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5 Exotic Tea Flavors To Try When In Kerala

By Mangalika Shukla on Jan 7, 2019
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We Indians are usually intrigued to visit various countries of the world to witness their beauty and unique characteristics. But there is only one such holiday destination in India which can give all those fancy countries a run for their money. The place we are talking about is Kerala. God’s own country has so much to offer that one can never get enough of it. Another lesser known but appealing aspect of Kerala is its exotic teas. The Nilgiri district of the state is well known for its abundant yet qualitative tea production.

This is why we have made a list of exotic tea flavors which one must try on his Kerala Holiday Tour Packages

1. Indian White Tea

This hand-picked tea consists of silvery-white unopened leaf tips from which it has derived its name. White tea is said to be the least processed in comparison to all the other kinds of teas. It has to be steamed immediately after being picked in order to avoid the oxidation of leaves. The texture of this tea is very smooth and has a delicate floral touch to it.

2. Poabs Organic

This category of tea is said to be slightly different from its counterparts. This is because despite being organic and bio-dynamic, it is extremely different in taste as well as body than other teas from southern India. The long and black wiry leaves of this tea when brewed together form an amber tea which has a smooth and sweet taste. It is said to be ideal as an afternoon tea.

3. Korakundah Estate Nilgiri FOP Black Tea

Being a Fair Trade Certified tea due to its organic nature, this tea is made up of twisted leaves in deep brown color and uniform size. Considered to be a high-quality tea produced in the region of Nilgiri, the taste seems straightforward yet delicately brisk and floral at the same time. The caffeine of this tea is rich and strong with a sweet taste. An added advantage is that it also smells very pleasing.

4. South India White Oothu Organic

This kind of tea is white in color and partially oxidized. Due to this, the color of this tea is pale brown, russet and green, a perfect blend of all. After being brewed, it has a pungent yet delightful earthiness which is complimented by nutty undertones. This tea is not only smooth but also has an intensity which is usually not seen in white tea.

5. Kerala BOP Organic

The BOP in the name stands for Broken Orange Pekoe. This tea is strong and dark in color with subtle muscatel notes to it. Similar to a number of other teas produced in Kerala, this one is ethically sourced and also organically grown. This tea is also promoted for social reasons as it’s a part of the Small Farmers Tea Project.

So tea lovers, choose your Kerala tour package from Ahmedabad and experience exotic types of teas in Kerala with Flamingo Transworld.

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