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Top 5 International Beach Destinations – Summer Calling!

By Ketika Shah on Feb 7, 2023
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It is going to be summer soon. The holiday season is almost approaching. And I am sure not just me, but even you are thinking about summer vacation!! There are hill stations and exotic locations you can visit, but as you are aware, there is no holiday quite like the one on a beach destination.

With all due respect to mountain fans, there is absolutely nothing that can match a vacation by the beach. Whether you like bustling and well-equipped beaches or remote and rustic, our chosen list offers a glimpse into some of the most stunning beaches across the globe. Pack your beach essentials and break free from the stresses of everyday life to some of the top locations on earth for your summer vacation in 2023.

Top 5 International Beach Destinations

1. Portugal

Image Source: https://cdn.travel-in-portugal.com

For your summer vacation in 2023, explore the stunning beaches of Portugal. Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, from the calm coves of Porto de Mos to the bustling beaches of Albufeira. Portugal is a well-liked location for beach vacations because of its miles of pristine beaches, azure waters, and picturesque surroundings. Enjoy the delicious seafood, get lost in the local culture, and relax on these picture-perfect beaches. Book your Portugal tour packages right away to experience the ultimate beach vacation.

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Must-visit beaches

  • Praia da Falesia – Algarve
  • Praia do Guincho – Cascais
  • Praia da Marinha – Algarve
  • Praia da Nazaré – Leiria
  • Praia da Rocha – Algarve

2. Italy

Image Source : https://www.sardegnaturismo.it

You are dead wrong – if you perceive that Italy is a country featuring only monuments and ancient sites. Discover the stunning beaches of Italy for a taste of la dolce vita. Italian beaches are the best locations to chill and enjoy the Mediterranean sun from the stunning views of the Amalfi Coast to the sands of Calabria. With more than 5000 miles of coastline, Italy’s stunning beaches will definitely make you feel calm and carefree. This beautiful country has a range of beaches from those visited by celebrities to remote ones. Reserve your Italy tour packages so you can see these stunning beaches for yourself.

Must-visit beaches

  • La Pelosa – Sardinia
  • Cala Granara – Spargi
  • Marina Piccola – Capri
  • Cala Violina – Tuscany
  • Cala Goloritze – Sardinia
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3. Spain

Images Source : https://preview.redd.it

Certainly one of the best options for a holiday, especially during summer 2023 – is a trip to Spain. If you are seeking a fun and lively vibe at a beach destination – Spain it is! The country is renowned not only for its football teams, festivals, and architectural wonders but also for its enchanting beaches. Spain offers the right balance of ocean, beach, and sunshine. From the sunny southern shores of Andalusia to the famous Playa de La Concha in San Sebastian – there are several beaches in Spain to explore during your Spain tour packages.

Must-visit beaches

  • La Concha Beach – San Sebastian
  • Bogatell, Barcelona
  • Cala Mesquida, Mallorca
  • Praia da Rodas, Galicia
  • Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera
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4. Maldives

Image Source : https://de87ve0y4m3tc.cloudfront.net

Talking about Maldives – the moment you type Maldives into a search engine – you will be bombarded with stunning images of numerous beaches. It is no secret that the Maldives is a well-liked vacation spot for beach lovers with its immaculate white beaches, beautiful blue lagoons, and a variety of marine life. From lounging on remote island shores to snorkeling in beautiful coral reefs – Maldives offers a memorable beach holiday. Booking a Maldives tour packages will let you immerse yourself in the gorgeous beaches and escape to a tropical paradise.

Must-visit beaches

  • Cocoa Island
  • Mudhdhoo Beach
  • Bikini Beach
  • Baros
  • White Sandy Beach
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5. Mexico

Image Source : https://www.traveloffpath.com

Mexico is one of those well-rounded nations with delicious food, culture, stunning scenery, and some of the top hotels and resorts in the world. However, Mexico will always be known as a beach destination—and rightfully so. The country has a beautiful coastline of over 5800 miles, stretching from the west with the surfer-friendly Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. The range of Mexico’s beaches is arguably their best feature. You can select Mexico tour packages to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a surfing adventure, a cultural immersion, or an off-grid getaway.

Must-visit beaches

  • Playa Balandra – La Paz
  • Tulum – Yucatan Peninsula
  • Maroma Beach – Riviera Maya
  • Playa del Amor – Cabo San Lucas
  • Puerto Vallarta Beach – Jalisco
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Whether you want to snorkel in clear waters, relax on the sand, or be an athlete and try fun watersports, a beach has it all. Although not all beaches are created equal, Flamingo Transworld will create the best itinerary for you to have an unforgettable beach vacation to help you plan your summer holidays.

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