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Check Out Dubai Museums To Know The Heritage Of The Dazzling City

By Prashant Jha on May 22, 2019
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Some people in this modern world love to get back into olden times when there were not so much of conveniences but happiness still existed. Well, technology might have advanced but not so much to reverse the time! There are travelers who undoubtedly like to travel and explore the destinations but some of them have inclination to particular categories that belong to antiques and monuments. This is where museums serve the purpose of such travelers.

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Needless to mention, every destination has a museum that attracts all the age groups. Surprisingly, there’s one destination that consists of myriads of museums that visitors might have hardly known for. It’s Dubai. Yes. It’s true. The city of sights, events, lavishness and adventure, Dubai is also a spot of multiple museums. Evidently, if you have a heart for arts and antiques then opting for Dubai holiday tour packages you will come across some of the best museums like-

1.Dubai Museum

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If you visit this museum then feel proud to be in oldest ever museum of Dubai. Located in Al Fahidi Fort that was built around 1787, this museum was opened to public back in the year 1971. The motive behind inaugural of this museum was to make the visitors familiar about the traditional lifestyle in Emirate of Dubai. Some of the aspects to explore in the museum are mosques, local houses, souks, date farms, marine life and desert.

2. Etihad Museum

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The first thing to catch the attention of visitors while visiting this museum is its architecture. Further, if you wish to know about formation and origination of UAE then this museum is the best place to get the information. The museum is more into collection, preservation and exhibition of the social, political and cultural history. The visitors will be also able to view the documentaries that displays about the history and significant events along with the photo galleries of Dubai.

3. Museum of the Future

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Most of the museums showcase facets based on yesteryear trends and culture, but this museum in Dubai is an exception. It is designed with a concept to show the world about the facades and objects that will exist in future and are still not available at present. This uncommon notion is what makes this museum sheer different and in fact interesting from other categories of museums.The museum is under construction right now and shall open anytime in 2019. Exact dates are not announced yet.

4. Pearl Museum

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Not much people would be aware of the fact that pearl diving was one of the common modes of making business in Emirates. Visiting this museum, visitors would come to know about the history of pearl diving and its importance towards the development and growth of economy in the country through narration. Besides all these, the visitors could also view the incredible collection of charming and beautiful pearls in the museum.

5. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

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This museum was once used to be a home to the former ruler of Dubai named as Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. The residence was built in the year 1896 which served to the ruler and his family for long period of time. Now serving as a museum, this architecture offers excellent opportunity to explore the grand lifestyle of ruler and the things associated with his time. Some of the various factors to explore in the museum are coins, photographs, jewels, stamps and marine life.

Aren’t they interesting? These museums would certainly add a nostalgic touch to your Dubai tour during excursion. Visit them and feel the difference.


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