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By Saurin Shah on Nov 3, 2020
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Dear Flamingo Readers,

We are back to share some of the interesting news to all our readers, major of the news from the global level with some important from India soil to establish firmness in economic recovery. 


  • The Gross Value of Merchandise for festival season sale period between October 16-21 has been finally confirmed at Rs 29000 cr, 90% of the same came from the stable of Flipkart and Amazon.
  • The sales have reflected 55% growth on a year on year basis during this period of festival sales. Redseer Consulting Group says Flipkart captured 68% of the above sales value.
  • Smart phone segment accounted for 47% of the total sales value followed by Electronic and Appliances segment garnering 27% of the total sales value whereas Textile and fashion segment has de grown to 14% of the total sales value as compared to 17% on year on year basis.

We now move on to global news platter.


Image Source: https://dharmakshethra.com

  • Rs 105155 cr being the collection for the month of October, 2020, which is 5% higher than September 2020 and little over 10% higher than September 2019.
  • The data confirmedly speaks for the economic recovery at the ground level and its now the role of the government to see that the speed gathers momentum and India covers up for the lost of the economic activities due to pandemic.


Image Source: https://www.wsj.com 

  • And finally it’s a done story, setting massive records in the financial sector.
  • The IPO size stands at $ 34.5 billion, and touches to $ 40 billion after accepting Green Shoe Option.
  • The IPO finally priced at $ 10.27 per share.
  • Total Bids received stands at massive $ 3 trillion, out of which $ 2.8 trillion garnered from Shanghai, oversubscribed by 872 times. Hongkong placed bids from $ 168 billion, oversubscribed by 389 times.
  • Total bids value of $ 3 trillion means, its more than the GDP of U K, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam.
  • The market cap is expected to be of the order of $ 315 billion, is that of valuation of JPMorgan, four times larger than that of Goldman Sachs.
  • With this valuation, Jack Ma who co-founded ALIBABA with $ 60000, poised to become the world’s 11th richest person.


Images Source: https://www.theverge.com

  • The hottest ticket in Singapore is a meal on the grounded Airbus A 380’s pop up restaurant. A meal in Suite costs $ 474 while in Business class its costing comes to $ 321, while in Premium Economy it comes to $ 96.3 and $ 53.3 stands for Economy class.


Image Source: https://www.retailnews.asia

  • Thai Airways open up its Airbus SE and Boeing flight simulators to the public during the pandemic for $ 381, tow people can get into a mock cockpit of an Airbus A 380, Boeing 777-300 ER, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 737-400 for half an hour.


  • Apple garnered Gross Revenue of $ 65 billion ( Rs 482500 cr ) for September quarter.
  • Facebook garnered Gross Revenue of $ 21.5 billion ( Rs 160000 cr ) for September quarter.
  • Amazon garnered Gross Revenue of $ 96 billion ( Rs 712000 cr ) for September quarter.
  • Google garnered Gross Revenue of $ 46 billion ( Rs 341500 cr ) for September quarter.

We will be back next week with many more interesting news for all of you. Meanwhile, Happy festival time ahead.

Team FCG


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