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Forget Mainstream Spots. Here Are The Top New Honeymoon Destinations!

By Prashant Jha on Sep 19, 2018
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The term honeymoon itself is a synonym to a romantic trip at some exotic destination. And needless to mention, there have been various places which are ideal for honeymooners, for instance Europe. However, it’s always not necessary to follow the places where others have already been to. Why not to explore some new places rather than to be a part of crowd especially when it is about to spend a quality time between you and your beloved?

Well, the planet is studded with whole lots of various other and offbeat honeymoon locations that are no less than enticing when compared to those regular ones like Switzerland. Apparently, if you have a honeymoon trip in mind then check out the destinations where you could be while opting for honeymoon tour package that include-

1. Bali

Bali is known for its incredible beaches, rivers, resorts and exquisite environment. It attracts honeymooners from all over the world. The destination has every aspect to make the honeymoon trip extremely romantic and memorable. Raft through the rivers, stroll across the beaches, opt for a comfortable stay at resort and surprise your beloved by arranging candle light dinner. Pamper your love with wellness with our Bali Holiday Tour Packages. 

2. Thai Escape

This is yet another spot idyllic for honeymooners. The places like Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok include every factor to allure the visitors. You name it and these places have it. Apart from these, you could also look out for various other opportunities and activities such as 4 island tour with speed boat along with visiting the Safari World, Marine Park and Phi Phi Island.

3. Australia

The smallest continent and at the same time, the largest island in the world, Australia is known to have some magnificent spots when considered about honeymoon. Be it the wonderful Sydney Harbor Bridge, the globally famous Opera House, Movie World, City tour or theme parks like White Water World and Dream World, Australia has everything to keep your honeymoon mesmerizing.

4. New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand is simply charismatic. Rather, it can’t be expressed in words. The awestruck sights of the landscapes along with the charming greenery and the beautiful environment can hold the visitors for several hours. Besides all these, the other flabbergasted places of interest include Sky Tower, Hole In Rock cruise, Cape Reinga and Waitomo Caves.

5. Venice

This is the place that rises up the romance in air for honeymooners. Known to be one of the most romantic destinations of all times, Venice is an island, which is enclosed with a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Astonishingly, the only way to explore this magical city is through boats and steamers that add more essence to your expedition while being over here.

6. Cape Town

Under the spontaneous Table Mountain lays the beautiful city of Cape Town attracting numerous of travelers every year due to its incredible presence and ambiance. And when it comes to activities, you could always opt for slowly rotating cable cars and take a ride to the top of the mountains thereby enjoying the amusing views of the nature or availing a boat ride to the famous Robben Island.

7. Santorini

Ironically designed by erupting volcano long back in 16th century, the shape of Greece became more beautiful than what it used to be earlier. The ecstatic environment, the classic views of the island, beaches with white, red and black lava pebbles and the pleasurable breeze coming across the mountains are enough to keep you held for hours.

8. Ibiza

This is the spot to retreat your romanticism and honeymoon. Ibiza is best known for its vivacious nightlife and is in fact a beach city especially for those who are beach hunters. Some of its spectacular beaches to visit include Platjad’enBossa, Cala Comte and Calad’Hort. These beaches are not just for strolling around but include whole lots of activities for the honeymooners.

9. Iceland

A hub of natural wonders, Iceland has all the aspects to fascinate honeymooners on its visit. None of the corners of this spot could be considered as unexplored as the beauty and incredibility lies in every bit of this place. There are volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and fields made out naturally with lava. And when you are done with all of these then there are National Park, Fjords, cafe cultures and aromatic restaurants for you to enjoy more of this place. Experience all of these with our Iceland Holiday Packages

10. Palawan

This is yet another place where you could experience the beautiful side of water all around. A charismatic combo of archipelago and beaches, Palawan offers you to enjoy your trip unusually. The beaches offer scuba diving opportunities, National Park showcases some exotic wild life scenarios and Kuyawyaw Falls steal away the minds and soul of the visitors by making the moments simply magical.


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