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Travel Gadgets You Must Use For Hassle Free Holidays!

By Smit Katira on Aug 25, 2017
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Missed out on getting the perfect set of gadgets taken along is something that most of realize when we reach our destinations. And this has happened so many times that it compelled us to finally write a blog about it to keep ourselves reminded, while hoping it could help the forgetful like us.


Travelling is no child’s play, you ought to be ready with all your gears and gadgets so that you don’t get stuck in a situation. Also, considering the fact that technology has made us super dependent to an extent where let alone going on a 10 day tour to some new place, we can’t even think of surviving a day of our normal lives without them. Being dependent on these gadgets is not even wrong up to a degree; I mean it only makes our lives easier. Read the below article to find out the best gadgets that you must carry while you’re going on a tour for a smooth and hassle free time.

1. GorillaPod Tripod:


Carrying those old school tripods sounds so 2010ish. Those times are long gone where you had to carry a different trolley bag for all of your photography needs. Nowadays all the camera equipment’s and accessories are made so handy and compact that they can get some space in your backpack itself. Let’s take this GorillaPod for example, it breaks the image of the conventional tripod by being so small, handy, lightweight and yet so useful that it properly works as a substitute for those hefty tripods.

2. GoPro:


Getting yourself GoPro for your tour will be the best decision that you’ll make after choosing Flamingo for your tour planning. GoPro is so small and handy yet so much of a powerful action camera that it will enable you to capture the best of your moments in full HD or even in 4K. The best part about GoPro is you don’t have to worry about caring for it, it is rugged in its own skin, it is certified dust proof, shock proof, water proof, etc.

3. Portable speaker:


You don’t want to get bored while you’re lying at the beach shack or your resort room’s balcony that has a view that can’t have a price tag up on. That’s when the heavy duty, light weight portable speaker come in handy. They can be your and your family’s best companion at times, play some music according to the mood to make it a little too perfect.

4. Rashguard swimwear:


This is a swimsuit line introduced by the designer cum Entrepreneur Cynthia Rowley, these surf and swimwear are by far the funkiest way to protect your skin and look cool at the same time. This item is made of skin friendly Nylon/Spandex and comes with SPF 50+ for complete sun block.

5. Perfect travel bags:


It starts with this, choose yourself a travel bag that suits the best for your preferences. There are a lot of options out there that offer different features like anti-theft (for the forgetful ones), automatic wheels (for the lazy ones), a travel bag that doubles as a power backup for all your other power greedy gadgets. Choose the perfect travel bag for you and you’ll be thankful for your lives.

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