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Five Best Places To See The Southern Lights

By Vishal Pandey on Dec 12, 2018
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If you have been fancying about Northern Lights all this while and making travel goals with your best friends about how you ought to see the Northern Lights, here is something which deserves equal attention. Very much similar to Northern Lights, yet less popular, Southern Lights should be your new travel goals because of the mystic views which you would surely make you go awe-struck. Avail the International Tour Packages and head down to these countries if you wish to experience the less cliché Southern Lights:

1. Southern Georgia Island

Southern Georgia Island is regarded as one of the most southernmost islands anywhere in the world and is enveloped by ice for most part of the year. The ideal time to visit is after March, since that is the time for the Antarctic Winter. You can easily reach South Georgia Island via cruise. South Georgia Island is one of the most uninhabited lands but come March and  it looks almost like a civilization because of the Southern Lights as people from round the world come down to see this natural phenomenon which lasts until September.

2. Steward Island, New Zealand

Stewart Island in New Zealand is one of the easily accessible places if you want to experience Southern Lights. This island has a very wide range of accommodation options available even when there is a scarcity of population in this part of New-Zealand. Due to lesser population, it becomes easy for someone to find an isolated spot and experience Southern Lights. Consider going during winters when there are less day-light hours.

3. The Falkland Islands

This small group of islands lie 400 miles off the coast of Argentina and is home to some incredible beauty and wildlife in the form of penguins, elephant seals etc. The best time to visit Falkland Islands is in between April to September to see the Southern Lights. There is very less daylight which increases the chances of experiencing Southern Lights even more. There are a lot of accommodations available during that time of the year

4. Ushuala, Argentina

The reason why Ushuaia is one of the best places to see the Southern Lights is because of the fact that it is the Southernmost point of Argentina and boasts of stunning scenery which will leave you amazed. The wildlife of this region is also something you cannot miss out on. Since the city has its own airport, getting there would not be of any difficulty.

So get set for a unique tour to any of these destinations to experience not-so-common Southern Lights.

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