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Top 10 Things To Do In South Bombay – Old World Charm

By Sanya Lekhi on May 14, 2018
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Seeking relaxation in SoBo can be rather difficult when you’re always surrounded by the rhythmic commotion of markets and popular tourist attractions of the city… but hey, that’s why we all visit SoBo, right? The locals take pride in their southern hub where history, culture and lifestyle meet, and the night crawlers swing along the medley of music and play their guitar along the Marine Drive as the sun sets.

The desire to linger in South Bombay escalates when you visit one of the famous places of the city, Colaba. But keeping things justified, let me introduce the first time travelers to some of the very best attractions that this exciting part of Mumbai that you can visit through domestic tours packages.

1.Marine Drive At Night


Marine drive at night is like a completely different atmosphere, the place is oozing charm as you find people sitting by the water and relaxing, you could spend the whole night here just listening to the peaceful noise or the sight of the Mumbai lights. Any domestic tour package will give you a chance to breathe in life at marine drive.

2. Midnight Cycling


Ride through the city that is called the city of dreams and adore the heritage sites. Come and discover Aamchi Mumbai on a cycle tour with like-minded adventure enthusiasts. Let the sights and sounds of South Mumbai enthrall you under the indigo midnight sky. Breathe in the crisp, cool air as you pass by the history and architectural wonders, all lying asleep at the close of day.

3. Britannia & Co. for Delicious Parsi Food


If you are a foodie then the Britannia & co. restaurant is just the place for you it is literally history and tradition in a plate, offering authentic delicious Parsi food to leave your taste buds startled, the roots of this place taste back to 92 years.

4. Colaba Market – Street Shopping


Colaba street is one of Mumbai’s best places to street–shop from and falls under the ‘Culture Square’ of the city. Cafes like Leopold and Mondegar are just a few steps away to cool of from the shopping hustle.

5. Bandra Worli Sea Link


Mumbai boasts this sea link proudly as it stands tall and wide. Literally amazing architectural work shined with lights at night. If you visited Mumbai and did not take a ride over this bridge you missed something important so be sure to choose a domestic tour package that involves your travel on this bridge.

6. Kalaghoda Arts and Craft Festival


Kalaghoda Arts and Craft Festival is a nine day long festival that takes place in February. It is the country’s largest multicultural festival so it is an experience you should defiantly not miss once you are there.

7. Jehangir Art Gallery


Jehangir Art Gallery is the city’s most prominent art gallery and a center of educational and cultural activities. It has a lot to offer and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to have a look at it. It is simply prestigious just to be there.

8. Make Your Way To The Gateway Of India


Gate Way Of India is a legit tourist attraction spot that you will be guided to through any domestic tour packages. It is a UNESCO archway monument and a great place not only for the history junkies but for people who are visiting. It is an important part of Mumbai, something that you must see.

9. Prince Of Wales Museum


Visiting a museum would be a nice, calming and cultured way to spend your afternoon after the crazy hustle and bustle in the city that never sleeps.

10. Visit The Dargah Of Haji Ali


Dargah of Haji Ali is dripping in history and gives the essence of the culture that once used to belong here. Considered a holy place it is a must visit no matter what domestic tour packages you use.

You have a variety to choose from any domestic tour packages and the options include some of the popular attractions in South Mumbai like Khotachiwadi Village where you can relish a photo walk. Taking a ferry ride to Elephanta Caves and exploring the art district, Kala Ghoda are some options to leave you spoilt for choice.



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