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5 Exciting ways to celebrate New Year’s Evening in Dubai!

By Harshita Nagdev on Dec 31, 2020
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New Years’ in Dubai is an amazing issue. With insane fireworks and the probability to like each and every bit of the awesome New Year’s celebrations in vain in Dubai, it is no large astonishment that explorers start filling the emirate from the neighboring countries and the rest of the world around this time. Whether or not you need to party or sit in separation inside the comfort of the dividers; regardless of whether you wish to acknowledge with your family or someone exceptional, Dubai Tour packages have something to bring to the table for everyone and a wide scope of monetary arrangement. Fireworks, social occasions, dinner, and moving, Dubai can without a doubt be your modified New Year’s Eve merriments escape; if you wind up knowing exactly what to do. 

The UAE and Dubai tourism is constantly murmuring with a lot of activities. Besides, in the event that you want to spend the New Year here, the Dubai Tour Packages genuinely mean game plans. However, we clearly can’t ignore the way that these go with an incredible retail cost. While you need to buy a ticket for New Year festivities and various attractions, there are similarly a few spots in the UAE that you can visit to no end and capitalize on your own, sweet get-togethers. 

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The Top 5 things to do in Dubai on a New Year’s Eve on a Dubai Tour are as follows:

Enjoy the night at Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah is an Arabian Resort located in Dubai and is said to be the largest resort here. There are three luxurious resorts here and over 50 bars and restaurants. So during New Year’s eve, this place is one of the most vibrant in the whole of Dubai. Every year, the Madinat Jumeirah resort organizes a gala dinner for the New Year. You will be amazed at the live entertainment, musicians, fire dances and champagne. But having dinner here means to have big pockets, so the best way is to skip dinner. And, instead, have a picnic dinner at the Jumeirah beaches with your family under the moonlight. And, yes don’t forget to carry a picnic may and loads of delicious food. And, also reach here early to reserve your favorite spot. 

One can likewise appreciate the great Abra visit at Madinat Jumeirah to encounter the ride with heavenly perspectives on Burj Al Arab Hotel and the environmental factors of the Madinat Jumeirah territory. 

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Attend the New Year celebrations in Dubai’s Clubs

If you are fond of clubbing, then you can opt to celebrate New Year in Dubai at some of the famous clubs here. You will come across some of the great deals offered by the well-known night clubs in Dubai. And, yes if you are planning a girl’s night out, you can have your own ladies’ night in Dubai.  The Cavalli Club is the most expensive one throwing a lavish New year event. So build up your pockets, if you are fond of such extravagant parties in Dubai. They have some exclusive offers for men and women. 

Barasati is one of the favorite clubs in Dubai because of its crowd and the parties organized by the club. It is a guarantee that if you opt for this club, you are going to have a kick start to your New Year’s for sire.  The Bahri Bar gives breathtaking points of view on the Burj Al Arab, so to be sure, this would be an amazing opportunity to enjoy the fireworks. Regardless, it doesn’t just end there. This is remarkable for the people who love to party but hate swarms!

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Watch the Dazzling firecrackers On New Year celebrations in dubai

When we talk about New Year’s Eve in Dubai, the first thing that comes in one’s mind is the fireworks, famous in the whole world. What’s more fun and exciting is the fireworks in Dubai can be watched by anyone as they are free to watch. We have some of our favorite spots for admiring these fireworks, you can choose the one you like. 

  • Fireworks at the Atlantis

One of the best things to do at the end of the year is to enjoy the colorful fireworks from The Atlantis, Dubai. It’s not necessary to have a stay at the Atlantis for enjoying this, instead, you can choose to go on a long drive with your friends and family in the Palm Jumeirah, select a great spot and welcome the new year with a blast. 

  • Breathtaking fireworks at the Burj Khalifa

We must have all watched the fireworks at the Burj Khalifa telecasted on the television and through social media pages. Imagine, how beautiful the view becomes when the fireworks are clubbed with the light and water show at 12am on New Year’s eve! Every year this tallest beauty- Burj Khalifa enjoys millions of travelers with majorly focusing to be here during the New Year’s especially.

And folks make sure to be there by late evening to get the best views, adding a highlight element to your new year’s eve. 

  • Admire the vibrant fireworks from the Umm Al Sequim Beach

It is everyone’s dream to have a stay at this luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel of Dubai, and a part of one’s dream to enjoy the fireworks from here. Burj Al Arab is located in between the Atlantis and the Burj Khalifa, being the best spot to see the fireworks of all the places. And, when the clock strikes 12, you will enjoy the chain reaction of the fireworks. 

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Enjoy the night at Dhow Cruise or RTA ferry

Dubai can also be a great place where you can enjoy your New Year privately. Many of us might want to avoid the chaos and enjoy the New Year vibes differently. This can be done by opting to go cruising in Dubai– one of the unique way of welcoming the New Year.

You can board the 350 seater Dhow Cruise, enjoy the live dance and music along with lip-smacking food. This way is one of the most luxurious ways to start your new day. And what is more exciting is that you can still enjoy the fireworks when the cruise is sailing around. Dubai cruises offer some of the best packages for New Year’s eve. Though it would be a bit expensive, the memories would be everlasting.

But, you can also go for some affordable cruising options in Dubai that are to choose to celebrate your New Year’s on the RTA ferry arranged by the government operated Roads & Transport Authority. Every year the RTA comes up with some great events and offers at reasonable rates. You can also opt for a traditional ride, that is, the Abra, and enjoy the fireworks from various spots.

Dessert Safari on New Year’s Eve

Dessert Safari Dubai

And the last great way of spending your New Year’s eve is to go for a desert safari in Dubai. This would be the most traditional way to say good-bye to the present year. Choose the best desert in Dubai, go for an adventurous dune bashing to give a start to the night, followed by an Arabian barbeque dinner with refreshments. You will be entertained with the live dance, music, and games going on there. To add on a fun element, you can dress in the local attire and click pictures, get a henna tattoo done, or enjoy a camel ride in the deserts of Dubai. In the end, cut the cake, and welcome the new pages of the year.

It can be truly said that New Year’s eve in Dubai is one of the most important aspect from the other parts of the world. There are couple of spots that pre-plan for the New Year’s events, so that the crowd can have the best of their time during this day. So, book your tickets to Dubai for the upcoming year right away to enjoy with a swag. For more details, you can visit Flamingo Transworld Pvt. Ltd

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