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Introducing Pushkar

Pushkar doesn’t need any introduction for the glory, history and culture that it exhibits. It is one of the ancient cities of the country, located in Ajmer. And it has been largely known for its religious significance as the city boasts of one of the very rare temples of Lord Brahma. The annual cattle fair, the holy lake and a handful of adventure activities and endless emotions to capture on camera- Pushkar has it all for any avid traveler.

The place has a magnetic appeal with 400 temples that are blue white and number of bathing ghats. There are several temples in Pushkar and the most famous is Brahma temple, which is one of the few temples dedicated to Brahma in the world. It is also famous for Pushkar Lake which has 52 ghats. The streets of the town are lined with shops selling everything from tie-dye clothes, the musical instrument and other trinkets for tourists.

The mystical town retains its authentic flavor and charm despite the commercialization. The mountain rang Nag Pahar, which literally means Snake Mountain, separates Pushkar from Ajmer. Pushkar is emerging as one of the popular tourist destinations in India. It is connected to several stories and legends; this place is also amongst the most sacred pilgrim sites. The beautiful architecture legacy and the colorful fairs of Pushkar make it an interesting place to visit. Explore it with our Rajasthan tour packages.

The vivid history of Pushkar in itself defines the vibrant culture and heritage of the place. You will be delighted to discover the mix of the rich ancient Rajasthani culture and modern sophistication. Pushkar itself is loaded with plenty of exoticness. But it is also surrounded by exciting other Places to visit and Things to do for travelers to experience a perfect weekend getaway.
Best Places to Visit in Pushkar
1. Pushkar Lake 
2. Brahmna Temple 
3. Apteshwar Temple 
4. Savitri Temple 
5. Varaha Temple 
6. Man Mahal and many more

Best Things to do in Pushkar
1. Take a camel safari 
2. Hot air balloon ride in Pushkar 
3. Spend a peaceful evening at Pushkar Lake 
4. Jeep Safari in Pushkar 
5. Attend Pushkar fair and many more

Must know facts

Best time to visit
The weather of Pushkar is typically dry with the nights being cool and days being significantly hotter. This is intermittent rainfall since this is a desert region and visiting in each season will exp...
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History & culture
Kalidas, the renowned poet of ancient times praised the city of Pushkar in the classic Abhihyan Sakuntalam. One of the sacred towns, Pushkar represents to the Hindu method of life. It is located to th...
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Pushkar city has developed around Lake Pushkar and falls in Ajmer District of Rajasthan. As per the geography of Pushkar the Aravalli ranges, the oldest mountain ranges of India surround it from all s...
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