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6 Destinations Around The World Which Are Still Cheap Even When US Dollar Is Strong!

By Vishal Pandey on Nov 21, 2018
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“If travelling was free, you would never see me again”, how often have you heard people saying this? Quite Often right! We cannot promise you free travels but if there is one thing which we can make you feel good about, it has to be certain places around the world where the US Dollar makes certain things affordable that were almost un-affordable sometime back. In these places, the exchange rate would be your greatest savior:

1. New Zealand: (1 USD= 1.47 NZD)

Until a couple of years ago, the NZ dollar and the US dollar were almost at parity. But, today one would never deny that it is the perfect time to take a New Zealand tour which is a paradise for the nature lovers. Considered to be an “insta-worthy” place, New Zealand is a mix of adventure sports which you can indulge into and at the same time find your own corner and peace for a calm and peaceful getaway. If you are a foodie, well! You might never want to leave New Zealand.

2. Argentina: (1 USD= 38.18 ARS)

It’s a matter of fact that out of all the countries, Argentina is one such country which offers most savings for dollar carriers. Some of the additional benefits for the American travellers is that the Argentine government has removed the 160$ “reciprocity fee” for all the US Citizens and the foreigners would be getting a refund for 21% value added tax on the hotel stays. The quaint and bustling cities of Argentina are surely going to swipe you off your feet.

3. Norway:  (1USD=8.57NOK)

Norway is said to be one of the most expensive countries (in terms of cost of living) that you can ever come across. Nonetheless, Norway has become relatively cheaper from the previous days. Once you have explored Oslo and all that it has to offer, there is no greater joy and lifetime accomplishment of watching the famous Norwegian fjords

4. Colombia: (1USD=3193.95COP)

The change in exchange rate has made Colombia one of the most accessible and easy going country out of all the other countries in South America. The country has been going through a renaissance of sorts in food, art and technology. The remote regions of Colombia offer some amazing eco-tourism spots which can be called as those lesser heard spots which no one generally talks about.

5. Indonesia: (1USD=14578.65IDR)

Today, Indonesia gives you a better value for money in terms of Dollar currency than it used to give you couple of years ago. The most obvious yet the best places where you can spend the rupiah include the beautiful place that Bali is and Yogyakarta. Bali Tour Packages takes you to places where you can expect to find rich amount of bio-diverse coral reefs from across the world.

6. Mexico: (1USD=20.36MXN)

Mexico is still recovering from the devastating earthquakes which occurred last year but with all it’s might, Mexico is a country which happens to be a delight for the lovers of street food and with all the cultural wonders it puts up in front of its tourists.

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