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Why Jordan and Israel should be your next holiday destination?

By Flamingo Transworld on Mar 6, 2019
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Jordan and Israel are popular as ‘oasis of stability’ and ‘God Contended’ among the Arab Nations. These two are the most peaceful nation to take a historic tour, adventure tour and wellness tour in the Middle East. Jordan tour packages from Ahmedabad are the best to book online. You will get some of the best attractions to explore on Jordan Israel packages.

Jordan and Israel are the Holy Land or with many biblical attractions. Apart from medical tourism, there are National Parks, Archeological Museums, Deep Mountain Valley, pilgrim places, seashore, and desert land to explore for the tourists. It is a tourist-friendly nation. It has all the tourist facilities and amenities. You must book an all-inclusive Jordan and Israel tour packages online. It must include the below-mentioned sightseeing places.

1. Mt. Nebo Amman

You must visit Madaba Governorate Region to explore the vastness of the scenic Mount Nebo once travel in Jordan packages. This is a popular adventure place know as Jordan Trail. It is a steep ridge with many panoramic views. These are rolling hills, which is the best for mountain adventure. Its major attractions are Brazen Serpent, Basilica of Moses, Byzantine church, and many ruined sites. It is the best place for history buffs and mountain adventure seekers.

2. Visit Ancient Greco Roman City Of Jerash Amman

It is advisable to visit this place during the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts. It takes place during the summer season. The major attractions to see are Cardo Maximus, Hippodrome, North Theater, Old Stone Bridge, Oval Forum, Temple of Artemis, and Tetrapylon.

3. Wadi Rum Petra

You must not miss seeing the Valley of the Moon in Southern Jordan. It is a rare place on the earth with rocky vistas. It is also a popular place for mountain climbers and mountain trekkers in Jordan. You must book a horse safari in your Jordan tour packages to explore its typical Wadi Rum Petra village.

4. Famous Archeological Sites Petra

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jordan. You must visit its archeological sites like the Al Khazneh, Byzantine Church of Petra, Cardo Maximus, El Deir, Kokhim, Petra Siq, Royal Tombs, Temple of Petra, The Theatre, Tomb 808, and Triclinium.

5. Allenby Bridge Tel Aviv, Israel

This is a famous border-crossing place in-between Jordan and Israel. The crossing point timing is from morning 07:30 to evening 03:00. It is open from Sunday to Thursday of every week. It is advisable to check with your Jordan holiday packages for your visa and permit-related needs with your country and these two nations. However, anyone can visit this place as sightseeing from both the nations.

6. Judea Caesarea

You must reach Haifa to see the ruins of Caesarea. The major attractions to see here are the Mount Carmel, Caesarea National Park, Roman temple, Hippodrome, Crusader church, Theater of Caesarea, Caesarea Maritima, Bosnian Mosque, Roman theatre, and underworld museum.

7. Capernaum Jerusalem

This is a holy place for the Christians in Israel. It is also known as Nahum’s village. It has many archeological sites and monuments to see. These are Capernaum synagogue, House of Peter, and Ruins of the Roman town.

8. Dead Sea Jerusalem

It is the best place to relax in the resorts near to the Dead Sea shore once in Israel. You can take a sunbath and spa bath on this salty lake. It is an excellent place to spend your leisure time with golfing and swimming

You must check your Jordan tour packages from Ahmedabad include the above-mentioned attractions. If you need more information on the locations, Jordan tour packages or other amenities, you can check comment us below.

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