Adventurous Places In New Zealand That Will Give You an Adrenaline Rush

New Zealand is a dream destination for several travelers. The beauty of New Zealand is like heaven on earth and it is blessed with so many tourist locations to explore. If you are planning to book New Zealand tour package then this post will be of interest to you.

New Zealand tour packages

New Zealand (NZ) is one of the most beautiful and scenic places on earth with the Southern Alps, lakes, islands and forest cover. These places do boast adventurous things to do once in New Zealand. The best season to visit NZ for adventure activities is from December to February. Here, we have discussed the top 5 adventure places to visit in New Zealand for an adrenaline rush. If you are planning to book New Zealand Tour Packages online then do ensure that the below places are included in the itinerary for adventure activities.

1. Queenstown

New Zealand tours

The Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps make the Queenstown an adrenaline rush place to visit in New Zealand. The Coronet Peak area is the place to visit for skiing in the winter season. During summer, it is the best place for mountain trekking and camping. The bungee jumping enthusiast must reach the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge to jump down with a high adrenaline rush to drop and hang its 141-ft deep in the George. You can find streak water just down your head. The Dart River is the place to land for water adventure sports. Jet boating is a popular adventure activity on this river. The adventure seekers can book New Zealand Tour Packages from Ahmedabad online.

2. Auckland

New Zealand packages

Sky Tower is a 60-story building for bungee jumping lovers in Auckland. You can also visit Waitemata Harbour, where you can go for bungee jumping with the sea view. You must visit AJ Hackett Skywalk & Sky Jump for an adventure cum adrenaline rush once in Auckland, NZ. You can go for sky walk and sky jump from an altitude of 764-ft AMSL from this sky-high tower. Rangitoto Island and Motutapu Island are the best places for romantic people to go for hiking trails in remote places. New Zealand Tour Packages from Mumbai includes Auckland as a major adventurous destination.

3. Wanaka

New Zealand tour packages from India

The Lake Wanaka is an exotic place for tourists seeking recreation and adventure. It is the remote place for boat riding, catching fish and swimming. You can hike the Roys Peak to see this lake from 5177-ft AMSL. The skiing enthusiast and professional seekers must visit Treble Cone Ski Area, Snow Farm NZ and Cardrona Alpine Resort for mountain snow skiing. You can seek adrenaline rush by Parachuting above the Wanaka Lake. The honeymoon goers can book New Zealand Honeymoon Packages with these ski resorts.

4. Rotorua

New Zealand tour packages from Ahmedabad

Rainbow Springs Nature Park is the place to land for wildlife encounters once in Rotorua. You must also try its Gondola and zip line for a thrill see the attractions down beyond. The Lake Rotorua is the cool place for boating and fishing. The adventure seekers must try the Mount Tarawera trails. The water skiing enthusiast must visit Lake Rotoiti to enjoy its lake surroundings with the dramatic mountain backdrop. New Zealand group Tour Packages are best to book in advance to beat the rush.

5. South Island

New Zealand group tours

The Mount Cook and Milford Track are the best places for mountain trekking once in the South Island. These places are one of the snow beauties of the Southern Alps. You will get the cool view of lakes and streams and valley throughout your trekking trial on this mountainous region of South Land. The New Zealand Honeymoon Packages are the best to book for newly married couples to seek adventure.

An all-inclusive adventure New Zealand Tour Packages is the best to book online. You will get timely discounts and offers on flight tickets and hotel stay. Contact Flamingo Transworld to experience the best of New Zealand tour.

Top 8 Bucket-list Attractions in Canada

Canada’s cities and towns offer a wide range of sight visit options to explorers. Whether you are travelling for the first time or you are frequent traveler, you should not miss the main places covered in this post. If you are planning to book Canada tour package then this post will be of interest to you.

Canada’s heart of the part is Toronto where most of the population of the country is located. It is known for the most immigrant friendly country in the world after United States. Being a neighboring country to Canada, travelers also have the option to extend their trip to US along with Canada. However, there are separate visa requirements for US and Canada. The country of Canada is all about maritime cities, mountain resorts, beautiful building and skyscrapers with modern amenities. If you are planning to book Canada package for your next vacay then here are some of the important places that you must consider in your itinerary.

1. Quebec City

Canada has two parts, one part has more dominated by the French population and other is English speaking population residing towards the United States zone. So, if you would like to get a feel of French and European culture as well as architecture then you should visit Quebec city. Known for historical places from 1600s and cobbled streets city planning, Quebec City attracts large crowds each year from different parts of the world. Some of the important locations to explore in Quebec includes Place Royale, La Citadelle de Quebec, Plains of Abraham, and Parliament Building.

2. Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

The name of the city is based on the French language which is part of the Quebec province. The Notre Dame Basilica is known for the historical places and ancient churches. Established in 17th century, the basilica has been declared as minor basilica by the Pope John Paul II in 1982. The closest subway station to the location is Metro Place d’Armes. There are many places to visit in Notre Dame Basilica like Aura Basilique, Old Montreal, Centaur Theatre and many more.

3. Long Beach, Vancover Island, BC

Located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Long Beach is named after its length and size which is largest in entire region. The beautiful beach is around 16 kilometers and offers amazing beach life experiences. You can take a long walk for days across the Radar beach, combers beach and long beach. The long beach is located between the Tofino and Ucluelet villages where you can also enjoy authentic village cuisines.

4. Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places in Canada with amazing turquoise colored lake with Victoria glacier and mountains in the background. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world to enjoy the local cuisines. Take a tour around the emerald green water with beautiful glacier peaks surroundings. Enjoy snowboarding, explore villages and attend Ice festival that is organized in Lake Louise.

5. Niagara Falls

If you travel to Canada and if you have not visited Niagara Falls in Canada then your trip is incomplete. Half of the Niagara Falls is in the Canadian province and in the Toronto city. The bridge which is built on the falls is known as the Rainbow Bridge. Beautiful arrangements of the lights, colorful neon billboards, museums, souvenir shops, casinos, indoor parks, etc. are must visit in this location. So just go and enjoy the natural wonder of the world.

6. Skylon Tower

If you have been looking for a wonderful and exciting place to propose your loved one then Skylon Tower is a good choice. It has revolving dining room, spectacular Niagara Falls background and observatory up to 80 miles from the tower. The height of the tower above the Niagara falls is 775 feet. Located in the same region of Niagara falls, Skylon tower is one must visit tourist location to explore without fail.

7. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is an interesting place, half of which is in Canadian province and rest half is in United States. It is the 14th largest lake in the world and one of the five Great Lakes of North America. The average depth of the lake Ontario is 86 meters. It is one of the most famous tourist locations in Ontario to enjoy the day time picnic and outdoor attractions.

8. Banff Town

Located in Alberta, Banff Town is an ideal location to spend your vacation with family and friends. There are several sports options to enjoy like the biking, hiking, scrambling and skiing. Surrounded by mountains and natural scenic beauty, this town has perfect atmosphere and climatic condition to enjoy full day out vacay. There are many festivals organized in Banff like World Television Festival, Banff Mountain Festival, Rocky Mountain Festival and Bike Fest. With several places to explore in Banff Town you will never get bored.

These are some of the major locations in Canada that should be in your itinerary. If you are looking for best Canada tour package then get in touch with Flamingo Transworld.

Incredible Places You Never Knew Existed In Europe

If you are looking for award winning destinations in the world then you will be surprised to find most of the locations are based in Europe. Apart from the rich history and culture, it is also famous for historical places, beautiful natural destinations and adventurous places that you would have not heard before. If you are looking Europe Holiday Tour Packages then this post will be of interest to you.

One must take Europe tour once in their lifetime. The Europe tour packages includes popular tourist attraction places. If you wish to see those incredible unseen places, you must visit the below-mentioned places.

1. Hvar, Croatia

Europe tour packages

Hvar is an island in Croatia. It is popular for its posh summer retreat centers, honeymoon resorts and for the boat tours. This is the finest place to see the medieval era monastery, hilltop fort, and castle. You can taste wines from its wine yards. The adventurous things to do here are exploring its caves, sailing, beach, shouldering, kayaking, and sea cliff climbing. Europe tours from India are much affordable to book online.

2. Burano, Italy

Europe holiday packages

Burano in Italy is known for its color houses. It is a cultural and historic place to land in Europe. You can find many Gothic style churches, palaces, tombs, and historic monuments. You must visit its museums to know about its history. There is a special glass museum, which is jaw-dropping. You must visit its fishermen settlement, where you can find many multi-color houses.

3. Meteora, Greece

international tour packages

Meteora Valley in central Greece is the only spectacular place to see the rear rock formation. They will look like heaven or mystic in the early morning and evening hours. The mist and moving clouds will make you feel like in the heavens. It will take a full day to explore this scenic rock valley. An all-inclusive Europe tour package from Mumbai is the best to book online.

4. Sintra, Portugal

Europe tour packages from ahmedabad

Sintra is a resort town for the honeymooners and nature lovers. There are many sea view resorts on the sea cliff top for the romantic people to stay and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. You can visit its sea fort, lighthouse, palace, historic castles, seafront parks, and scenic beaches. You will find most of its structure with beautiful tile works.

5. Lofoten, Norway

Europe packages

You must check your Europe group tours include Lofoten, which is an exotic island of Norway. You will be surprised to see the rear spectacular mountains on this archipelago. It is the best place for sea surfing, cycling, island hopping, and sailing. It is the finest place to see the northern lights. You can find 24-hours daylight in the summer season. A boat tour is the best to see its scenic beaches, bay and rolling hills.

6. Ronda, Spain

holiday packages

This is a hilltop city in Spain, which is famous for its steep gorge. You can find many Gothic structures and the famous Puente Nuevo. It is a stone bridge in-between two hills, which looks like joining two cliffs. Staying atop will give you the 360-degree view of the Malaga province.

European tour packages are much affordable to book online. Plan your upcoming holidays with Flamingo Transworld and explore the best of your favorite destinations.

Historic Places in China that Must be on Your Travel Wish List

China being the largest country in the world, also has several tourist locations to explore and experience adventurous trips. Some of the ancient and historical places in China are simply amazing and mystical.

China Holiday Tour Packages mostly include its UNESCO heritage sites, which is of historical importance. These are worth seeing for the history buffs, architects, terracotta artists, and others willing to see the China historical monuments. The below-mentioned places are of historic importance. You must check they are included in your tour package to China. China is a tourist-friendly nation. It has modern amenities and facilities for international tourists.

1. Great Wall of China

This is a vast UNESCO World Heritage Site in China, which one must visit once in their lifetime. These actually stretch of fortification in the northern parts of China. They were built to stop invaders from Russia. This historic and cultural site is now a scenic walkway and vantage point to see from its watchtowers. You can see the rolling hills and its lush green forest cover from these towers.

2. Palace Museum

This historic place is also known as the Forbidden City in China Tour. You must visit this palace and square once in Beijing. Most of its imperial complexes are rebuilt many times in-between 1420 AD to 1900 AD. You must visit its Imperial Garden and see its exotic beauty. This palace is a masterpiece work of Chinese architecture. China Tour Packages from Ahmedabad is much affordable to book online.

3. Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum

You must visit Shaanxi Province to see this historic site. This is the mausoleum of the first emperor of China, 200BC. This is an excavated tomb place and it was surprising to see its vast life-size Terracotta Army. They look mystery, and you will feel they wish to say their history. It will take a full day to explore its museum complex and excavation sites.

4. Summer Palace

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Beijing, which you must not miss in the China Group Tour Packages. You must visit its imperial garden. This is a beautiful palace with many complexes, which are worth to see for its architectural marvel. This palace is surrounded by a lake, little mount, artificial stream, and lush greenery. A day trip is enough to explore this imperial palace.

5. Temple of Heaven

You must reach Dongcheng in Beijing to see this historic temple for the Chinese Emperors. This 613-years old temple complex is still in good condition. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of cultural importance in China. This is a huge temple, which is worth to see the Chinese architecture, stone art, and carving and prayer inscriptions in colorful labels. This is a circular complex with three prayer halls and the main temple. This is an iconic temple with three tired conical towers.

The all-inclusive tour packages are the best to take a historic tour in China. You can share your China tour experience with Flamingo Transworld. Keep us posted.

Reasons to Spend Your Next Vacation in New Zealand

New Zealand is a far off nirvana that shouldn’t remain in voyagers’ imagination only. It’s easy to get through the journey across the Pacific which will compensate you with plentiful of incredible attractions and local treasures. If you require some persuading, here are a couple of reasons why each explorer should take on to a New Zealand Tour Package at least once in their lifetime.

1. The sublime landscapes

Regardless of whether you haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit films, you will realize New Zealand is staggeringly picturesque. The South Island is fixed with glorious mountain reaches, icy masses, and blooming ranger service while the North is famous for its stunning coastlines, geothermal stores, and exceptional glowworm caverns. What’s more, this is only a snappy tester — you have to see the grand scene from up near really value its excellence.

2. The remarkable maori culture

There aren’t numerous spots on the planet which have attempted to safeguard and regard their indigenous culture as New Zealand has. Maori phrases highlight unmistakably in road signs, TV programs, and regular communications. Waitangi Day, though questionable, is especially a piece of neighborhood convention. There are additionally a lot of attractions particularly formulated to present to New Zealand’s guests closer to the Maori culture, legacy and history.

3. The world-famous vineyards

New Zealand’s calm atmosphere and soil assorted variety have helped the nation stamp its place in the worldwide viticulture arrange. The whites will in general be the best prestigious, however a devoted system of vineyards in Central Otago convey a lot of red grape assortments to the bleeding edge. Marlborough is the nation’s driving wine maker, and there are numerous others dispersed around the North and South Islands as well.

4. Its jam-packed with adventure activities

Bungy jumping in Queenstown. Abseiling in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges. Caving and canyoning in Waitomo. Zorbing in Rotorua. White water rafting, jet boating, kayaking, skydiving, heli-skiing and a lot much more. New Zealand is an impeccable forecourt for adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts of all varieties. If that is the thing you are into, you will definitely be spoiled for choice on New Zealand Package by Flamingo Transworld.

5. The glistening lakes

New Zealand’s gem blue lakes will shock any individual who sees them. Shrouded pearls like Lake Quill are a rare sight, and unmistakable miracles like Lake Taupo are reliably enhanced by glorious cascades. At that point there’s additionally Lake Rotorua and Tongariro’s Emerald Lake, which will amaze passing guests with their geothermal-actuated hues.

6. Hold on to the dark skies

Here’s one key motivation for New Zealand Holiday Package that occasionally gets overlooked. New Zealand’s realistic, dull skies enables the quickest star gazers to get a decent look at the Milky Way and the Southern Cross. The best areas to get away from the light contamination and value the twinkling arrangements are Castlepoint in Wairarapa, Mount John Observatory in Tekapo, Big Sky Stargazing in Aoraki/Mount Cook, Wellington’s Carter Observatory, and the Auckland Stardome.

These reasons are just so tempting to take off to New Zealand. When are you booking your New Zealand tour? Get in touch with Flamingo Transworld.

Exciting Features Of Flamingo’s New Website

Hello All,

Greeting from Flamingo Transworld Pvt. Ltd.!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our refreshed and contemporary new website. We at Flamingo are continuously striving to provide our customers a memorable experience be it at the planning stage or while on the vacation. Keeping all that in mind, we designed a brand new website for all you happy patrons.

We encourage each one of you to explore this website that promises a long list of appealing features which are surely going to attract eyeballs. Please find listed below some of these said features:

1. Easier To Book Holidays Online:

Our 23 years of experience as a tour operator motivated us to make sure that the new website reflected our philosophy and expertise. We have currently uploaded more than 400 packages on the website including group and individual tours catering to various themes, occasions, self-drive tours, cruises tours, etc. Also, we will very shortly be introducing for the first time online flight and hotel bookings on the said website. Hence online booking of your dream holidays will now be on your fingertips!

2. Flamingo’s curated Video Gallery:

In order to give you an extensive insight into your travel destination, interesting facts,  must do’s, must see’s and much more – we have curated over 90 videos which are posted on our You Tube Channel. For ease in viewing for our clientele, we have an allocated section known as video gallery on our website which is a compilation of all our videos from YouTube. We are sure that learning about a new destination will now be the most pleasant experience.

3. Get All Your Questions Answered About Our Tours With The FAQ Section

We know how excited you would be if you are planning to ditch your ordinary schedule and travel somewhere – hence we do not want to keep any stone unturned. Keeping that in mind, the FAQ section  has been constructed to resolve your queries relating to the trip planned with us and the other destination specific concerns.

4. Brochure Section:

Our new simple mantra is ‘ease in booking for our valued customers’ be it online or offline – therefore, we have introduced a brochure section for all of you who would like to get a sneak peak into various countries and their group as well as individual tours. The section also allows you to get an idea about how the entire tour would shape up during the course of your journey giving you a detailed day to day break of the itinerary.

5. Be savvy – Read our Travel Guide!

The Travel Guide section is a mecca of information relating to various destinations. It is going to be a delightful read for people who like to know about history, geography, language of a location, city, country, etc. These over 30 country guides highlight 2000+ sightseeing and interesting facts, things to do and all other necessary tourist information you would need about a particular destination.

6. A dedicated website for NRI Customers:

The NRI website has been carefully devised for NRI clientele as per their choice of travel, interests, activities, currency, timing difference and other such preferences. You can make the most of this website if you are abroad and still wish to live the vibrancy of Exotic Europe or Golden Triangle India tour or head to other parts and corners of the world.

7. Brilliant Blogs:

At Flamingo, we are all travel junkies and believe that life is all about making memories with our near-dear ones and sharing such experiences as well as listening to others people’s experiences  – hence we have been blogging accounts of our own travel consultants, customers and others. We have over more than 450 blog posts with a wide range of topics covered relating to various countries, themes, facts, places to visit, things to do, travel news, etc. Do take a look at our unique blogs like New York City Is All Set To Get A Museum In The Form Of A Pizza MuseumPopular Wedding Destinations Around The World!! World’s Highest Railway Line From New Delhi To Ladakh To Be Opened Soon,etc.

8. Hotel Packages Module (Coming Soon):

This module will allow you to pick and choose from a range of attractive hotels and resorts so that your staycation is equally amazing as your vacation. The exclusive online hotel booking avenue is work in process and should be live very soon. Stay tuned!

Having said the above, we would love to hear from you about the new website! Let us know your feedback and compliments – it would mean a lot to us!

“Flamingo Transworld committed on this journey of converting travel imaginations of all our customers into reality!”

Happy exploring!

Why Jordan and Israel should be your next holiday destination?

Jordan and Israel are popular as ‘oasis of stability’ and ‘God Contended’ among the Arab Nations. These two are the most peaceful nation to take a historic tour, adventure tour and wellness tour in the Middle East. Jordan tour packages from Ahmedabad are the best to book online. You will get some of the best attractions to explore on Jordan Israel packages.

Jordan and Israel are the Holy Land or with many biblical attractions. Apart from medical tourism, there are National Parks, Archeological Museums, Deep Mountain Valley, pilgrim places, seashore, and desert land to explore for the tourists. It is a tourist-friendly nation. It has all the tourist facilities and amenities. You must book an all-inclusive Jordan and Israel tour packages online. It must include the below-mentioned sightseeing places.

1. Mt. Nebo Amman

You must visit Madaba Governorate Region to explore the vastness of the scenic Mount Nebo once travel in Jordan packages. This is a popular adventure place know as Jordan Trail. It is a steep ridge with many panoramic views. These are rolling hills, which is the best for mountain adventure. Its major attractions are Brazen Serpent, Basilica of Moses, Byzantine church, and many ruined sites. It is the best place for history buffs and mountain adventure seekers.

2. Visit Ancient Greco Roman City Of Jerash Amman

It is advisable to visit this place during the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts. It takes place during the summer season. The major attractions to see are Cardo Maximus, Hippodrome, North Theater, Old Stone Bridge, Oval Forum, Temple of Artemis, and Tetrapylon.

3. Wadi Rum Petra

You must not miss seeing the Valley of the Moon in Southern Jordan. It is a rare place on the earth with rocky vistas. It is also a popular place for mountain climbers and mountain trekkers in Jordan. You must book a horse safari in your Jordan tour packages to explore its typical Wadi Rum Petra village.

4. Famous Archeological Sites Petra

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jordan. You must visit its archeological sites like the Al Khazneh, Byzantine Church of Petra, Cardo Maximus, El Deir, Kokhim, Petra Siq, Royal Tombs, Temple of Petra, The Theatre, Tomb 808, and Triclinium.

5. Allenby Bridge Tel Aviv, Israel

This is a famous border-crossing place in-between Jordan and Israel. The crossing point timing is from morning 07:30 to evening 03:00. It is open from Sunday to Thursday of every week. It is advisable to check with your Jordan holiday packages for your visa and permit-related needs with your country and these two nations. However, anyone can visit this place as sightseeing from both the nations.

6. Judea Caesarea

You must reach Haifa to see the ruins of Caesarea. The major attractions to see here are the Mount Carmel, Caesarea National Park, Roman temple, Hippodrome, Crusader church, Theater of Caesarea, Caesarea Maritima, Bosnian Mosque, Roman theatre, and underworld museum.

7. Capernaum Jerusalem

This is a holy place for the Christians in Israel. It is also known as Nahum’s village. It has many archeological sites and monuments to see. These are Capernaum synagogue, House of Peter, and Ruins of the Roman town.

8. Dead Sea Jerusalem

It is the best place to relax in the resorts near to the Dead Sea shore once in Israel. You can take a sunbath and spa bath on this salty lake. It is an excellent place to spend your leisure time with golfing and swimming

You must check your Jordan tour packages from Ahmedabad include the above-mentioned attractions. If you need more information on the locations, Jordan tour packages or other amenities, you can check comment us below.

Best Indian Brunch Spots in New York City

One of the most bustling cities in United States is the New York City. Whether you are a foodie or not, Indian breakfast and brunch is a big deal in New York City. If you are planning to book USA Holiday Tour Packages then this post will be of interest to you which highlights the important locations in the city famous for brunch and famous dishes.

Unlike weekends, you will find even the weekdays crowded at restaurants and local snack shops in NYC, because brunch is important thing of the day in the city. Mostly tourists start their day early exploring places in NYC and have their halt at famous brunch spots to enjoy their breakfast or brunch. Rather than choosing any brunch spot, here are some of the famous and important locations where you can get lip smacking cuisines and authentic dishes. If you are planning to book USA tourt hen you would surely love to explore these.

1. Indian Accent

A Delhi based famous restaurant chain which has opened its outlet in NYC offers authentic India Punjabi dishes just like you would have at home. If you are not so fond of western dishes then Indian accent is a perfect choice located at the Sixth and Seventh Avenue. The traditional dishes with Indian recipes cooked by fellow Indians using fresh ingredients and served with love. Some of the famous dishes that you would love to explore are bamboo steamer rice, traditional cracker papdum and much more.

2. Awadh

Awadh is located at the Upper West Side destination and owned by the Moti Mahal Delux as well as the Bhatti Indian Grill chain. With lip smacking north Indian cuisines and excellent range of dishes, it has become a popular outlet for travelers from India. In USA you will get to feel the taste of India.

3. Ganesh Temple Canteen

If you are looking for pure authentic Indian food without any mix of non-veg dishes in the restaurant then you should visit the Ganesh temple canteen. This canteen is built at the location of temple so you will find many tourists who have come to visit the temple. Here you can find a wide range of south Indian dishes like michirbajji, masala dosas, coconut chutney, idli, vadai and much more. It is perfect Indian feeling in NYC.

3. Chennai Garden by Tiffin Wallah

Finding Indian vegetarian restaurants in NYC is not difficult when you have Chennai Garden in the list. Located in the heart of the spot at Murray Hill, this vegetarian restaurant offers a wide range of dishes that will make your day. From eggplant curry to lentil curries, and variety of rice to Paneer Dosas as well as cauliflower Manchurian, the menu is so exciting that you will always remember the taste.

5. Haldi

If you are fond of Dhaba style food then you must not miss the trip to Haldi an Indian restaurant that is found by the chef of Kolkata – Shiva Natrajan. You can find a wide range of North Indian and Bengali dishes in the menu that offers complete Dhaba style environment. Although not owned by Mr. Shiva anymore, you can find many Indian and native crowd at the restaurant relishing the Indian food dishes. Feel at home at Haldi.

These are some of the best locations that you would love to explore during your trip. Enjoy the home type cooked food in NYC at your leisure. Take pictures and share your experience with Flamingo Transworld.

5 Reasons to Plan Your Next Holiday to Europe

Travelling is not as simple as just choosing destinations and booking tickets with accommodation, especially to a continent like Europe. It is so huge that it requires homework and planning. But if you have been wondering whether to book Europe Holiday Tour Packages or not then this post will help you decide why you should book it today.

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Europe is rich culture, skyscrapers, ancient architectures, beaches, comfortable climates and natural wonders. Travelling to Europe is always exciting because it has so many things to offer that you may not find anywhere else in the world. Europe is a diverse continent in the world that has Rome – city of gods, Paris – where love is in the air and Amsterdam – the city that  makes you fall in love and Dubrovnik, and the list is endless. So, if you are still wondering whether to book Europe group tour package or not then here are the five reasons that will help you decide.

1. Explore the History

Europe has fine examples of ancient civilizations and architecture that it has viewed and nurtured. The cities in Europe are very old and some of the buildings in Europe are 2000 years old. It is fine example of culture, architecture, history and many such things that will leave you awestruck. There are several museums and paintings where you will learn a lot about. No matter where you travel in Europe you will learn something new about history at each place.

Click here to know about Exotic European Countries You Must Visit Once In Your Lifetime.

2. Lip Smacking Cuisines

Europe is not only famous for history, culture and natural wonders but also lip smacking cuisines. Some of the famous dishes are and drinks are Belgian Beers, French Cheese, Italian Pizza, Ice Wine and many such things. Some of the best cafes, restaurants and street food options that you find in Europe is matchless. Do not miss the tasty dishes, pizzas, wines, beers and cakes & bakes.

3. Paradise on Earth

The attractions in Europe looks like it is not created by humans and Gods for themselves. You will experience the paradise on earth travelling to Europe. The snow-capped mountains of Swiss Alps, Italian Coastline, and jaw dropping views of will simply leave you amazed. The fresh air, comfortable climate and awesome scenery around the year, offers tourists the flexibility to travel anytime of the year. Explore all the beautiful locations in Europe and make the best lifetime moments.

4. Hub of Art and Music

Most people think that Europe, especially Italy and Paris, are just the fashion hub of the world. However, Europe is also famous for theater, music, painting arts and many such creative skills. In fact Italy has highest number of masterpieces than anywhere in the world. There are more than 38000 objects and 35000 display art works in Musee du Louvre. That is a good number waiting to be explored.

Check out 5 Reasons Why Travelers Fall In Love with Switzerland.

5. Easy and Faster to Get Around

Travelling within Europe is pretty easy and faster because it has the best and well connected transport system in the world. Travelling to one tourist location to another does not need much time using the train system. Moreover, if you are carrying Schengen visa then you can travel cross border to other countries in Europe using the single passport stamp. So all the countries that are within the European union as well as Switzerland are in your bucket list.

We hope the above mentioned reasons are enough for you to plan your Europe Tourfor next vacation. If you need more information for customized Europe package or share experience with us then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

Beach Lovers, this one’s for you! Check out best beach destinations in Europe

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are blessed in Europe. Apart from the rich history it is also famous for the modern architecture and naturally beautiful locations. If you love beach locations then you should look for  Europe Holiday Tour Packages. This post talks about the major beach locations in Europe.

If you are planning organize a beautiful vacation for your family or friends at some beach location then choose Europe as your destination. White sands with blue waters and comfortable cool climate offer the perfect place to enjoy and relax. You can spend quality time with family that you can remember for lifetime. There are many resorts and restaurants at these locations where you can enjoy lip smacking dishes and local cuisines that will simply enhance your vacation experience. Here are the best beach destinations that you should visit.

1. Croatia

Croatia is and has always been famous for the number of beautiful beaches it has been blessed with. With so many pristine continental beach-side locations and dozens of islands in Croatia offer the best of the sunsets and sunrises that you would love to spend time with your loved ones. If you been looking for the perfect party spot then Croatia is a must visit place.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is also a party get away that has been always the forefront of Europe’s dance festival and music clubbing for more than 25 years now. Known for the glamorous bars, pubs, clubs and special clubs, it is the perfect place to explore exciting nightlife. In addition, the jaw-dropping beaches and beach night life adds spark to the attraction. So, if you are bored with the routine mechanical life then welcome to Ibiza!

3. Barcelona, Spain

The beauty of Barcelona is simply matchless in the world. You must have traveled to US, UK or any other European country but we are sure that the way Barcelona city has been planned and organized in the structured format, it is difficult to find a similar match. Beautiful buildings, wonderful beaches, meet the flamingos and much at Barcelona.

4. Sagres, Portugal

Sagres is a paradise for beach lovers and surfers. Whether you love water sports or not, we are sure that you will fall in love with this place once you visit. Lip smacking sea food available in Sagres in Portugal style will add spark to the exciting tour. Surrounded by beaches from all three sides, this peninsular has several things to offer its tourists.

5. Myrtos, Crete

Myrtos is one of the jewels of Crete that offers picturesque seaside village located in the southeast part of Crete.It has four villages that consists of a maximum population of 500 only. The calm and composed beach side location is a perfect getaway to relax yourself and spend quality time with your family and friends. There are several accommodations, rental car facilities and several activities to enjoy.

These are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe that you should not miss during your trip. If are looking for personalized Europe tour package from Ahmedabad, Mumbai or Jaipur to travel with family, friends or loved one then keep us posted in the comment section.