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New Zealand


Introducing New Zealand

New Zealand is without a doubt one of the most impressive places on earth. Located in the southeast of Australia, it may seem like a long way to travel, but a visit to this enchanting place will be one of the most unforgettable trips of your lifetime. It is made up of two main islands and a host of smaller zones, New Zealand has an amazing range of breathtaking scenery from subtropical forests, beaches and offshore islands in the north to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains, and large flat plains in the south. This heaven on earth consists of fjords, volcanoes, hot springs and beautiful rolling green pastures, and variety like no other place on earth. So, explore the best of New Zealand with our New Zealand Tour Packages.

A wide range of cultures is represented here, but New Zealand is an ex-British colony and the European influence remains strong. Local people of New Zealand are called Kiwi’s a, they are like a friendly bunch and always welcome visitors with a good smile. New Zealand is surely a place with varied geography as it split from the large landmass that joined Australia and Antarctica about 85 million years ago. Forests are full of an abundance of interesting plant life, from towering ancient kauri trees to fronds of nikau palms. You might also see a kiwi (the small flightless bird) that has now become the New Zealand’s national symbol.

Here you will find a good pace ideal mix of ethnic and urban advancement through the history of New Zealand. New Zealand Tourism is a very integral part of New Zealand’s government to sustain the flow of foreign cash into the country. New Zealand’s allure for tourists is based on shopping and its possession of other ancient and modern attractions, mouth-watering cuisines and amazing sightseeing, explore and witness all of it our New Zealand tour packages.

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New Zealand tourism is a significant industry and a major contributor to the economy of New Zealand. It attracts millions of international tourists from all corners of the world. New Zealand has somet...
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History & culture
New Zealand has a rich and interesting history, which reflects a classic blend of Maori and European culture. Today, New Zealand is an independent country inside the British Commonwealth. This implies...
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New Zealand – likewise called Aotearoa New Zealand – comprises of two huge islands (the North and South Islands) and a few little islands, (for example, Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands). It is ...
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