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All About Pamukkale: The Cotton Castle

By Prashant Jha on Mar 16, 2018
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If you are hunting for an exotic destination to add a remarkable difference to your expedition, this post could help you out.

Believe it or not; nature always leads out whenever it comes to exploring a place. Indeed, the destinations are now embellished with various artificial aspects to keep their visitors engrossed, but nature manages to woo the people through its wondrous facets. Those jaw dropping sights and breathtaking landscapes cannot be created by humans. There are many instances in this regards, like the one being Pamukkale.


You will be stunned till your bottom after coming down to this place on an excursion. Blessed by the natural wonders and reciting its majestic history, Pamukkale is also known as cotton castle and tops the chart for the best destinations while opting for Europe tour packages. Every corner of this place keeps the visitors engaged for many hours because of the elegance and exclusivity that is found nowhere else in the world.

Some of its various attractions include-

1. Travertines


The calcite cliff of this area is so white that it would gleam into your eyes. The iconic landmark of Pamukkale, the formation of cliff took place by the hot springs of the area. The terrace pattern of the cliff adds more beauty to the appearance of this place, thus making it more appealing. For a remarkable experience you could opt for walking bare foot from base to top of the cliff and sitting on the pools of water.

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2. Hierapolis Theater


Though we cannot be a part of the history which we couldn’t see, but there are still many monuments and architectures that leave the visitors nostalgic. This theater sets a relevant example of its time. Built long time back, the theater even stands mostly in its original look today. It includes VIP boxes, 2-Tier seating and panels. Get on to the top seating area where you will find the best view of the stage.

3. Pamukkale Castle


This castle is built up on Hierapolis plateau from the Pamukkale town. Probably this was the factor which earned cotton castle as its name. If you want to be away from the crowds of the city, you could plan out your visit over here. The best time to visit is during the sunset when you could enjoy marvelous views of glowing travertine terraces due to sunlight.

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4. Karahayit Hot Springs


Situated just 5 kilometers away from Pamukkale are these hot water springs that originate from chalk coated rocks. These springs are rich in minerals and can rise to the temperature up to 55 degree celcius. You will also observe various colors of the water which is due to the presence of various oxides. And if you want to avoid all the pains and strains of your body, then soak yourself in a pleasurable bathing pool! Bet, you won’t come out soon.

Pamukkale is all about natural wonders and historical sites. Those who are fond of nature and its wonders would find the best of their leisure time opting for Europe tour packages to this place.
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Happy travelling!

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