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  • Sydney is iconic cityscapes. It is spectacularly draped around its glorious harbour and beaches, has visual wow factor like few other cities. Scratch the surface and it only gets better. National parks ring the city and penetrate right into its heart. Large chunks of harbour are still bush-fringed, while parks cut their way through skyscrapers and suburbs. Fall in love with Sydney with our Australia holiday packages.

Gold coast

  • Gold coast is where Highrise buildings meet the beaches. Built for pleasure and remaining a place utterly dedicated to sun, surf and the body beautiful, this strip of coast is possibly Australia’s most iconic holiday destination. Its shimmering high-rises can, when glimpsed from afar, appear like a make-believe city, and its reputation for its class is occasionally deserved. Feel it, experience it with our Australia tours.


  • Let me tell you Melbourne is the city with many secrets. Stylish, arty Melbourne is both dynamic and cosmopolitan, and it's proud of its place as Australia’s sporting and cultural capital. It is best experienced as a local would, with its character largely reliant upon its diverse collection of inner-city neighbourhoods. Take a look at the city with our Australia holiday packages.

Bondi beach

  • Definitively Sydney, Bondi is one of the world’s great beaches. It’s the closest ocean beach to the city centre, has consistently good waves, and is great for a rough-and-tumble swim. If the sea’s angry, try the child-friendly saltwater sea baths at either end of the beach. Enjoy Australia with our Australia tour packages from Mumbai.

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