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Beginner’s Guide for Scuba Diving in Phuket

By Harsh Joshi on Nov 11, 2017
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The curiosity that leads us to exploring places different from usual is what sometimes makes the best memories of life. If you have wanted to explore a completely different world that exists under water then you have indeed wished to do something unimaginably beautiful. One of the best ways to do this would be on Phuket Krabi tour packages.


The world beneath the sea is a kingdom of vibrant colors, happiness and richness. Scuba diving is the entry into this existence. Diving into the marine life is an experience only you could name once you’ve lived it. Listening to your heart beats and seeing your breathing bubbles is only one of the many things that you enjoy down there.

Thailand with its vast coastline, serene turquoise waters, several islands and good infrastructure is one of the most ideal destinations across the world for scuba diving. In fact Phuket has been rated as one the best places for Scuba diving. It is also one of the most enjoyed activities on Phuket Krabi tour packages. Also know about interesting things to do in Phuket Krabi.

So here is the Beginner’s guide to Scuba Diving in Phuket and some reasons to understand why Phuket, when it comes to Scuba Diving.

1. The Climate in Phuket:


Thanks to the temperatures in the Andaman Sea, which remains constant at about 29 Degrees Celsius (84 Degrees Fahrenheit) through out the year. This means that divers do not really need heavy wet suits.

2. Phuket’s Rich Marine life:


Rich, Varied and Abundant! This is the kind of marine life you encounter when you dive into Phuket’s under waters. Whalesharks and Manta rays are likely to appear at anytime of the year. Turtles and baby turtles are amongst the other attractions. You would come across dozens of fishes of various kinds. The coral reefs as always bring their own charm to the marine life. Importantly, the best time to Scuba Dive in Phuket and Krabi would be in between November to April.

So now do you need to know swimming in order to Scuba Dive?

Well it is recommended to those who know swimming or have been in any water activity previously. However in case you do not know how to swim, you could go for the guided courses and scuba dives for non-swimmers.


A guided swimming pool session combined with a beach dive is the most common and safest form of trying Scuba Diving. This is what most of the Scuba Dive operators in Phuket Krabi would follow for beginners. There could be some restrictions on the areas where a beginner is allowed to dive.

Is there any Age limit?

For most of the operators that offer the guided course and Scuba dives, the minimum age limit is 10 years.

How easy is it?

Scuba diving is indeed very simple and easy. All it takes is for you to be confident in waters, understand all the safety instructions carefully and enjoy the beautiful underwater experiences. With the courses for beginners, it becomes very easy to learn.

What would you learn in your Beginner’s course?


The beginner’s are usually taught the basics on being in water and relaxing in water. You may be briefed about the marine life and the safety measures you must take. You could also be guided on how to communicate underwater and of course most importantly how to dive and come back. Other standard things that are also taught include, how to clear the masks, how to remove, replace the regulators and how to equalize air spaces.

Which is the best way to plan your Scuba Dive?

If possible learn how to swim. Book your tours in advance. Research and choose from the best-guided courses and Scuba Dive operators.

If you plan for good Phuket Krabi tour packages you could have this planned and included in advance for your convenience. Know More about best tourist locations in Krabi to plan your holiday right.

Flamingo Transworld wishes you good luck for the incredible water adventure!!!

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