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Shenandoah Valley & National Park

By Flamingo Transworld on Dec 28, 2015
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Settled in a breathtaking location between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian range, the Shenandoah Valley is a cultural hub for people looking for authentication. The Valley is geographically located in such a way that it is surrounded by Potomac River and James River which results into the serenity of the Valley. The Valley gives an option to its visitors to either stay in the park and enjoy the allure of raw nature or to stay in the village which forms precinct of the park and become a part of indigenous community for some time. The Valley has a national park which is an attraction center in itself. This is the Shenandoah National Park.

Some of the attractions in the Valley are:


The Luray Caverns are situated near the valley and forms for one of the most sought after attractions of the valley. Situated at the foot of Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia, Luray Caverns are the most popular landmark of the Eastern USA Tour. There are pathways which are well lit up of typical cathedral architecture. These pathways lead to the rooms which are as high as a 10 stories building encrusted with stone columns and pools that mimic the crystal clarity. The cave also possesses worlds only Stalactite Organ which produces haunting sounds when played inside the caves. The cave also boasts of water ponds which are so crystal clear that they represent polished mirrors and which are used by the visitors as a wishing well.


This is one of those rare museums in America which has preserved the way of life that existed way before the modern world. The Museum has a collection of houses which are from different settlements that has passed through America or resided in America at some point of time. This Old World showcases Emglish country house and farm, Irish residence, Igbo West African settlements and German houses. Most of the Houses are original and have only been retouched or refurbished as required. Some are however impersonation of the original houses and farms destroyed. There are paths and trails to walk around and enjoy the small abandoned township in a serene ambiance.


125 Acre of pure urban botanical garden has a collection of an outdoor amphitheatre, terraced gardens, a pavilion, a Monarch way station and Frances Plecker Education center.  The Arboretum is famous for its breathtaking views in different seasons – summer, winter, spring and fall. The Garden takes on the hues of the season and enchants its visitors. The Arboretum has a variety of different gardens like rose garden, Sinclair garden, Viette Perennial Garden, Wetlands Garden and many more. The grounds are open to visitors 365 Days a year with a unique flavor of each month.


105 Miles or 168 Kilometers of long scenic drive along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah national Park is a “must do” attraction for any visitor. This Drive has a four point entry and it takes approximately 3 hours to complete the entire route. Deer, Black bear, Wild Turkey and a host of other woodland animals inhabits the National Park and with a speed of 35 KMPH, you can get the best view possible of these wildlife creatures. There is a speed limit of 35 Kilometers per hour that needs to be obeyed at all time and there are 75 overlook out points which offers the most stunning views of the Shenandoah Valley. RVs, camping trailers and horse trailers are welcome on the river. However, it may be an issue since they may not be able to pass through Mary’s Rock Tunnel.

Shenandoah Valley is a destination which cannot be seen in hurry and which needs to be enjoyed at serene pace to relish the true essence of the place and its beauty.

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