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7 Famous Turkish Food To Try On Your Turkey Trip!

By Nikita Karia on Sep 2, 2023
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At the meeting point of Asia and Europe, Turkey is one of the most popular European destinations for Indians. This European country is quite affordable and easily accessible thus, it’s no wonder that Turkey Tourism is on the rise among Indian travelers. Yet, among all the reasons to visit this fascinating country, do not miss the chance to savor the famous food in Turkey.

Turkey is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and it is displayed in its cuisine. Due to its eventful past and geographical location, it boasts one of the most diverse and varied cuisines in the world. Take off on a Turkish adventure with our Turkey tour packages, and be ready to tantalize your taste buds at Turkish restaurants.

Join us as we take a delicious tour of the famous Turkish foods and savor every moment of this Turkish gastronomic experience.

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Famous Turkish Food

Turkish food, with its flavorful and diverse offerings, ranks amongst the best cuisines in the world, ensuring a gastronomic journey like no other. Some top Turkish cuisines are below

  • Balik Ekmek
  • Lahmacun
  • Corba
  • Kunefe
  • Baklava
  • Köfte
  • Mantı

Balik Ekmek

balik ekmek

While exploring the streets of Turkey, I am sure you will come across a sizzling popular Turkish street food. I am talking about Balik Ekmek. This common street food item in Turkish cuisine is more than just a sandwich; it’s a gem of local cuisine. It is a freshly grilled, seasoned fish filled between fluffy bun bread. It is garnished with onions, juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and a dash of lemon. It is a popular street food at its best, with a burst of flavors that will tempt you to taste it.


Lahmacun is one of the famous street foods in Turkey. It tastes similar to a thin-crust pizza. This Turkish Pizza is a thin, crispy dough base garnished with flavorful minced meat, fresh herbs, vegetables, peppers, and aromatic spices like paprika, cumin, etc. Turkish Lahmacun is eaten as a meal or as a snack. It is usually accompanied with herbs or salads and with a spritz of lemon.

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When it comes to Turkish comfort food, Turkish Red Lentil soup or Corba is the best hug in a bowl. This Turkish soup is a velvety blend of vegetables, red lentils, and spices, all churned together to create a hot soup. Most Turkish soups are less grainy and juicy and have a thin consistency. From cozy family dinners to bustling street stalls, you will find Corba everywhere. The history of Corba dates back through centuries, making it a memorable part of Turkish culinary tradition. So, while in Turkey, do not miss the chance to savor a bowl of Corba and experience Turkish culture.



When it comes to popular traditional Turkish desserts, Kunefe is the rockstar of the show. This Turkish Kunefe is a crispy pastry with golden layers filled with sweet cheese and dipped in fragrant syrup. It is a combination of tastes and textures all in one. Kunefe – a Turkish sweet cheese pastry, is a dessert legend. It entails the essence of traditional culinary art. So, when you are in Turkey and wish to satiate your sweet tooth, Kunefe is the perfect choice.


Amongst all the desserts in Turkey – Baklava reins as the supreme one. Turkish Baklava is so famous that it is quite renowned in India as well. But relishing a Baklava in its original land is an experience in itself. Baklava is a golden, flaky pastry filled with nuts and covered with ground pistachios and syrup. Each bite of this most popular Turkish dessert is an explosion of flavors and textures, making you crave more. It is not just a sweet treat, it is a culinary symbol of Turkey.


Well, Kofte is somewhat similar to the koftas we have in India. Kofte belongs to the family of meat dishes or meatballs popular in Asian countries. It is a popular street food in Turkey. These are more than just food, they are seasoned meat rolled in balls and grilled to savory, smoky perfection. You can relish these Turkish meatballs with aromatic rice or with warm bread. A bite into these succulent balls will offer street food bliss.



Manti is a Turkish version of Italian dish – dumplings. Though, it has a taste of its own. Manti is a delicious traditional Turkish dish, made with savory, small, and tender dumplings. They are filled with a flavorful and juicy mixture of spices and meat. Manti is generally served with a dollop of creamy garlic yogurt and drizzled with spicy sauce. It is an all-time favorite Turkish dish with numerous variations around the country. Making Manti is an extensive task, but it is worthwhile the effort. You can feel the affection when you are offered a bowl of Manti.


As I come to the end of this delicious journey of Turkish foods, remember that this is just the beginning of your trip to Turkey. With Turkey tour packages offered by Flamingo Travels, explore the delights of Turkish cuisine. From the sweet seduction of Baklava to the sizzling delights of Kebabs, the culinary wonder of Turkey is waiting for you. While you travel to this captivating country, let your taste buds lead your gastronomic adventure.

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FAQs Regarding Famous Turkish Food

What is the most famous Turkish food?

The most famous Turkish dish is the flavorful kebabs and delicious dessert dishes like Baklava.

Is Turkish food spicy?

Overall, Turkish food is not very spicy. Turkish cuisine is a blend of herbs and spices, but it is not spicy and hot. A traditional Turkish pepper paste is generally used in local dishes but it  is not very spicy or hot.

Does Turkey have Indian food?

Yes, you can avail of Indian food in Turkey. Many Indian restaurants serve numerous Indian dishes. However, Indian food is available in popular tourist areas and cities.

Is there vegetarian Turkish food?

Yes – you will get vegetarian Turkish food options in the country. Many dishes include delicious seasonal and fresh produce. Some are falafel, Dolma, hummus, and vegetable-based appetizers – mezes.

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