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Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Bali

By Prashant Jha on Oct 17, 2019
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Honeymoon is any time the most awaited tour for any couple and in fact the most lovable too. This is one of the best options where couples could find quality time to be together. Fulfilling their requirement are the beautiful destinations that are present all over the world and absolutely ideal when it comes to a honeymoon trip. One such spot to attract honeymooners in this regards has been Bali.

An Indonesian island Bali is encompassed with lively lifestyle, devotional environment, lush green sights, beaches, temples, volcanic mountains, yoga centers, resorts and lots more. Opting for Honeymoon Tour Packages could certainly be a retreat and treasure for couples. Besides, the sight is accompanied with myriads of activities that keep the visitors glued to this place. However, one should seriously consider the list of Do’s and Don’ts while exploring this island-


1. Do Dress Completely

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Not every place abroad allow incomplete attires whether for men or women. Bali too is not an exception in this case. Except for the beach areas, where you are free to wear whatever, you are required to be in appropriate dresses while roaming around the town to avoid being noticed from aboriginals as for the areas have many temples and the culture is conservative.

2. Do Take Off Your Shoes Outside Premises

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Excluding hotels, lodges and restaurants, if you prefer to visit anyone’s home or any temple, you are required to keep your shoes outside. This is a culture that is followed throughout the town of Bali. Further, even if this point slips out from your mind, you will remember it again when observing lots of shoes placed outside homes and temples.

3. Do Insist On Blue Taxi

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No doubt, with a destination that receives tremendous tourists every year, there are lots of conveyance options like scooters, bicycles, automobiles, vans and of course public transport. However, if you are willing to hire a rented car then it is always recommended to get blue taxis, which are renowned for their ultimate honest services. These could be identified with “Bali Taxis” marked on them.

4. Do Look Both Sides While Crossing

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Well, there are countries that strictly follow traffic rules. But while being in Bali, you cannot expect people following such rules. Though, they keep an eye to avoid road rage while riding, but they often get into the wrong side of the road. Hence, this is always important to look on both sides while crossing a road in Bali.

5. Do Practice Some Basic Balinese

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Undoubtedly, while exploring any abroad destination, it is not easy to understand or communicate its local language. Even Balinese too is not simple for outsiders, but visitors could learn some quick and basic language to express their gratitude to the locales. Some of these words include:

  • Hello- Swastyastu
  • Thank You- Suksma
  • I am Sorry- Ampura
  • You’re Welcome- Rahajeng Ruah
  • Good Morning- Selamat Pagi


1. Don’t Use/Consume Drugs

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Drugs is easily available in Bali. Many locales can walk to tourists to sell the drugs. Well, this is one side of story. The consumption or purchasing drugs in Bali can lead to serious criminal consequences. Drug is an offence in Bali and Balinese law does not tolerate usage of drugs by any means. Moreover, the rules are same for the residents and for the visitors.

2. Don’t Touch Anyone’s Head

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Balinese people consider head as sacred part of body and hence they do not like anyone to touch their head. Hence, even if there is a small kid, one should restrict touching his/her head.

3. Don’t Get A Tattoo

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Do not rely on tattoo artists at Bali even if you cannot resist while spotting a tattoo studio. There are many tattoo studios, which use textile chemical dyes and the same are unsuitable to be used on human body. Hence, it is better to maintain a distance than to regret later.

4. Don’t Surf Without Information

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Beaches are alluring spots for tourists. And Bali even has some great beaches for surfing. However, one shouldn’t trust quiet waves every time while opting for surf. Always gather information from local surfers as they have good experience of the sea. Also, never overlook or neglect the red flags on a beach as the waves may get stronger in those areas.

Believe it; choosing Bali Holiday Tour Packages for your honeymoon could be more memorable, provided if the above do’s and don’ts are considered thoroughly.


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