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13 Movies that Managed to Capture the True Beauty of Europe

By Satya Iyer on Mar 2, 2020
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Most of the world cinemas cover the major European film shooting locations. This is apart from the films made by the European nations. Most of us would have liked to visit those film locations after watching those movies. Yes, the Europe holiday packages available after film backdrop themes. A local guide can take you to those locations, which you saw in the film. This is the best way to tour Europe and see the amazing beauty of the city, cultural heritage places, lifestyle, nightlife, wilderness, and wildlife.

Here, we have listed the top 13 films that have captured the best locations in Europe.

1. Girl with a Pearl Earring

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This is a romantic drama film, which was released globally in the year 2003. This film is based on a novel written by Tracy Chevalier. This is a debut film by Peter Webber, which won European Film Awards and San Sebastian International Film Festival for the Best Cinematographer. Most of the shot was in the set. Yet, the outdoor shoot was in Amsterdam, Belgium, Delft, and Luxembourg. After watching this movie, you will say it is worth seeing for its Cinematography. The locations are so inspiring that one will try to visit those locations once in his or her European tour.

2. The Fault in Our Stars

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This romantic movie by Josh Boone has captured the most of the inland waterways of Europe. This film is based on John Green’s novel. This US filmmaker released it worldwide in the year 2014. Apart from US locations, most of the outdoor shot was in Europe. It has captured the best of Amsterdam canals and nightlife. The bench, which the hero and heroine sat, becomes a controversy after releasing this movie. Yet, the canal-side backdrop has covered many people to visit once in Amsterdam. They also shot at Pittsburgh. Here, they have captured the famous historic and cultural place the Anne Frank House.

3. Peekay (PK)

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Peekay is the first Bollywood movie that is shot in Belgium. Bruges is one of the prime locations of the movie recognized by UNESCO as world heritage. The stunning shooting of the song “Chaar Kadam” from the movie Peekay was majorly shot around the Canal of Bruges and the market area. The Gothic architecture across the country loaded by cobbled stoned street and buildings influenced by the medivial age making the country one exquisite beauty.

4. Skyfall

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This James Bond spy movie, which was released in 2012, was shot at multiple locations all over the world. Yet, it has covered most of the film locations in Europe. The shot in Turkey captured the famous Varda Viaduct, Sultanahmet Square, and Yeni Camii. The shot in Britain captures the Cadogan Square, Charing Cross station, Greenwich, London Underground stations, Parliament Square, Tower Hill, Vauxhall Bridge, and West Smithfield. Yet, this film will inspire to visit those European locations. This is the best film to travel to Scotland and London to see those locations on your Britain tour. This was among the top movies on Europe and the most visited place after this film was released.

5. Mamma Mia

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This is a popular musical romantic film directed by Phyllida Lloyd in the year 2008. This jukebox film has some of the major attractions of London and Greek sites in Europe. Majority of the film capture the cool Skopelos Island and its beach areas. This included the famous Agios Loannis chapel in the wedding shot. The UK scenes were shot at the City of London and the famous Lloyd’s building. Altogether, this film makes the best impression to visit the small Greek Island. This island location becomes a major tourist attraction place after the release of this film. This film is one of the beautiful movies on Europe, which is directed by a woman.

6. Mission Impossible

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This film’s Ghost Protocol series has many of the locations captured from Prague. The world-renowned Hollywood’s Brad Bird and Tom Cruise are the director and producers of this film. This film was released worldwide in 2011. The famous film shooting locations from Prague are the Charles Bridge, Kampa Island, Liechtenstein Palace, National Museum, and Wenceslas Square. Most of the street scenes are from Prague. A few of the interior scenes were shot at inside the Prague Castle. After watching this film, you will wish to travel in Prague as one of the European nations on the list of Europe tour.

7. Game of Thrones

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The Dubrovnik Old Town and Split in Croatia become an important tourist destination for children after the release of this film worldwide. The film captured the medieval time structures and the streets in most of its outdoor scenes. St Dominika Street is famous among other shooting spots. This film was shot at Klis Fortress and Lovrijenac Fortress too. The other locations are Diocletian’s Palace, Lokrum Island, Mineeta Tower, and Trsteno Arboretum. A day trip is enough to see the Game of Thrones locations in Croatia. This is one of the best series about Europe. After watching this, Croatia will be an important holiday destination to visit by teenagers. A local guides help is not necessary to explore this film locations in Croatia.

8. Star Wars

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The series one and two of star wars will tempt you to visit Italy and Switzerland after watching them. Most of the children and teenagers might have seen all the star war series. Yet, these two locations has widely captured the attraction by movie watchers. The wedding shot was at the Royal Palace of Caserta. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site too. This attraction comes in series one and two as the sight for planet Naboo.

9. The Way

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This is one of the best hiking films ever shot in Europe. The director of this film, Emilio Estevez captured the ways to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This is like a walking trail or hiking and reaches this pilgrim place. After the release of this film in 2010, the tourism in France and Spain has gained much popularity as the number of tourists increased to visit from France and Spain sideways to reach this cathedral. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Galicia, Spain. Anyone who has watched this movie will feel to walk through in this way, once in Spain or France.

10. Clouds of Sils Maria

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This movie is a drama movie, which is directed by Olivier Assayas. This film was released in 2014 and the Sils Maria village in Switzerland becomes the most sought destination by tourists across this world. The director has captured the utmost beauty of the lesser-known Swiss Alps region in this film. Anyone will wish to travel here once in any of the Europe packages. Sils Maria is the main location of this film. This film has many of the scenic hiking places of titular on the Alps.

11. Heidi

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This movie is based on the novel written by the famous Swiss author Johanna Spyri. This is a family drama, which is shot in many of the scenic locations of Switzerland. This movie is worth watching with your family. Anyone after watching this movie will wish to visit the Bergun for snow. You will also try to see the Rheinwald, which is an exotic lush green village. They have captured the snow-clad beauty of the Swiss Alps in this film.

12. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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This film has most of the iconic places in Europe like Cape Wrath, Cliffs of Moher, Fort William, Glenfinnan, Gloucester Cathedral, Horcrux Cave, Lacock Abbey, and Millennium Bridge. After watching this film, anyone will tempt to visit those locations in Europe.

13. Brave Heart

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This historic film by Mel Gibson has captured the exotic locations of Ireland. Anyone will wish to travel here after seeing the scenic views of Sally’s Gap. This film is taken from Dunsany Castle to get an impact of an Epic film. The outdoor senses of this film have shown the scenic villages and rolling hills with snow in Ireland.

Europe tours are available based on European film locations. It is advisable to book an all-inclusive tour package. Europe is an all-season international tourist destination. They are one of the best tourist-friendly places to visit by all ages of people.  

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