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Hong Kong Visa Update for Indian Nationals

By Indranil Dutta on Dec 30, 2016
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The Hongkong popularly known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), is a very popular tourist destinations for Indian Travellers. The Indian tourists till recently were allowed to enter Hong Kong with Visa On Arrival with valid Passport.

The Government of China in a recent move decided that the every Indian Traveller who intend to visit Hong Kong for a period of stay less than 14 days must complete an Online Pre Registration formality prior their visit to Hong Kong. To know more read this blog

Who requires Pre Arrival Registration?

Indian Nationals require a Pre Arrival Registration.

What are the pre requisites for Pre Arrival Registration?

 The Indian National who is applying for Pre Arrival Registration must keep the 02 points in mind. They are as under:-

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  1. Holds an Indian Passport which is valid for a time period of at least 06 Months.
  2. The Passport should not be handwritten.
  3. The main reason is Visit or to transit the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for the stay not more than 14 days at a stretch.

From when will Online Pre Arrival Registration be required?

The Government of People’s Republic of China recently said that the Indian National who are travelling to Hong Kong will require “Pre Arrival Registration” which will come into effect from 23-January 2017 & any passenger entering Hong Kong from this date will require a pre arrival registeration.

For How much time Online Pre Arrival Registration will be valid?

The Indian nationals must successfully complete the Online Pre Arrival Registration procedure. Once Online Pre Registration is done, it will be considered valid for next 06 months or till the validity of Indian Passport which is linked with it.

You can enter the HKSAR till the 6 month period ends. You can enter country a day prior to the end of the validity & stay for 14 days beginning from your day of entry.

For How many days a Indian Traveller can stay in Hong Kong with Online Pre Arrival Registration?

The Online Pre Registration is valid for 06 months. All travellers will be issued a visa on arrival on the basis of this pre registration, which allows the traveller a maximum stay of 14 days.

Who are exempt from the Online Pre Registration Procedure?

There are some exemptions for this Online Pre Registration. The exemptions are:-

  1. Holders of Indian Diplomatic or Official PassportTurkey tour packages from Ahmedabad
  2. The People who holds the valid HKSAR Travel Pass.
  3. Indian Nationals who are successfully enrolled for E-Channel Service for Frequent Visitors.
  4. The Person who is holding the valid entry visa for the HKSAR.
  5. The Persons who enter the Hong Kong on Transit, the main criteria is that they cannot leave the Transit Area.
  6. The Persons who are Holding the United Nations Leissez Passer coming to Hong Kong.Turkey tour packages from Mumbai
  7. The Indian Nationals who are Members of Operating Air Crew, Or Operating Seacrew on board Vessels, or a contract seaman, subject to normal Immigration Procedure.

How to apply for the Pre Arrival Registration?

You can apply online for the pre arrival registeration on the Hong Kong Government website on the following URL: www.gov.hk/en/apps/immdindianparreg.htm

Your computer will require a Adobe Acrobat Version 7 or higher and an attached printer.

Follow these simpe steps:

  1. Fill the required details
  2. Confirm all the details
  3. Generate the confirmation Slip
  4. Take a print of the Confirmation slip
  5. Sign the Confirmation slip & Present it at the HK Immigration

What are the Charges for Pre Arrival Registration?

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As of now there is no charges for the Pre Registration Procedure. It is free of charge.

Do we need to provide or upload any supporting document when applying for the Pre Arrival Registration Process?

As of now it is not required to provide or upload any document while applying for the Pre Arrival Registration.

What are the informations which is required while filling the Pre Arrival Registration?

The Hong Kong Pre Registration Page do have some specific questions to answer. Those questions are as under:-

Part-A:- Information of Registrant, this section do have the questions like Name of Registrant, Registrant’ s Gender, Date of Birth, Address of Registrant, Date of Birth.

Part-B:- Passport Informations, this section includes the question like Passport Number, Date of Issue, Place of Issue, Date of Expiry

Part-C:- Previous travels to the HKSAR, this includes the previous travel history to Hong Kong.

Part-D:- Previous Visits to foreign countries/territories, this includes the questions related with past travel history means last 05 countries visited and the specific dates.

Part-E:- Occupation, this section includes the information related with persons occupation means the sector in which he/she is working, the address where he/she is working along with the contact number of unit.

Part-F:- Details of Upcoming Visit, this section includes the information related with purpose of visit, proposed duration of stay, address where the person will stay, the amount of fund which person will take with the details of hotel accommodation or where the person will stay in Hong Kong.

Part-G:- The Other details which deals with the Person’s criminal records (If any), HKSAR Visa refusals, and various other points

Once the Pre Arrival Registration is complete, the Notification Slip will generated, after carefully reading all those points and confirming that all the details are true it is needed to be signed by the registrant. Without the Notification Slip one cannot board the mode of conveyance and will be refused entry by the Hong Kong Immigration authority. The another important thing which must be kept in mind is that the every registrant must have the USD 700 accompanied with fresh receipt.

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If by any chance the Online Pre Registration is not successful, then the person will require to apply for an Entry Visa and that too directly with Immigration Department. It must be considered that the Chinese Diplomatic or Consular Missions will not accept the Visa application from Indian Nationals who wish to visit Hong Kong.

To Know more about the Pre Arrival Registration you can see this video

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