Geography in Queenstown

The North Island of Queens town has a 'spine' of mountain ranges going through the center, with delicate moving farmland on the two sides. The focal North Island is commanded by the Volcanic Plateau, a functioning volcanic and warm region. The hideous Southern Alps shape the foundation of the South Island. Toward the east of the Southern Alps is the moving farmland of Otago and Southland, and the immense, level Canterbury Plains.
Queensland most established rocks are more than 500 million years of age, and was once part of Gondwanaland. This enormous super-landmass began to part up around 160 million years back, and isolated from around 85 million years prior. 

Queensland sits on two structural plates - the Pacific and the Australian. Fifteen of these immense moving pieces of hull make up the Earth's surface. Queensland has more than 15,000 kilometers of wonderful and differed coastline. In the Far North and on the majority of the East Coast of the North Island you'll discover long sandy shorelines ideal for swimming, surfing and sunbathing.

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