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Here’s All You Need To Know About Costa Cruise

By Vishal Pandey on Aug 18, 2018
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Costa Cruise takes you to the most beautiful corners of the world and provides a cruise experience which definitely cannot be missed out on. Costa Cruise experience is surely going to turn out to be a fun one if you avail the Singapore Holiday Tour Packages. Here is a list of important things which Costa Cruise offers:

1. From Where to Where?

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If you board the Costa Cruise in Asia you would be taken to amazing places like Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

2. Shopping On Cruise:

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When you board the Costa Cruise, not only can you become a traveller but also a shopaholic with all the wide range of shopping options that are available right from jewelleries, watches, accessories, cosmetics and souvenirs. There are also many deals and offers that you can opt for while shopping. Costa Cruise gives you opportunities for duty free shopping as well.

3. Sports On Cruise:

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Costa Cruises are designed in such a way that fitness remains a priority even when you are travelling. There are a multitude of indoors as well as outdoor sports on Costa Cruise which shall make your trip even more fun with a game or two, be it basketball or bowling.

4. Spa Facilities:

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The spa facilities which are offered on Costa Cruise are beyond comparison as they believe in regeneration of mind and body. Their beautiful salon gives you time to book a manicure foe a special evening and the fully equipped wellness centre offers detox with a steam bath, sauna and relax in Jacuzzi and also yoga pilates. Samsara Spa is one of the most well known spa on the costa cruise.

5. 4D Cinema:

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Entertainment is on board when you are on Costa Cruise as it offers you with 4D cinema on Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolasa, Costa Serena for the most amazing movie experiences you ever had. Grand Prix Stimulator is also one of the most amazing things which doesn’t demand to be missed.

6. Fun all night:

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Dinner is like a grand feast when you are on Costa Cruise, with amazing spreads and Michelin starred Italian Chef, you would surely be at peace with the cuisines that are served here. After you are done dining you can partake into a multitude of other experiences like theater shows wherein magicians, artists, acrobats showcase their skills. There are casinos and theme based parties as well.

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