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All You Need To Know About Japan – The Land Of Rising Sun

By Sanya Lekhi on Oct 3, 2018
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If you have been dreaming of traveling to Japan and want to start planning your vacation, this article is packed with all the tips and information that you need to know before your trip to the “land of the rising sun” as it is called so famously. From food to try in Japan, to what travel gear to pack, to the best things to do in Japan, we’re covering everything. And I mean everything. So travel with our Japan tours for the best time there without any hustle.

Japan is a surprising combination of peace and chaos I mean the contrast is amazing, old and new and has just the right amount of quirkiness to make it an addicting place to visit that will have you coming back for more. Ironical right!

The Culture In Japan

Buddhism and Shinto are the main religions in Japan that most people follow, though they don’t play a huge role in the lives of many Japanese people today. All throughout this huge country, you can visit temples and shrines to get a better understanding of the religions and culture. You can even do a temple stay in order to really delve in and learn about Buddhism.

Japan is a huge actually massive country, and it would be an extensive list if we went through all the notable cities to visit.

Check Out Places To Explore In Japan

1. Tokyo

This huge metropolis is likely where you are flying in and out of, and it is one of the most interesting cities we have visited anywhere in the world. From quirky experiences that you need to experience, to amazing food, Tokyo is definitely worth some time on your itinerary.

2. Kyoto

Packed with things for the history buffs, important temples, gorgeous architecture and a charming atmosphere, this city is a favorite on many Japan itineraries. Osaka is worth a visit. It’s full of history and delicious food, and is a good city to have a night out with friends.

3. Temples in Japan

Like of course temples will be on your list of things to see in Japan and who wouldn’t know this they have some amazing things there. The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto is stunning with the garden setting and reflection off the pond.

These are some of the places to see and  explore. You should travel too Japan which is a clean city and food will not be a problem if you book a Japan Tour Package and neither will transportation be a problem. So your tour to Japan with Flamingo Transworld today for the best hassle free experience.

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