Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located in the district of Chamba, is one of the most popular as well as most frequent sanctuaries in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Popularly known as the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, the entire forest is covered with the thick foliage of deodar trees. Home to several species of animals and birds that reside within the forests make it one of the most popular tourist destination of entire state. The vegetation is in this sanctuary mainly comprises blue pine, which is just absolutely stunning.    Kalatop is located approximately 12 kms from Dalhousie and it can be easily reached through trekking. The visitors often come here with family or friends, and spend hours gazing at the beautiful surroundings of Kalatop that embrace the amazing green landscapes and majestic mountains in its vicinity.   The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary or the Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary lies along the river Ravi and has a rich forest cover. It has a wide variety of animal species like bear, leopard, jackal, and langur and bird species like Eurasian Jay, Black Headed Jay, and the Black Bird. The route to Kalatop is via Lakkarmandi, which is another famous spot in Dalhousie, known for its Dhogri family population, who make charcoal for a living. Kalatop is an amazing place.best visited in the months between September and April.Note : To drive into the sanctuary, prior permission required from the Forestry Department in Chamba.The above sightseeing is not pre-bookable, the rates may vary from supplier to supplier. This has to be booked & pay directly on spot. The rates given are just for reference and planning purpose only.  

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