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By Flamingo Transworld on Jul 22, 2016
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Lim Goh Tong was born on 28th Feb’ 1918 in Anxi, China. He was the 5th child in his family with one elder brother and 3 sisters. “Lim” is the family word. LIM GOH TONG was the richest businessman across the Malaysia.

Mr. Lim was fairly lucky to finish his school. He was only 16 when his father got expired. After the sudden death of his father’s all the family responsibilities came on him and his big brother. When the situation of the country to survive got very poor Mr. Lim decided to move on to Malaysia. He left his country when he was 19th. He started working as a carpenter for his Uncle and worked for 2 years as a carpenter, and he learned Malay language.  He did his first job as a sub-contractor and completed the task, “A two – storey school.”

Mr. Lim, with the guidance of his uncle, became a successful business man as a contractor. He did many major projects and during these project he went for a dinner in Cameron Highlands & got an idea for increasing a living standard of Malaysia by getting hint to create a beautiful resort on ULA KAI Mountain near Kuala Lumpur placed called Genting Sempah that one can visit during Malaysia tour packages.

Immediately, he started some research on it & kept his idea in front of the government. The federal and state government approved the project idea and he started construction with his team. He faced many problems like building the access road towards the hilltop, water and electricity supplies, sewage system and fire safety, also convince people because they are thinking that this is a risky project. He took out the solution of all the problems which was coming in his way for the project.

During his project construction he faced six close brushes with death, during that only he has to finish his other major project of Kelantan and Kemubu Irrigation Scheme. Despite of his physical problem he started working hard, to finished the work.

During this project he spent all the money which he had with him without earning anything. He wanted more money to finish his project so he sold his rubber estate of 810 hectare in RM2.5 Million.  He asked more money to help him from his friends but they turned him down.

He made government understood that the Genting Highlands were not only vital for them but also profitable project. Genting was the only casino licensed. The prime minister of Malaysia Mr. Abdul Rahman, visited Genting Highland on his Malaysia tour and he appreciated his work without the helping hand of Government.

After all the problems, the Genting Resort project completed in January 1971. But before the resort officially announced, Kuala Lumpur and its nearby areas were suffered by the worst rainstorms in a century. Many areas were damaged and it took months for repairing. And officially Mr. Lim opened the doorstep for business on 8th May, 1971.

Till he was alive Mr. Lim continued to develop his project. He constructed new roads, indoor and outdoor theme parks, more hotels etc. With the permission & suggestion of the Prime Minister Mr. Mahathir, the town was developed on 81 hectare parts of land around site, like sky cable car. Finally he got success, as of now Genting Highlands is the best and successful casino resort across the Malaysia. Now days it became one of the most happening and busiest tourist attraction spot.

The family Company keeps their feet into the different sources also, plantations, property, paper, power generation, oil and gas exploration and cruise industries. Mr. Lim handover his chairmanship of Genting Group over to his son on 31st December 2003. He died on 23rd October, 2007.

Mr. Lim’s Awards and Achievements:

Mr. Lim was a successful Businessman and got many awards during his business life.

  1. Malaysian Entrepreneurs Award 1985
  2. Manager of the Year Award 1986
  3. Business Achiever of the Year Award 1994
  4. Number 1 ranking of 10 Malaysian Leading Companies 1996
  5. The Best Employer Award 1996
  6. the title “Tan Sri” by the government of Malaysia on 6 June 1979
  7. 2008 G2E Asia Visionary Award

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