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Introducing Queenstown

Queenstown is a natural playground as it is termed as the most exciting holiday destinations in the country that offers every possible thing that you need for enjoying your vacation. It is an incredible mix of breathtaking views, delectable food, and a range of fun filled activities. The remarkable mountains of Queenstown are the foremost attraction for every tourist as it is the most preferred place to visit in New Zealand. Witness the landscapes with your beloved and also enjoy thrilling adventure sports- rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, and sky diving as a part of your honeymoon. Be a part of this alluring destination with our New Zealand tour packages. 


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

With four unique seasons Queenstown has year around appeal with each season offering altogether a different experience. It enjoys continental style climate with long hot summers, and cool, crisp winters. Queenstown truly offers something for every season; very few activities aren’t available throughout the year. No exaggeration!! But visiting Queenstown will be once in a lifetime kind of experience with our New Zealand tour packages. 

Spring is a good time to visit Queenstown as ski-fields operate until early October, and mountain bike trails, golf courses and walking tracks are all open in spring, so you can pack more adventures in to a day. But fall is also termed as an ideal time to visit Queenstown as it says that even change can be beautiful. Fall is also a season of rejuvenating break. Winters in Queenstown lasts from June- September, it is snow lover’s paradise. International skiers and snowboarders flock to enjoy summer- capped mountains and crisp blue sky days will surely draw your attention. 

Enjoy your trip to this exceptionally beautiful city with our International tour packages. 


History & Culture

Home to the years of history, which extended far and wide. Because of the trademark climate, the most punctual pioneers bypassed the zone. The principal settlement in the territory was established 1770 as a mission network. Notwithstanding the mission, a military fort was manufactured. 

After picking up autonomy, the region developed rapidly. The old framework gradually reached to an end and private responsibility for ended up normal. The first noteworthy settlement outside the region. As the new settlement step by step grew, a road plan developed and wound up appealing to settlers. Throughout the following years, the territory formally turned out to be a piece of the encompassing nation. 

The territory started to blow up in populace with numerous migrants looking for fortunes, making one of the biggest immigrant populaces. Amid this time, numerous huge associations and organizations developed and did great. With this achievement came quick development and city arranging and framework were fundamental. This prompted better living conditions and numerous great years.

Beyond just Queenstown travelers, the city is humming with creative flavors and is known for being a motivation for some specialists and movie producers alike. Among the numerous Queenstown attractions are its rich Maori culture and a few celebrations at various occasions of the year. 

Activities in Queenstown incorporate getting a charge out of one of its numerous celebrations, such as the winter celebration held in June, the Jazz and Blues Festivals held in October and a Bike Festival held amid March or April. Because of its Maori legacy and expansive lumps of the populace that are outside conceived, has brought about enthusiastic multiculturalism. This has made ready for some, intriguing spots to eat at with regards to Queenstown. Among the numerous Queenstown attractions appreciated by the general population are celebrations held every year like the winter celebration in June, the Jazz and Blues celebration in October, and a Bike celebration held around March or April



The North Island of Queens town has a 'spine' of mountain ranges going through the center, with delicate moving farmland on the two sides. The focal North Island is commanded by the Volcanic Plateau, a functioning volcanic and warm region. The hideous Southern Alps shape the foundation of the South Island. Toward the east of the Southern Alps is the moving farmland of Otago and Southland, and the immense, level Canterbury Plains.
Queensland most established rocks are more than 500 million years of age, and was once part of Gondwanaland. This enormous super-landmass began to part up around 160 million years back, and isolated from around 85 million years prior. 

Queensland sits on two structural plates - the Pacific and the Australian. Fifteen of these immense moving pieces of hull make up the Earth's surface. Queensland has more than 15,000 kilometers of wonderful and differed coastline. In the Far North and on the majority of the East Coast of the North Island you'll discover long sandy shorelines ideal for swimming, surfing and sunbathing.




Things to Do in Queenstown

Drive the Queenstown - Glenorchy Scenic Drive
If you have included Queenstown in your itinerary and wish you to make the most of the natural beauty of the place, then we have the perfect solution for you. Within not even an hour, you can relish such splendid beauty that it will blow your mind. In order to do so, hire a local car and set off on a drive from Queenstown to Glenorch