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6 Reasons To Visit Europe In summer For Fabulous Euro Trip!

By Siddharth Shah on Feb 4, 2023
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Like it goes without saying – if pondering on an international summer holiday – it ought to be EUROPE!!!! Well, it is indeed true for most of us. Yes, I agree there are tons of other international destinations, but summer is the best season to visit Europe. Europe is like the demure bride who never loses her charm adored and desired. The region is still a traveler’s paradise because of its stunning landscapes, timeless villages, modern towns, ancient roots, rich history, delicious cuisine, and much more. Moreover, you can visit more than one or two countries with our Europe tour packages.

Europe is stunning. It’s also really big. I can see the what, where, and why entering your thoughts and that is why you should brush up on these reasons to visit Europe in summer.

Reasons to Visit Europe in the summer

Here are five compelling reasons to book your 2023 holidays in Europe in the summer.

  • History
  • Weather
  • Nightlife
  • Festivals
  • Beaches
  • Cuisine

1. Diverse and Fascinating culture and history

Various cultures, customs, and languages weave the colorful tapestry that is European history. Europe’s cultural heritage is vast and diverse, reflecting the rich assortment of its many countries and regions. From the Gothic cathedrals of France to the ancient ruins of Rome, the architecture of Europe displays the stories of its past and the various cultures that have influenced it today. The languages of Europe are equally diverse as the countries in it. The many dialects of Europe are an integral part of its cultural heritage. The traditions of Europe are also steeped in history, with each region and country having its distinctive customs. Whether it is the Oktoberfest in Germany or the La Tomitina in Spain, or the Venice Carnival – the continent genuinely values its vast cultural legacy.

2. Serene and soothing weather

During this time of the year – the weather in Europe is generally mild and pleasant – making it the best time to visit Europe. At this time of the year – the weather changes from spring to summer, with temperatures around 20s Celsius. It is a great time to participate in outdoor activities, visit historical sites and museums, unwind in a park, or stroll through the local squares in the city. With the sun shining bright, longer days, and flowers in full bloom – the whole vibe is vibrant and fun.

3. A dynamic and thrilling nightlife

If you are thinking of getting a little wild at night after spending the day seeing the cities, Europe will grant your wishes. While the old town squares, significant historical sites, museums, and galleries dominate the cities, the cobblestone lanes of European cities and islands offer endless entertainment thanks to their incredible nightlife. I am talking about the best party destinations in Europe, featuring 24-hour nightclubs, dance floors, spas, game arenas, and pubs full of people drinking their favorite cocktails and beers. Numerous beaches are dispersed throughout miles of coastline, several of which are pulsating cities in Europefor Nightlife and stage late-night events.

4. Rich and diverse festivals

One of the most exciting features of exploring Europe can be attending its cultural events. Europe is known as the hub of Western culture by people all over the world. With its many different languages, people, and extensive and fascinating history, summer festivals in Europe are the best. You can enjoy the company of like-minded locals and visitors at various music festivals in Europe. Whether someone is passionate about food, music, the outdoors, or something altogether else, Europe with our European Dreams (Summer Specials) Tour Package has something to offer everyone.

5. Peaceful and majestic beaches

Whatever kind of beach you prefer, Europe has it. Europe is home to many of the top beaches in the world, all with breathtaking scenery and ocean vistas. Beyond that, though, these locations are just as diverse as Europe itself. There are plenty of the best beach destinations in Europe, like Santorini, Nice, Ibiza, Amalfi Coast, Malta, Dubrovnik, and many more. Europe features many beaches; family-friendly ones with lots of activities, party-heavy locations buzzing with energy, and quiet sites for private lounging. There are several top beaches in Europe to explore, from calm beaches with blue waters in Croatia and Greece to wild and wide surf beaches on Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

6. Distinct and Mouth-Watering Cuisine

You are not the only one who has thought about eating your way around Europe. From Italian pasta and pizzas to Spanish tapas, French croissants and cheese, and a variety of other European foods, Europe is a foodie’s paradise. Every nation has a signature cuisine that is the most popular, well-known, and sought-after by tourists. Traditional European dishes are not only delicious, but they also depict a nation’s history, culture, and traditions.


So, are you still mulling it over? Or are you prepared to make the leap and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Stop waiting right now. Before the summer transitions into the following season, reserve yourself an exciting trip to Europe with Flamingo Transworld.

FAQs Regarding Europe Tour from India

1. How can I plan a Europe tour from India?

To plan your Europe tour – the best option is to avail of our Europe group tour packages, or you can also opt for a customized Europe tour based on your budget and preferences.

2. How much does a trip to Europe from India cost?

The Europe tour cost may be around 1.5 lakhs to beyond – depending on various components like the countries and itinerary you choose, how extensively and leisurely you wish to do it, etc.

3. Which month is best to visit Europe?

Despite being a year-round tourist destination, the summer is the perfect season to explore Europe.

4. Which European country is the cheapest from India?

A few European countries are the cheapest to visit from India, like the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc.

5. How many days are ideal for a Europe trip?

A normal European vacation can last as long as you like. A ten to fifteen-day tour should be ideal for exploring your chosen cities and sights.

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