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A List Of Must Do’s In Leh Ladakh

By Smit Katira on Jun 27, 2017
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This blog is to put some of the must things to do while you’re visiting the heaven on the Indian motherland, Leh Ladakh. Indulging yourself in these activities on your trip will surely make your trip last forever in your memories.


Leh Ladakh, also known as the heaven itself on the motherland of India, is a place that is a must visit for anyone who has a different idea of a perfect holiday spot. A holiday spot that has destination perched up on high mountains at high altitudes that make you take difficult routes to reach to them in extreme temperature. But all of this will start making sense to anyone once they reach up there. Here the destination is better than the journey. It is all magical, unreal and filmy up there, you’ll start questioning yourself if you were dreaming or in a real world. Below are a few things that you must do when you go on a Leh Ladakh tour packages.

1. Camp in the mountains:


Camping and trekking is one of the most common activities that are carried out here in this region. A lot of young blooded people come here every year from across the world to test and challenge their own limits. Camping amidst the mountains in the wild is an awesome idea when it is in Leh Ladakh.

2. See as the crystal clear lakes portray the images of majestic Himalayas:


The lakes here are mostly full of crystal clear fresh water. You can also have a sip from them to quench your thirst (depending up on what season it is). The water is so still and clear that it reflect the images of the Great Himalayas in to themselves, which is totally a view to die for.

3. Bird watch, don’t tweet:


The wetlands of Ladakh are perched at a high altitude, making it favorable for a lot of birds, a greater part of which are endangered ones. Brown-headed Gull is usually spotted here that comes down to wash its face in the lake.

4. And then stargaze, maybe?


The night sky here in Leh, gets too dark because of very low amount of pollution (light and air) and also because the atmosphere here is very thin due to the high altitude, thus making it a perfect place to lay on the terrace with your loved ones or even in solace to make the most of the moment by gazing silently towards the expansive sky full of stars and beautiful moon.

5. Make a wish by stacking stones:


People have been piling up stones to make memorial since ages. The locals here tell the tales of making such cairns in order to bring luck for the travelers and to fulfill one’s wishes.

6. Get your biking gears on:


Biking on some of the world’s highest motor able road is an experience in itself. Cruising through the cold wind, wrapped up in your heating and biking gears on the roads that are pretty heart pounding, how does that sound?

7. Watch the sunrise by the lake:


One of the most phenomenal natural occurring that one can experience here is the sunrise, which usually happens late here as the huge peaks keep the sun hidden behind them even after it has come up from the horizon. Watching this sunrise while lying beside the Pangong Tso Lake is something you cannot miss.

8. And of course the best part, Maggi:


Don’t miss out on the Maggi that you get here, locally made and served it will surely give a taste you’ve never had in your life, do not underestimate it, it is awesome.

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