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Discovering the Hidden Gems of The Grand Palace in Bangkok!

By Siddharth Shah on Mar 29, 2023
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One of the most popular tourist destinations, The Grand Palace Bangkok, draws zillions of people each year. There are numerous tourists at the Grand Palace, and with good cause.  One of the places offered by Thailand Tourism that you should not miss while in Thailand – is the   Palace in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace located in Bangkok is one of the most famous landmarks featuring intricate mosaic details, gold pagodas, and demon gods in front of the temple. This structure is a perfect illustration of Thai craftsmanship at its finest. It is a vision of white and gold with a beautiful blue sky in the distance. The beautiful patterns, rich architecture, and spiritual aura never cease to surprise tourists. Visiting this palace should be an integral part of your Thailand tour packages.

Here is all there is to understand about the Grand Palace before visiting these historical grounds.

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  • History of the Grand Palace

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The creation of the Grand Palace Bangkok began in 1782. At that time – King Rama I was in power, and the palace was expected to be complete by the late 1800s. The patriarch of the Chakri Dynasty – King Rama I wanted a new royal palace. The palace was home to royalty from 1782 till 1925. Today this historical place in Thailand is one of the most talked about places in the nation. In the past two hundred years, different leaders have contributed to building this beautiful palace, and the final result is how it looks today. Members of the royal family used to stay at this place till 1925 and then were used for ceremonial purposes.

  • How to Reach the Grand Palace

BTS and Riverboats are two of the easiest way to travel to the Grand Palace Bangkok. The most convenient way is by taking the MRT or the underground train or the BTS, or the Skytrain to the Saphan Taksin station. From here you can board the Chao Phraya Express boat to reach the Chang Pier. You may get to the palace from here by taking a short walk. Take a trip on the hop on hop off tourist Riverboat on the Chao Phraya if you want to travel to The Grand Palace with the least amount of hassle possible.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a Tuk-Tuk or taxi from any part of the city. A word of caution – do negotiate the fare before you start the journey.

  • Best Time to Visit The Grand Palace

The best time to visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok is from November to February. The opening hours of the Grand Palace are from 0830 to 1530 hours each day. Visit the palace in the late afternoon towards closing time or early morning to avoid the crowds.

  • Top Sights in the Grand Palace To Explore

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a sizable complex of palaces and temples with a range of stunning sights. Here are the top attractions at the Grand Palace.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha: It features the famous Emerald Buddha statue and is one of the most sacred temples in the country.

The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall: This space displays a classic blend of European and Thai styles with intricate work on the rooftop.

The Royal Pantheon: It is one of the eye-catching venues of the complex to watch a life-size statue of each of the Chakri Dynasty’s kings.

The Golden Stupa: One of the most picturesque venues at the Grand Palace is the Golden Stupa. It is surprisingly different from most pagodas in the region. It resembles a Sri Lankan style of design.

The Chakri Maha Prasat Hall: This hall is used for official receptions and ceremonies. The building displays a mix of Thai and European architectural styles.

  • Tips on visiting the Grand Palace

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  • For cooler weather and to escape the crowds, arrive early in the morning.
  • Men and women should follow the proper dress code to enter this religious place.
  • Carry drinking water as the weather can be humid, and it is vital to stay hydrated.
  • Be wary of those who approach you and claim to act as your tour guide or as a ticket salesperson. Hire a guide from the official counter.
  • Take your time and enjoy the experience; there is so much to see in the Grand Palace. Don’t rush around the site; take breaks if you have to.
  • Wear comfortable and easily removable footwear.


A trip to Bangkok would not be complete without seeing this well-known site. A tour here will offer insight into Thailand’s history, culture, and art, which are still breathtaking today. Make sure to include this stunning location in your itinerary when booking a trip to Bangkok with Flamingo Transworld!

FAQs Regarding the Grand Palace

Why is The Grand Palace famous?

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is famous for its beautiful architecture and delicate details. For more than 150 years, it was the official residence of the Thailand royalty. The palace complex includes several temples and buildings, including the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Is there a dress code for Grand Palace Bangkok?

Yes, you have to follow a dress code to enter the Grand Palace. You have to dress respectfully and modestly. If you are not dressed modestly, you could not be allowed inside the palace.

What can you do at The Grand Palace in Thailand?

There are many things to do at the Grand Palace, like visiting the Emerald Buddha statue, exploring the Coronation Hall, Royal Reception Hall, and Throne Hall, exploring the landscape and gardens at the palace, etc.

How much is the entry fee for Grand Palace Bangkok?

500 baht is the entrance fee for the Grand Palace for international tourists. Although the fees may change, thus it is best to check the latest information about the venue before your visit.

How much time is required at the Grand Palace?

The time needed at the Grand Palace depends on your pace and interests. It may take around two to three hours. It takes time to explore the temples and structures, learn about their culture and history, and click pictures.

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