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Top 6 Experiences Which Will Complete Your Alaska Trip

By Riddhi Shah on May 9, 2018
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Alaska is known to be versatile and travel friendly when it comes to exploring. Here are the top 6 experiences which you must not miss while in Alaska.

It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the variety and diversity of places you will find in Alaska. Get ready to tick off almost all the wishes on your bucket list, as Alaska Tour Packages will never fail to amaze you with its beauty. From extraordinary landscapes to serene water-side you will never be short of sights to cherish. You will simply be awestruck by the amount of lakes and rivers in Alaska. The view of mountains that surround you is definitely a view to die for.

In a place this surreal, it can be very difficult to make the most out of your time and visit each and every place. Thus here are the top 6 most worthy experiences one must witness on their Alaska Tour.

1.Watch the Northern Lights

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The best time to get lucky in this aspect is during September and April. You have to be really spontaneous and willing to sacrifice a little sleep to have the true pleasure of this experience. It is said that these lights come straight from heaven and you will agree to every bit of it once you have witnessed them.

2. Go Whale-Watching

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It is very easy to spot a whale in Alaska. This mighty creature is seen at various parts of Alaska and it is truly a sight to watch them shatter the water surface and dive back in. People from all over the world enjoy this experience and spend hours on a boat to capture the right shot on their camera.

3. Explore the Tundra

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The mystery and magic of Tundra lies within the flora and fauna, which survive there and bloom beautifully for seven months in this snow clad surface. You can explore this raw place simply by hiking or you can even take a bus to get there. Once you reach there you will be surrounded by majestic snow clad mountains and serene view around you.

4. See Alpenglow at Midnight

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The midnight sun in Alaska in known to rejuvenate the tiredness travellers often feel after exploring the whole day.  The rose-gold band of Alpenglow which you can see around the mountains is a sight that no one wants to miss. The sun-rays hitting the mountains results in a beautiful golden sight.

5. Watch a Glacial river go by

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There is something really unique about the rivers in Alaska.  It doesn’t matter if you are floating on a boat, or even if you are simply standing by the banks- the view and serenity of these rivers never miss a chance to amaze you. It is simply breathtaking to contemplate the vast amount of melt-water spilling from the mountain glaciers to the ocean.

6. Enjoy the surreal view by driving on one of the Alaskan highways

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If you ever climb an Alaskan mountain, drive a rural highway or hike in a wide-open valley, you get what we call the “Alaska Factor”—that feeling that Alaska seems to go on forever. The feeling which you get when you are travelling on a road which is surrounded by beautiful snow clad mountains disappearing in the milky-cloudy sky is simply unbelievable.

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