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Adventure Activities In Hong Kong For The Adrenaline Junkie In You!

By Vishal Pandey on Dec 22, 2017
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Indulge into some of these adventure activities while you are in Hong Kong if you wish to give yourself some adrenaline rush.


Hong Kong being one of the most tourist friendly destinations is also a great place where you can take part in adventure activities to make your vacation even more interesting. Plan your trip to Hong Kong via Hong Kong Tour Packages and do not miss out on the thrill by taking part in these adventure activities:

1. Wakeboarding at Wakesurfection:


Wakeboarding is considered to be as one of the coolest adventure sports and Hong Kong gives you the perfect opportunity to make sure that you do not miss out on this one and try some new tricks. Get together your co-ordination skills and entourage and you are definitely in for one of the most amazing experiences of life.

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2. Car racing at sideways driving club:


If you have ever dreamt about being a formula one champion here is the closest dream which you can perhaps live while you are racing cars at the Sideways Driving Club. This virtual racing centre has up to 15 networked simulators so that you can easily race against your friends in any one of your favorite super cars. Apart from the race, you can also partake in plenty of food and drinks.

3. Fly and dine at the Peninsula:


The dinner at the Peninsula is one of the most daring dinner you would have ever done somewhere. Dining here is like none other because it comes along with an entire Hong Kong Tour on a helicopter which is perhaps not only the best way to get an Ariel view of Hong Kong but also get the amazing experience of being inside an helicopter and ending your session by dining at any one of the restaurants of Peninsula.

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4. Shooting paintball at paintball headquarters:


Paintball has always been fun whenever you might have played in your virtual game station but this one is for real and brings together all the fun and frolic which you might have experienced while playing it online. In this makeshift background you can compete with each other while the arena comprises of all the effects including light, sound and music.

5. Flying planes at flight experience:


Ever wanted to be a pilot? Get the unforgettable ride of your life while being in the shoes of a pilot and with a proper engine and a cockpit. The trained pilots at the Flight Experience will help you to make the most of this experience while you learn to take off and land while flying against the most unfavorable circumstances.

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