Geography in Manali

Manali is known for its extremely cold weather conditions and geographic dispositions that contain a lot of diversity as well. Situated at a stunning height of 2050 meter, Manali is one of the knights in shining armors for Himachal Pradesh. To be appropriate, the distance to Manali from the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is about 270km north. In 2001, it had a population of 6265 as per the census.

Topographically, Manali is perched on the lofty Himalayas rise from the bed of pre-historic ocean of Tethys. From an uninspiring town, Manali transcended the unrest of the Gurkha wars of the mid nineteenth century to be a military station and as shelter. Eventually it turned into the Summer Capital of British India.

There is no denying the fact that Manali is known for its extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. On one hand the summers are relatively cool and range from about 4C to 30C, whereas the winters are far from mild. Temperatures can drop from 10C to as low as -7C, decorating the town with layers of snow and fog. It is probably due to this sort of perfect temperatures that the fruits and vegetables produced in this area are luscious and fresh, and transported to the entire country.

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