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Must Know Facts Before You Plan Your Trip To Sikkim

By Vishal Pandey on Jul 13, 2017
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Sikkim is one of the most exciting places to visit in the North-east region. Loaded with beauty all over, it attracts a number of tourists around the year and that is one of the key reasons why there has been a increased number of tourists in this region of India.

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If you are planning your trip to Sikkim soon, then there is a guarantee that you are going to love every minute of this heavenly place. No doubt, your Sikkim tour is surely going to be interesting but you need to keep these facts in mind before planning your trip to Sikkim:

1. Rain proof your luggage:

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It is very much possible that while you are planning your trip to Sikkim then there are higher chances of rain, especially at the most unexpected times. If you are keeping your luggage on the carrier of your vehicle then your luggage is likely to get wet. You need to ensure beforehand that your clothes are covered in the plastic bags, although the cover provided by the taxi guy is barely going to help you. Also, you are going to have a hard time in drying your clothes due to the cold climate.

2. Working hours in Sikkim:

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 Unlike other big cities and places, the markets and shops close down very early in Sikkim. The markets and shops shut down in Sikkim at 8 pm and there are hardly any restaurants and eateries that are opened beyond that time. So, if you are planning to visit any one of these places, make sure you check in advance.

3. Boots and Coats are available on rent:

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In Sikkim, the boots and coats are available for rent and you can skip buying that. Warm jackets, boots and gloves are easily available for rent where you need them at cheap rates. In areas laden with snow, there are larger numbers of chances for you to rent them.

4. Be ready for permits: 

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At most of the tourist spots, especially in North and East Sikkim, there is a valid proof that is needed. To make a new permit every time you need to require id proof and photos. It is advisable to carry 10 photos and photocopies of your id proof for permit. To save more time, you can also have prior talks to the tour operator or the package operator to sort things out well in advance.

5. Average speed in Sikkim:

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The average speed in Sikkim is quite low due to the tricky curves in the narrow roads and hilly areas where there is often too much of traffic. Travelling from one place to another also consumes enough time but even though the time might make your trip boring the views and the scenic beauty won’t make you get bored. The average speed in Sikkim is up to 25KMPH.

5. Shared taxis:

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There are shared taxis that run in the entire region of Sikkim. There are barely any tourist buses but you can always share a taxi for transportation. Sometimes you might have to even face the problem of changing taxis to get to the desired location but in any case you won’t have to wait for too long for the same.

Keep these things in mind while planning your Sikkim Tours and your trip would be exciting.

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