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Don’t miss out on these experiences in Pondicherry!

By Harshita Nagdev on Nov 25, 2020
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Pondicherry is said to be the ‘French Capital of India’ & offers a great joy and peace in all the ways. What makes this city more charming & attractive is its calmness, modern architecture with keeping the French vibes intact & luring the tourists to have fun here. Many of us must be wondering than a tour package to Pondicherry is only about going to some great attractions & getting a picture clicked for memories back home, but it is not so, there are also many experiences which might surprise you.

Pondicherry is among the Union Territories of India &is a totally different tourist place. Just a walk across the city will surely make force you visit this place again & again. You will have endless topics to talk about this place, about it beaches, the scenic sunsets & the French colonies to be adored.

Pondicherry is the most preferred destination to make the bond with your family stronger. The city offers many exciting things to do in Pondicherrymaking your tour a perfect holiday place.As the trip comes to an end, you will be addicted to the dignity & serenity of the city. And this city has so much to offer which will make you think which activity is best suited for you.

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Best Season to Visit Pondicherry

The most preferred & comfortable period to visit Pondicherry is the time before the arrival of winters & during the winter season. You can plan a holiday package to Pondicherry anytime between October to February months. The temperature here will be around 17 degrees Celsius making the climate much cooler that the other months & best suitable to roam around the city & enjoy some of the water activities. If you a water baby, then avoid traveling during the monsoons.

Things not to be missed in Pondicherry

1. Scuba Diving in Pondicherry

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Image Source: https://blog.weekendthrill.com

One of the most thrilling water activity can be one of the best things to do at this island. In the eastern coast of our country, Pondicherry is the only place where once enjoy diving. You can enjoy a great marine life which includes the grouper, kingfish, corals, eels, eagle, lionfish, parrot fish, manta rays, trigger fish, sea snakes, bannerfish, angelfish & many more.

The main organisation that handles the training of Scuba Diving is the Temple Adventure- a higher end PADI centre in Pondicherry. They provide an extensive training with certification courses relating to Scuba Diving & other like defence training, films, CSR, marine conservation & much more. This training is conducted by expertise of divers including the dive masters, instructors & marine scientist.

Some of the known diving spots in Pondicherry are Aravind’s Wall, 4 Corners, Cool Shark Reef, & others.

2. Find peace at Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Things to do in Pondicherry

Image Source: https://blog.weekendthrill.com

Aurobindo Ashram is one of the holy places in Pondicherry. Come & explore the spiritual aspect of yourself. It is highly recommended to spend complete one day here & this ashram is one of the most known & visited places by both domestic & international tourists in India. If you are wanting a peace within yourself, then a visit to this place is highly suggestible. You can attend the exhibitions held here, watch short videos relating to the life of Sri Aurobindo. You can also stop at a souvenir & bookshop to grab some items like greetings cards, books, incense, essential oils & perfumed oils.

Do check the opening hours on the website, before planning to visit here.

3. Seek Blessings at the Churches of Pondicherry

Places to visit in Pondicherry

Image Source: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/

Pondicherry also houses many beautiful & holy churches where you can just have your own time with the God. These churches are spread across the city & each of these churches offer a positive vibe during your visit here. The best time to enjoy the beauty of these churches is during the Christmas time in December, when they are beautifully with fairy lights, bells Christmas trees, plum cakes & much more. Some of the not to be missed Churches here are:St. Andrew’s Church,Zion Methodist Church, Hallelujah Assembly of God Church.

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4. Surfing Lessons at the Serenity Beach

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Image Source: https://blog.weekendthrill.com

Sparkling golden beach sands, beautifying shorelines, flowing waves & the vibrant shacks are the adjectives we can use to describe the Serenity Beach. With flowing palm trees, this beach is one that gives a chilling vibes to the tourists & best suitable for sunbathing, refreshment & surfing. The bouncing & the windy waves are best suitable for surfing here. And the best things about this beach is the serenity & seclusion it enjoys, which attracts the tourists. You can just relax at the shack & sip a coffee or cocktail, or opt to go for fishing session. Overall, the experience here will be just amazing & memorable.

You can choose to go for surfing from the morning hours extending till the evening.

5. Bird Watching at the Ousteri Lake

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Image Source: https://blog.weekendthrill.com

Ousteri Lake also referred to as Osudu Lake is one of the most scenic places in Pondicherry. And the most unique feature about the lake is that it is the only freshwater manmade lake you can visit in Pondicherry. The lake is one of the most spectacular tourist spots where one can enjoy mesmerising sunset views, sunrise & also a home to many birds both residential & migratory birds. One who is the baby of nature will surely enjoy being here. The lake also includes the mudflats, marshy lands & is one the most popular wetlands in whole of the Asia recognised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources.

6. Go for Bicycle Tours

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Bicycle tours can be fun & at the same time can be good way of burning calories which one has gained during the trip. You can engage into some of the guided bicycle tours which takes you to the earlier Tamil Settlements & the French colonies. The route of the tour covers the famous iconic structures like the Green Quarter, different cultural centres, the French & Tamil houses & many different historical places. Admire the French style ancient design & architecture of the city, know the people & relish some of the local delicacies during the tour. The duration for such tours can be around 2 hours with a great end of gulping the delicious Indian breakfast like Idli, sambar & chutney with tea or coffee, you also have the option of going for French breakfast. Definitely, a bicycle tour in Pondicherry is one of the most unique experiences one can choose for.

7. Make sure to witness a sunrise from the Promenade Beach

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Image Source: enjoy-a-sunrise.jpg

With having many serene & secluded beaches, Pondicherry also enjoys beachside promenades. These promenades indeed contribute to some of the wonderful spots of the city wherein one can hop & enjoy the scenic views specially the sunrises. For early risers, witnessing this view can be an easy task but for the ones who wakes up late, it better to do some kind of time pass for the whole night & go to bed after enjoying the mesmerising colours of the sunrise. This is altogether one of the unique things to do in Pondicherry.

8. Enjoy water sport activities at the Karaikal & Paradise Beaches

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Image Source: https://www.woovly.com

Pondicherry city is meant for the adventure lovers. Karaikal Beach & Paradise Beach are the most famous beaches to enjoy some of the most thrilling water activities in Pondicherry. You can enjoy activities like backwater sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, boating, canoeing & also go for camping in the night at the beaches. Make your stay one of the most adventurous one when in Pondicherry.

9. Yacht ride experience in Pondicherry

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Image Source: https://img.traveltriangle.com

Yachting can be one of the most romantic activity in Pondicherry. The city has some of the amazing activities which one has never experienced ever before. Yachting in Pondicherry can not only be romantic but also one of the luxurious & adventurous activities to enjoy. The sailing in a Yacht in the waters here is an exceptional experience.

Location: Promenade Beach

Best time to visit: September to January

10. Try your shopping skills at Cluny Embroidery Centre

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Image Source: https://www.woovly.com

Testing your shopping skills at the Cluny Embroidery Centre is completely a different affair. This centre is run by the Catholic nuns & contributes in a big way by helping the unemployed women by giving them jobs & also provides them training relating to stitching & embroidery. Make sure to go shopping here & carry back home different embroidery articles like table cloths, bedsheets, napkins or any souvenirs. You are truly going to enjoy your wonderful day spent here.

Timings: 8:30 AM to 12 PM/ 2 PM to 5 PM
Location: White Town, Pondicherry

11. Learn Clay Modelling at the Golden Bridge Pottery Centre

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Image Source: https://www.raymeeker.com

If you are a person who likes to try out new things & admire art, make your way towards the Golden Bridge Pottery Centre in Pondicherry. Art Lovers will not only enjoy their stay here but also bring back home a new art & creativity. At this centre, you can enrol into some of the different courses relating to clay modelling, you can start with the basic learning about this art. This activity will truly be an amusing one.

12. Dune Eco Village Tour

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Image Source: https://dunewellnessgroup.com

Dune Eco Village is just 20 minutes’ drive from the main Pondicherry city. This resort is a beach facing one & is known for its pure & simple living. Surrounded with lush greenery, this resort provides the best spa facilities in the arms of the serenity of nature. You can keep yourself involved in many activities like swimming in the chlorine free water, play some sports, go for a relaxing spa, or just sit back & admire the nature. To keep the organic living intact, the rooms are equipped with LED lights, organic linen & bathroom amenities & solar heaters. Do visit this resort to live a simple yet an organic life.

13. Experience Yoga at Yoganjali Natyalayam

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Image Source: https://www.yogatrail.com

Learn & practice yoga & meditation at one of the best yoga schools of Pondicherry- Yoganjali Natyalayam. You get to choose from different types of yoga- therapeutic yoga, bikram, hatha yoga, vinyasa, and many other forms of yoga from the professionals. This can be one of the great option for a weekend getaway. With being a unique activity, this can also be quite rejuvenating & relaxing one.

14. Stroll at the Mahe Beach

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Image Source: https://www.hotelbeachside.com

With a wonderful shoreline, Mahe beach is also known for offering some of the spectacular sunrise &sunset views. Go for a beach walk with your partner, catch some of the great sky views& make your day a romantic one. This place is the perfect for the photographers wanting to click some great pictures, honeymooners & couples who are in search of complete peach. Come & relax under the shades of the palm trees.

15. Musical Fountain at the Pondicherry Botanical Garden

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Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org

The Pondicherry Botanical Garden is built in a French style with lush greenery, trees, flower beds, fountains, aquarium & toy train rides. You can enjoy the beauty of the garden & there are more than 1,500 different plant species from all over the world here. The best about the garden is the musical fountain which one can enjoy every weekend. But for the show timings you need to check locally as it completely depends on the season.

Opening Hours: 10am to 5pm

16. Boat experience to the Paradise Beach Island

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Image Source: https://trekkerpedia.com/

This venue is mainly known for going for a boat ride in the Chunnambar River surrounded by lush greenery & backwaters all around. This place is located on the Cuddalore Road & serves as the best place for chilling & relaxing with your loved ones & families. Enjoy the beautiful sunset views or just have a sunbathing. The boat journey takes you to the scenic island in Pondicherry- Plage Paradiso.

You can combine many other activities with boating like have a family picnic here, night camping in the tree houses, backwater boating, hiking & also go for short cruises. And if the day is yours, you can also spot some cheerful dolphins here.

Already excited in planning an adventurous & memorable trip to Pondicherry? While planning your holiday package to Pondicherry, make sure to cover the above things to do here & make your trip to this French island an amusing one. And, guys don’t forget to add a taste of the local delicacies of this city along with trying other cuisines like European, French & South Indian, to pump up your energy.

We are eagerly waiting for you to share your experiences of your trip to Pondicherry. Happy Beach Holidays Folks!


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