that too “Duty free”. It is less like an airport and more like a shopping mall.

2. Free Singapore tour:

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Changi airport of Singapore also arranges free Singapore Tour for all the travelers who opt to and have a long layover before their next flight takes off. How amazing does it get?

3. Shower and spa services:

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Say for example you just have reached to Changi airport after a long haul 12 hr flight and you get to know that your next flight just got delayed by 4 more hrs. How pissed will you be? Don’t worry they have free shower and spa services at the airport to freshen up your mind and rejuvenate you as you take ample rest for you to hop on your next flight.

4. Movie theaters and rooftop swimming pool:

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They even have free access for the travelers inside the airport to their movie theaters and swimming pool for you to chill out a little bit.

And much more…

It has got so many things that it is not possible to comprise them with limited words; it has aviation gallery, the whisky house, ishopchangi, butterfly garden, sunflower garden, orchid garden, enchanted garden and what not.

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As if all of this was not enough, Changi airport of Singapore is coming up with a new project worth a whopping $1.7 billion to add up a new attraction, an amusement park among the long list of things to do at Changi airport.

This is going to be a nature inspired theme park for all the travelers to get a chance to relax amidst the nature within the concrete. This park is reportedly scheduled to open somewhere in the year 2019.

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This jewel will flaunt a five floor indoor garden, bouncing canopy nets, a hedge maze, a huge waterfall and even indoor clouds. This man made ecosystem will be enclosed in a steel and glass structure with a 131 foot huge waterfall in the centre that will be called the Rain Vortex.


Huge stuffed animals will roam along the walkway of the garden to indulge with the children. Also you will be able to walk on the springy nets suspended three stories high up in the canopy and the pseudo clouds will float across the forest floor for the children to play with.

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