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Enjoy your Family Vacation with Tour Packages in Australia and New Zealand

By Flamingo Transworld on Oct 26, 2016
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Customized travel packages present an excellent opportunity to unwind and explore all the beautiful places and fun activities the world has to offer. Opportunities to go on vacation are few for most professionals, which is why you must try and make the most of every opportunity. Diwali is one excellent opportunity to go on a family or group holiday. One perfect holiday destination for such a get-away during this time of the year is the Trans-Tasman, owing to its pleasant weather. You can break away from your traditional Diwali routine and take advantage of special Diwali tour packages to Australia and New Zealand. Flamingo Transworld Pvt. Ltd. offers  packages that give you a great opportunity to explore these countries. If you are unsure of the attractions and activities that await your arrival in Australia and New Zealand, this blog discusses what eight destinations have to offer. Read on!

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a paradise for beach lovers. The 52km long golden beaches serve a cocktail of sand, sun, surfing, and other activities. Gold Coast is well-known for having the best breaks for surfing, especially for beginners, making it a must visit if you love to indulge in surfing and other water activities. Besides water adventure, you can enjoy appetizing vegetarian cuisines at world-class restaurants, grab some drinks at any of the happening bars, or dance the night away at top clubs. Make sure not to miss rainforest walks, spectacular waterfalls, and sweeping views at lush subtropical hinterland – Lamington, and Springbrook National Parks.


Cairns is the highlight of Australian tour packages. It is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites – Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. Participate in 4WD treks into the Cape York Peninsula’s vast wilderness for an exhilarating experience. The city boasts a lush, carefully maintained Boardwalk, Esplanade, and Lagoon that create a picturesque view that is worth a photo shoot. Bask in the hospitality of locals and enjoy the homely feeling.


Sydney is one of the tourist magnets among Australian cities. The rugged Pacific coastline, beautiful harbor, and other coastal settings define your trip to the city. A ferry ride through the waters is one of the most calming activities in which you can indulge. Walls of sandstone on the coast are punctuated by arcs of golden sand that appear to be covered with bronzed bodies during summer. Diwali is the best time to buy Australia holiday tour packages from Ahmedabad, as prominent cities such as Sydney are bustling with life. Socialize, flirt, and have fun to get a taste of the culture and recharge your batteries.


Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. The cosmopolitan city offers a perfect blend of civilizations, where Gold Rush-era architecture reflects recent history while edgy street art and sticky-carpeted band venues represent present-day charms. Enjoy lip-smacking cuisines at laneway eateries and relish open sessions at rooftop bars. The city is also home to several sports stadiums – from football, cricket, to lawn tennis. You can even enjoy car and horse racing sessions.


Auckland is one of the few places in the world that constantly feature on the list of must-visit destinations. The quality of life and hospitality propel the cosmopolitan city to a spot among the world’s favorite cities for lovers. Even the landscape is a blessings to Auckland. Two Harbors form a narrow isthmus marked by volcanic cones, and fertile farmland surrounds the metropolis. The ruggedly beautiful west coast surf beaches and countless islands across the Hauraki Gulf are a treat for nature and water lovers.


Rotorua is home to exploding mud pools, spurting geothermal geysers, and steaming hot springs. Tourists relish visiting the sites, which is why the city is among the most visited places in New Zealand. The geothermal geysers result in sulphur-rich, asthmatic gases and an eggy odor, which give the city its other name ‘Sulphur City.’ Māori revered this place renowned to be one of the most spectacular springs as ‘Wai-O-Tapu’, meaning ‘sacred waters’. Besides natural geothermal spots, you can indulge in the culture and traditions of the Māori people.


Queenstown is among places that have something to offer to everyone. The city wears its ‘Global Adventure Capital’ badge proudly, as it presents many opportunities for adrenaline junkies to indulge in lots of different crazy stuff. For instance, if you are an adventure freak, you can try jumping off a plane or bridge. As an international destination, the city features excellent tourist facilities. Even the bars and eateries are often packed with young crowds. On the other side, there’s a calming and majestic wilderness up the lake at Glenorchy. The soaring remarkable mountain range and winding coves of Lake Wakatipu that surround the city give way to some of the most beautiful views at dusk.


Christchurch is a vibrant city with renowned art institutions, along with the charming Hagley Park and Botanic Gardens. The stone buildings featuring shiny architecture blend the streets and art projects with pocket gardens, giving tourist plenty of zones for calm walks amidst mesmerizing architecture and scenery. As a tourist, the crazy, chaotic, and colorful blend of cultural heritage with modern settings is quite a sight to behold. The locals will definitely add to the pleasantness of your experience in Christchurch as they treat tourists as their own people.

Wrapping Up

Travel to the Trans-Tasman region this Diwali for an experience of a lifetime. New Zealand and Australia tour packages from Ahmedabad and other cities give you access to expertly constituted travel itineraries for individuals, families, and groups, among others. Flamingo Transworld Pvt. Ltd. can assist you by creating an Australian or New Zealand tour as per your recommendations and other specifics. To know more about the package, our services, and team of expert tour guides, give us a call at +919825081806 or +917940001500. You can also fill out our contact form, and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you, shortly.

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