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Popular Wedding Destinations Around The World!!

By Kanisha Shah on Oct 12, 2018
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Planning a Destination wedding? You are at a Perfect Place!

Everyone wants their wedding to be the best one and to treasure it in your heart forever you click pictures to capture moments. Of-course, invites, flowers & cake are important but the venue packs the biggest style strike. Be it a beach or a resort or a Heritage Mansion or Scenic Landscape beauty, the backdrop has to be perfect  for your wonderful wedding.

We have listed down a few picturesque locations and venues for your Big Day.

1. Europe: Tuscany, Italy

Why Get Hitched Here:

Set at the length of central Italy’s west coast, Tuscany’s green valleys, gently sloping hills, vineyards, olive groves and 15th-century art and architecture are what wedding dreams are made of. For a country style, romantic affair, the wine estates and castles of central Tuscany can’t be beat. And a mellow vibe will help your guests feel at ease—this part of Italy is all about il dolce far niente, or “the sweet art of idleness.

Treat your guests with wondrous cuisine and wines—you’ll find a few of Europe’s finest here. So add in these local specialties into your menu: olive oil, mushrooms, roasted meats and salami, sheep’s milk cheeses, and marvelously exceptional wines.

When to Wed: May, September and October are the best period.

2. Caribbean: Puerto Rico

Why Get Hitched Here:

Puerto Rico has got the best assets from all the islands of Caribbean for your Ultimate dream wedding, plush hotels and resorts, stunning beaches, lavish drinks,  friendly locals. But it steals all the attention by being the US Territory, that means you and your guests will have few, if any, of the hassles related with travelling in a foreign country. Book a private resort and get an unforgettable retreat for you and your guest on your big day.

When to Wed: As the climate suggests, beware of hurricane season, which ranges from June to November.

3. Europe: Ireland

Why Get Hitched Here:

If  the verse “fairy tale” defines your idea of a dream wedding, book your Holiday Package to Ireland. Amid the mist, not only does your chariot await, but so do your ocean side cliffs, quaint seaside villages, rolling hills, blossoming gardens, country realm and grand castles. The combination of the local culture and symbolic traditions, the genuine hospitality of the Irish people and the natural beauty of this richly romantic country will make  an unforgettable spot to say your “I dos.” And dramatic settings for your walk, down the aisle abound, from magnificent cliffs to Tudor-style churches and the holy grandeur of a 15th-century castle. Meanwhile, the mix of culture, museums, pubs and golfing will keep guests entertained between the wedding events.

When to Wed: The best weather ranges from May to September, but light drizzles and slight showers are frequent throughout the year. Some venues close from October to March, especially in west and northwest Ireland, though crowds and fare prices tend to be lower in comparison.

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