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By Vishal Pandey on Feb 22, 2017
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There is no other place like Goa when you wish to have all kinds of amazing fun and frolic. But, in this happening place make sure you visit these seven food havens if you are a vegetarian and non-veg food isn’t your thing.

Goa is one of the most perfect places to literally chill yourself out and turn your vacation mode on. Right from all kinds of seafood at your disposal to street side snack, you cannot thank Goa for anything more. But, if you are a vegetarian and you feel lost in the food culture of Goa, then you need not fret as these seven vegetarian refuges will give you the best of Vegetarian food that you can expect in Goa tour packages:


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If you are amazed by the name of the restaurant itself, then you can always rely on this restaurant for an amazing food that it would treat you with. Decked up with not only a quirky ambiance, the atmosphere of this place is also outstanding which makes it even better for the people to visit Black Sheep. You are surely going to find the most happening crowd here as people from all age groups come here. The desserts and the Italian flavour will make your day here.

2. OUREM 88

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If you are searching for a vegetarian restaurant in Goa which can serve you the best of vegetarian food then all you need to do is close your eyes and be at OUREM 88 which serves some of the best vegetarian delicacies one can expect. With a fine touch of European and British culture you cannot help yourself from making a way into this restaurant. And finally when you have made your way into this place and you are sitting comfortably then order for a portion of European food to satisfy your soul.


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In this amazing restaurant, the first thing that will lit up your mood will be the ambiance which offers some beautiful views towards the sea. The sea- facing ambiance is a delight for many and finally when you are all settled to order for food, make sure that you order Margherita Pizza and portions of Italian Cuisine, combined with live music will surely do the trick for you.


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 Zest in Goa is one of the safe places with not much of a quirky ambiance but some great food for the people who are in search of vegetarian food in Goa. You can always turn down to this place if you are looking for a filling breakfast alongside juices.


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This place has an extensive menu with the major USP being its English breakfast that it serves. You might well be confused looking at the menu, over what to choose but you can always go for their Naan Bread or Jeera Rice which is indeed cooked to perfection.


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An amazing coconut ice-cream awaits you at Banyan Tree. If you love Thai Food, then this will surely be a paradise for you. If you are looking for a Romantic dinner on your Goa tour then you surely should come here.


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Away from the hustle and bustle, lies Edward’s Yard which has got some amazing food and making you feel better with its open space. Make sure you consult the chef before ordering your veg feast.

So get set and explore some interesting vegetarian delicacies in Goa!

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