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Langkawi – The Jewel of Kedah

By Flamingo Transworld on Jul 25, 2016
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About Langkawi :

Langkawi, a blend of Sanskrit work langka which means ‘beautiful islands’, and wi that means “many”. It happens to be the most beautiful Island in Malaysia, which is also known as “Jewel of Kedah”. Langkawi is an archipelago of Langkawi Islands, which contains 99 Islands awaiting discovery at the time of high tide. And the Islands can number as many as 104 at the time of low tide. Sanctuary of some of the most ancient rain forest in the world. Situated just where the Indian Ocean narrows down into the Straits of Melaka, it was once a heaven for pirates. Today it serves as a retreat for visitors near and far who come on their Malaysia Tour.

History :

Langkawi was the home of sea people such as OrangLaut. In 18th century a beautiful lady named Mahsuri who use to stay in Langkawi, a daughter of couple who moved from Phuket to Langkawi Island for their better future.Village’s chief wife Mahura,got jealous of Mahsuri beauty. Mahura started to spread rumors that Mahsuri is an unfaithful lady, no one stood for that innocent lady. The village took the decision to take a life from Mahsuri. She tried many times to prove her innocence. But no one believed her. Villagers tried to kill her in different ways but they got failed to kill her. Mahsuri told them to kill with her family’s “Keris”.  Before she died, she cursed Langkawi to have “Seven generations of bad luck”. Soon her words took the place. In 1822 Siamese Army killed the leader and the army finally captured the Island.

In 1909, the British rules covered whole Island. The World War 2 took the control as Malaya fell to the Japanese. Langkawi was the haven for pirates; in 1945 -1946 British cleared all the pirates. The British took rule until Malaya gained its independence in 1957 .

In 1986 Langkawi remained as a blackwater. The Prime Minister Mr. Mohamad decided that Langkawi should be tourist place as it can be a helping hand towards many other Islands. So in 2012, Langkawi was declared as a tourist placed and it welcomed around 3 million tourists across the world.

The Attractions must include in Malaysia tour packages-

1)      Langkawi Sky Bridge:

  • The longest curved bridge of 125 meters.
  • 100 meters above from ground.
  • 250 people at one time on the bridge.

2)      Dataran Lang – Langkawi Eagle Square:

  • Man made attraction
  • A eagle poised to take flight
  • The 12 meter long statue

3)      Underwater world:

  • One of the largest marine aquariums.
  • 5000 marine spices designed tanks
  • 3D cinema – 200 seats

4)      Harbor Park:

  • Biggest port
  • It covers 32 acres
  • Can enjoy sailing
  • Annual international water festival

5)      Bird Paradise:

  • 2500 colorful birds from 150 spices
  • 15 meter long

6)      Al-hana Mosque:

  • It’s a Masjid
  • A gold structure
  • Doors with traditional carvings

7)      The Snake Sanctuary:

  • A unique park of the snakes
  • Amphitheatre with the capacity of 100 seats
  • Snakes performance

Where To Stay :

The western beaches of PantaiCenang, Pantai Tengah and PantaiKok – are the most popular beaches on Langkawi,with wide choice of accommodation, restaurants and eateries. Datai and Burau bay surrounded by stunning tropical rainforest provide the location for luxury resorts and one of the most stunning golf courses in Asia, whether it’s an idyllic honeymoon or family holiday, Langkawi offers some unforgettable sights and experiences. Choose best Malaysia tour packages today and make your journey lavish.

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