Top Five Amazing Places to Visit When You’re in Switzerland

The land-locked city filled with water and blessed with impeccable picturesque locations in the world is known as Switzerland. The common choice of Honeymooners and family holiday travellers, it has much more to offer. If you are planning to choose Switzerland Holiday Tour Packages then the below article highlight the five most amazing places you should not miss during the visit.

The pristine beauty of Switzerland has won the hearts of several travelers since ages. There was a time when almost all the honeymooners would only one location and that is Switzerland. One can imagine the reason behind the entire mass choosing only one location from the endless list of beautiful places in the world is because of its impeccable beauty. It is also known as the heaven on earth and the charming city on earth.


Switzerland has astounding amount of diversity compared to its size. It is home to some of the medieval age quarters, huge outdoor space, hiking trails, world famous Alps peaks and enchantingly beautiful cities. The beautiful architecture, comfortable weather and delicious food makes Switzerland a complete package where anyone and everyone can choose. If you are planning to book a Switzerland package for your loved ones, friends or family, then below list highlights some of the most amazing places that you must not miss during your visit.

1. Zurich


This is the first location that most of the international tourists arrive where centuries old-buildings, the Limmat River, city’s artery, water taxis and river boats are available. The huge Alps is clearly visible from the city and if you are interested in hiking then take a ride to the Uetliberg mountain. There are more than 50 museums and 100 art galleries from which you can choose the ones you would like to visit. Needless to add that the exciting nightlife of Zurich is world famous, so just get spoilt!

2. Zermatt


Located at the base of the well known Matterhorn, this town is known as the car-free town of Switzerland. Almost all the residents use bikes, travel on foot or take the electric buses. The splendid beauty of Zermatt is difficult to explain in words. If you are planning to visit the Alps then this is the right base to start from. Some of the activities that you can enjoy in Zermatt are hiking, climbing, skiing, and more.

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3. Lucerne


The city of canals, castles and bridges which is built around the Lake Lucerne and it is the one of the prettiest cities of the world. In the centre of the city is located the famous Lucerne Chapel bridge which is connected since the 14th century and one of the oldest bridge in Switzerland. For the most amazing experience take ride around the city in the morning time and visit the Stanserhorn-Bahn CabriO. The first ever aerial tram in the world which was first designed and implemented in Switzerland.

4. Bern


The capital of Switzerland, Bern is known for history majorly. the destination offers a combination of palaces, parks and gardens and is truly a scenic destination. Bern is rich in culture and year round events. Also the city is full of museums, churches and historic buildings for visitors to explore at the core.

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5. Interlaken:


Interlaken is an amazing place offering incredible scenery while enjoying comfort at the lakeside resort. The destination boasts everything a tourist is looking for. Interlaken is a  perfect destination for adventure activities, scenic beauty, cultural experience, tantalizing views of the Alps, and of course tasting mouthwatering chocolates.

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These are some of the top picks of Switzerland which we have listed based on the online reviews of the travelers. If you need more information regarding Switzerland then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

Lakes in Canada Defining Real Beauty

Well known as the land of thousands of lakes, Canada has the most surreal lakes located in the beautiful mountains. You can plan a day picnic to any of these lakes, book a cab from your resort/ hotel and have a fun day out!


If you are planning to take up a Canada tour package you have to include these best lakes of Canada. Also, don’t forget to carry your camera along to capture the beauty of these places.

1.Moraine Lake:


You will find this strikingly beautiful and most popular lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, which is at a commendable elevation of approximately 6,183 feet. Moraine Lake is famous for – its crystal clear water and the amazing surreal surroundings which comprise of high mountains with some snow clad peaks that create a perfect fairy tale scene. You will come across many hiking tracks which are trod by hikers from all around the world.

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2. Bow Lake:


Bow Lake is a small lake in Banff National Park. It is a source of Bow River creating border between Alberta and British Columbia. The lake boasts spectacularly colored water and beautiful mountain scenery. One of the major highlights of the lake is the unbelievable differences in color. It is an absolutely perfect place for a nice picnic and a stroll, and of course not to forget the sunrise when the sun shines out of the colorful water and mountain.

3. Patricia Lake & Pyramid Lake:


Patricia Lake and Pyramid Lake are in Jasper National Park, Alberta close to Jasper town. It is a mini paradise popular for boating and a relaxing getaway. It is an easy 10 minute drive from Jasper town which brings you to this great recreational spot. During winter, skiing and ice skating takes over this little place.

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4. Lake Louise:


Lake Louise is a gorgeous lake offering easy access to pristine wilderness, endless outdoor adventures, jaw-dropping sights and more. Experience the serenity and beauty of the lake by scheduling time at sunrise to go canoeing. Get ready to click some standard postcard pictures from every angle as the lake offers stunning blue sky, even bluer lake and glittering glacier.

If you need more information regarding the locations or assistance with the Canada Tour Package then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

Winter Wonderlands in India !!!

There are several locations in India that are waiting to be explored, especially in winter seasons. The best thing about travelling in India is you can find transforming beauty in each climate and festive season. If you are planning to book a tour package to explore the best of the experiences during winter and snowfall in India then this article will be of interest to you.


With a myriad of options in India, national and international travellers choose the best season for their wonderful experience. As India has a hot climate, majority of international tourists choose winter season which offers a comfortable climate for them. Now if you are planning to choose tour package to India during the winter season then we have selected of the major locations that you can consider during your trip.

1. Manali


If you are planning to explore some adventurous hill station where you can enjoy different types of activities like hiking, mountaineering, bungee jumping, or paragliding then you should take a trip to Manali. Thousands of national and international tourists visit Manali and neighboring cities every year for various activities. It is a perfect holiday destination for family, friends and honeymoon couples. Places to explore in Manali are Kullu, Kasol, Rohtang and Solang.

2. Uttarakhand


The one place in India where you can enjoy skiing as much as you want during the winters is Uttarakhand. Famous locations near Uttarakhand are Nainital, Mussoorie, Auli and Corbett National park. If you are interested in ice skiing, wildlife jungle safari or elephant rides, best place is Uttarakhand. Lake boating, river rafting, exploring oldest national parks and enjoying the snowing winter are some of the activities that you can experience in Uttarakhand.

3. Sikkim


Sikkim in winter is wonderland offering breathtaking views, pristine cover of snow, frozen lakes and so much more. It is a one of the best holiday destination for family. The best about Sikkim in winter is it is relatively secluded in comparison to other destinations in India during winter. The destination offers stunning places to explore like Gurudongmar Lake, Yumthang Valley, Zuluk, Teesta River and more.

4. Jammu Kashmir


Kashmir “A Heaven on Earth” is absolutely true as the destination is stunning year round and surprises tourists with magical experiences. During winters, Gulmarg turns the entire town blanketed in white. Visitors can enjoy exciting adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding and trekking.

There are many more places in India that you can explore during the winters. But if you are planning to book tourist package then you must consider the above locations. In case you need assistance with the tour package management then keep in touch with Flamingo Transworld.

Wondering Where To Go In 2018? Check This Out.

With millions of holiday destinations in the world, it is always challenging to select the one of your choice. If you are planning to book a holiday package and facing the same confusion then this article has been specially created for you, which has list of top travel destinations that you can plan to visit in 2018.


There are so many beautiful and exciting destinations in the world that are waiting to be explored. However, it can be difficult to choose few from the list of options which needs expert analysis and experience to sort out. With the help of online votes and readers choices, we have managed to identify some of the best travel destinations that you can plan for 2018.

1. Rome, Italy

Italy tour packages

The country with rich history, culture and heritage has not only topped our chart but several other charts in the world. Whether you like history or not, you will always love the huge and impeccable architectures in Rome which has various epic stories to know about. The ancient historical places of Roman Empire will take you back in the time when everything was unique about the eternal city. Thousands of tourists and historians travel specially to learn about Rome every year.

2. Sydney, Australia

Australia tour packages

There are many more things in Australia than the iconic Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The partly metropolitan, partly laid back beach town and partly cultural retreat of Australia is what defines the different facets of Sydney. Whether you are a surfer, tourist, adventurer, photographer or business traveler, there is so many things to explore in Sydney. Check our our Australia Holiday Tour Packages.

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3. Porto, Portugal

Europe tour packages

The best of the tourist destination in the world includes Porto of Portugal which is very famous for the striking shoreline, beautiful architecture and ancient historic sites. The best thing about Porto is the Port wine that you can sip as much as you want. There are many iron bridges in the city which you can explore during your visit. If you are planning to book a holiday package then this location can be considered in your list.

4. London, United Kingdoms

London tour packages

The morning bell, dizzying lights and sounds make you feel welcomed to the contemporary London city. Tourist attractions like the Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey and the London eye captivates travellers and displays the modern day highlights of the city. Exploring the cultural sites and music/art/theaters in London will make you feel how attached it is with the culture and decorum. The diversity, culture, heritage and beautiful locations in London will truly capture your heart.

Explore happy cafes in the streets of London.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali tour packages

It was a tough decision whether to keep it in the last or first as there are many places in Bali that you may not find anywhere else in the world. Known for the largest number islands, Bali is the favorite destination for beach lovers and adventurers. If you love hiking, mountaineering or any adventurous activities then Bali is the apt location. The post-card prefect locations in Bali are perfect for honeymooners, loving couples and relaxing vacation. If you have been looking for an apt location to propose your love of life then your search ends at Bali.

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These are some of the major tourist destinations selected based on the online reviews and votes from the travellers. If you need more information regarding the locations or assistance with the holiday packages then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

Directly From Travel Expert’s Desk: Luxurious Resorts in Las Vegas

Since the 90’s Las Vegas has become one of the most extravagant and permanent attraction spot for USA tour packages. Almost all the luxurious hotels and resorts in the world have created their space in Las Vegas. If you are planning to book a USA tour package then this article will be of interest to you as it highlights the luxurious resorts in Las Vegas you can consider to visit.


As saying goes ‘Bigger the Better’, it fits apt for Las Vegas where there are large hotels with thousands of rooms and luxurious resorts where you will find extravagant amenities that you may not find in any other similar hotels. It has the broken the record of past three years by catering to more than 40 million tourists this year. The royal treatment that you get at the luxurious resorts adds spark to the attraction to Las Vegas.

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If you have been looking for the perfect resort where you can experience the lifetime moments, then we have saved your research time and energy. Listed below are some of the most luxurious resorts in Las Vegas that you can plan to visit during your trip to USA.

1.  Resort in Las Vegas – Bellagio


Bellagio is the home for the Richie riches of the world and it is totally worth its spurge. The impeccable services, unbeatable amenities, luxurious stay and attractively designed property. The world class property has 15 dining options, glass decorated lobby, spa, pools, fountain of Bellagio and huge rooms that you may not find in other properties. The hotel is part of the MGM resorts so you can image the size of the property, amenities and experience that you will receive.

2. Resort in Las Vegas – Wynn Las Vegas


The huge property of Wynn in Las Vegas is spread across a large area secluded from the other groups of hotels & resorts because it wants to give an experience and emphasis on natural light, greenery, and earthly elements. Needless to say the world class property comes with a extravagant lifestyle of amenities including fine dining, sports centre, posh casino, lounge, and many more. Located at the central location, other properties like Encore, Palazzo, and Venetian are at the walk able distance.

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3. Resort in Las Vegas – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


The Cosmopolitan is a five star category hotel and resort property in Las Vegas has just 2995 rooms with global amenities like Casino, gym, luxurious rooms, delicious food and wine, night parties and more. Being part of the Marriot group of hotels, you can understand the level of standard and attention to detail they maintain to cater their guests. The special attraction of the hotel is the three different pools, each of it has a different atmosphere.

4. Resort in Las Vegas – ARIA Sky Suites


ARIA Sky Suites is part of the ARIA Resort & Casino, and the suites section sits on the top of the property. Located in the heart of the city, ARIA Suites focuses highest on the customer services with highest priority. If you have heard about ‘On-the-toe’ service then you will experience that in ARIA. There are different rooms as per your requirements like one or two-bed rooms, pent houses, and luxurious sky villas. Best amenities that you should experience at the property are private pool, fitness centre, art gallery, free food & drinks lounge, spa, casino and unbeatable nightlife.

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5. Resort in Las Vegas – Mandarin Oriental Resorts


Located in the heart of the city, Mandarin Oriental offers a classy atmosphere and luxurious room space with world class amenities that guests from different countries just love it. The 392 rooms property is perfectly located in the main strip of the Las Vegas prominent hotel and resort properties are placed. Although the property does not feature Casino within the resort, it is tucked between the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino property.

As per our online research and reviews by the travellers, these are some of the luxurious resorts that you can choose in Las Vegas. If you need more information regarding the Las Vegas or USA packages, then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

Planning to attend Rann Utsav festival in Gujarat? Top Five Things You Should Know About Kutch!

Rann Utsav has become the global event where tourists from all over the world visit to enjoy the celebration in the middle of white dessert. There are many attractions to visit and things to do in Rann Utsav which makes your experience much more exclusive. If you are planning to visit the Rann Utsav then this article will be of interest to you which highlights the important five things to do in the festival.


Tourists visiting from different countries have an impression that Kutch is a distinctive land. In fact it is one of the largest salt desert in the world which glorifies the natural beauty of Kutch. Rann means ‘Desert’ and Utsav means ‘Festival’ in the Gujarati language of India. Being part of the Gujarat state in India, the Rann Utsav is celebrated during the winter season highlighting the culture, tradition and rituals of India. It is a vibrant and colorful experience different than other tourist spots in India. If you are planning to book a tour to the Rann Utsav, then do consider the below five things to make your experience more exciting.

1. Staying in Dessert Tents


Spread across 7000 sq kms, the white dessert looks like white carpet in which the small tents are deployed with best in class amenities for the tourists. Spending the chilly nights in the tent enjoying the delicious Indian food (especially Gujarati) and listening to the local folk songs beside the campfire is beautiful experience.

2. Visit Sun Set Point


The highest point of Kutch region is the Black Hill which is also known as Kala Dungar in the local language. On the top of the dungar (hill) is a Hindu temple of lord Dattatreya estimated to be 400 years old. It is the perfect location to get the complete picture of the white desert and view the beautiful sunset.

3. Visit Prag Mahal and Aaina Mahal


If you want to explore the rich tradition, history and heritage of Kutch then you should visit the famous Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal. Both of these palaces are well preserved and managed by the government to showcase the royal heritage of Kutch region. Constructed in the Indo-European style, these mahal’s architecture is truly breathtaking. The Aaina Mahal has been constructed using giant mirrors and the Prag Mahal is famous for the Bell tower. There are several attractive things to explore in these palaces.

4. Famous Film Shooting Spot – Vijayvilas Palace


If you have watched any of the Bollywood movies recently then you must have watched this location many times. The Vijayvilas Mahal in Kutch is famous for the extravagant setup of Royal palaces and it has been part of the famous movies like Lagaan, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and R Rajkumar. Located in the Mandvi, around 65 kms from Bhuj City, the palace is constructed beside a beautiful beach with exemplary sense of architecture. The palace once belonged to the royal family of Vijayrajji and if you interact with the caretakers, they will narrate the complete story of the royal family.

5. World’s Oldest Civilization Site


If you are history lover then you should not miss the opportunity to visit the ancient site located in Dholavira. As part of the Indus Valley civilization, the slice of the ruins show the ancient constructions, city planning, harvesting system, overhead tanks and sewage systems built in those ages. The most interesting part of the site is the 10 large inscriptions which are still preserved and kept in display for the visitors. It is considered to be the first evidence of written language.

There are several other beautiful things in Kutch like the handicraft village, wild ass sanctuary, lake temple, etc. which you can plan to visit during your Rann Utsav tour. If you need more information regarding the tourist spots or Rann Utsav tour package then keep Flamingo Transworld posted in the comment section.

Top 5 Unique and Exciting Things to Do in Thailand

Thailand, also known as the paradise on earth because of the immensely beautiful locations and unending list of options to enjoy your heart out. There are several things to do in Thailand but this article highlights top five unique and exciting things to do in Thailand with your loved ones. If you are planning to book Thailand Holiday Tour Packages then the list will be of interest to you.

Thailand tour packages from Ahmedabad

Thailand welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world each year. The reason why tourists visit repeatedly to Thailand is because there are so many attractive locations and endless list of activities to do that you cannot cover in a single visit. For those who are planning to book Thailand package for coming holidays then the below list of unique and exciting things to do in Thailand will be of interest to you all. So just relax, and plan your next Thailand tour, that we assure you will remember all your life! Also click here to know about vibrant festivals celebrated in Thailand.

1. Kayaking in Krabi

Thailand packages

If you love kayaking then you are going to fall in love with this place. Krabi is one of the most beautiful island locations in the territory of Thailand. There are many experienced and expert kayaking service providers in Krabi through whom you can book to explore the caves between the large cliffs. The local activists and government of Thailand has ensured to maintain the natural beauty of the island without any impact.

2. Motorcycling to Myanmar

Thailand tours

Myanmar is the nearest country that you can visit from Thailand using the road access on Motorbike. Normally tourists get 90 days of tourist visa depending on your home country. If you wish to extend the visit visa then you need to exit Thailand and return for extension. The best way to get an extension and explore another country at the same time is visiting Myanmar. Greenery and picturesque locations on the road trips will surely make it a memorable trip.

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3. Mountain Cycling at Chiang Rai

Thailand holiday packages

Taking a bike ride from the streets of Chiang Rai to the hill roads is great adventurous and challenging activity. Travelling through the bustling city roads and calm rice fields, you can explore new places bike riding on the single track path on the hills. It is truly amazing experience that enables you to explore the location on your own.

4. Climbing Rock in Railay

Thailand tours from Mumbai

Railay is beautiful beach location with many rocky areas. There are different routes and ways to climb at different levels. Whether you are a professional climber or newbie, there are classes for everyone which you can take part in to lead your own ways.

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5. Kick Boxing at Muay

trip to Thailand

Most of the people may not be aware that Thailand is one of the famous hubs in the world for Kick boxing. Even few classes of kick boxing will teach you techniques to defend yourself at odd times. The training is provided by the famous and experienced kick boxing champions. If you can check the event dates then be part of the kick boxing matches to see the fighters.

These are some of the most unique and exciting activities that you can do in Thailand. If you are planning to book Thailand package or need more information regarding Thailand Tours with friends or family then keep Flamingo Transworld posted in the comment section or get the information on our website.

Why People Fly in Business Class?

People travelling via flights have many options and priorities. Travelling on economy class or first class always fulfills the purpose of travelling, but using business class has its own benefits. This article majorly highlights the benefits of using business class flights. If you are planning to book a flight ticket for any holiday, business trips or any other occasion then this article will be of interest to you.


Travelling is relaxing and exciting when the ride is smooth and hurdle free, especially in flights. Whether you are occasional traveler or frequent traveler, flights are essential for long distance travelling nationally and internationally. However, there are different options available in the flights tickets as well, like economy, first class and business class. Majority of travellers choose first class because of the price difference, but opt out of the services offered in business class. We have listed some of the major benefits and reasons why you should fly in business class over first class.

1. Better Amenities


Even for the most frequent travellers this could be a surprise but choosing business class over first class can get you better amenities and services at reasonable rates. First class is luxurious but business class is also nearly luxurious comparatively at price point. Amenities that you can avail during the business class are lounge access, faster check-in, large seating space, food of choice, free alcohol and more.

2. Availability of Business Class Vs First Class


Not all the airlines have the first class seating arrangements because of which travellers are left with minimal choice or delayed travel. Instead in business class you can choose any airline, carrier or location from where business class is available. In fact some of the airlines have merged business class airlines with first class cabins to make space for the same.

3. Equally Comfortable and Private Seats


In first class flights, the seating can be fully flat angled in such a way that travellers can easily recline to sleep during the long trips. With the better services offered in business class seats currently, apart from the reclining seating arrangements, carriers are also offering mini TVs, iPods, privacy dividers, and workstation with Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. Plenty of Drinks and Food


Business class customers are served with higher quality of meals, drinks and free liquor as per the availability and choice of customers. They can also enjoy the choice of food and other snacks available in the stock. Airlines across the world are offering optimum benefits to business class travellers to ensure that they have the best experience with them.

5. Better Personalized Services


Right from the point of check-in to the lounge facility while waiting to the on-boarding business class customers are offered the best in the class services, similarly like in First Class. Highly trained and experienced attendants are readily available to serve or provide the information you seek, at any time.

With the evolving choice of travellers and tourists, the airlines have also constantly upgraded their policies, services, facilities, infrastructure, amenities and customer experience. If pricing is not the major concern then first class is always a good choice but if you can get the same level of experience at cheaper rates then why not?

However, you can research the choice of your flight, select the business class option and check out the difference in the pricing, benefits and seating options. If you need assistance with the ticket booking then you can comment below and Flamingo Transworld will get back to you.

Reasons Why Philippines Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Philippines is also known as the land of hidden gems because it has so many picturesque locations that leaves tourists awestruck. If you are among those who are planning to book Philippines tour package with family or friends then this article with be of interest to you.


Located in the western Pacific Ocean region, Philippines is hub of unexplored and most beautiful places on earth. Just like the South East Asian regions like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, the Philippines also have been blessed with similarly beautiful locations in the western part. There are more than 7000 green islands and several unexplored places in Philippines. If you are planning for next holiday destination then Philippines package is the apt choice because you have so many options in Philippines to explore, enjoy and relax!

Philippines is like paradise on earth, and it is not possible to explore the entire region in single visit. So, we have gathered some of the major locations which are popular and highly rated by tourists who have visited Philippines. If you are planning to book Philippines tour package then you should consider the below locations while your tour.

1. Oslob


If you are one those who has been looking for an adventure ride like swimming with the whales then come to Oslob. In this location, you can take bath in the pristine beaches and swim with the whales. There are many waterfalls and historical ruins where you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

2. Mount Apo


The Mount Apo is located in the city of Davao and stands at a height of 9000 ft. It is the tallest mountain in Philippines and favorite choice of adventurers and mountain climbers. The view from the top of the mountain will just make a lifetime memorable moment for you. Best thing to do: watching the sun go down and counting the stars with your loved one.

3. Sagada


If you truly wish to experience like flying on the sky then you should take a trip to Sagada. Commuting to Sagada is the tough part but it is totally worth it. It takes around 10 hours to reach Sagada from Manila. Some of the major locations in Sagada that you should not miss during the trip are Kiltepan peak, Lumiang caves, Hanging Coffins and Sumaguing.

4. Calaguas Island


For beach lovers is the paradise they have been searching for. One of the cleanest beaches on earth with crystal clear water at Calaguas will simply give life to the water animal inside you. If you are looking for romantic location to propose your loved one, then be ready with it.

5. Guimaras Islands


Located in the western part of Visayas, this island is world famous for the extremely high quality of mangoes that is produced here. The beaches are also exquisitely beautiful and tempting to fall in love with this place. If you love swimming, snorkeling, scuba or any water sports, go get experienced at the Guimaras.

By now you must have already listed the places that you wish to cover during your tour to Philippines. Needless to add that the exciting night life in Philippines is impeccable with any other in the world. Flamingo Transworld assures that your Philippines tour package will be totally worth.

Best Places to visit in September for a Perfect Holiday!

If you are planning to go on a holiday with your family or friends then it is important to understand the right to visit and which place to visit. This article majorly highlights on beautiful destinations that you can plan in the month of September. For those who are planning to book holiday tour packages, this article will be handy guide for them to chose destination of their choice.


Whether you are tourists or once in a year traveler, the common question each of them have is – so many places to visit and so less time?? Where to start from and what all to cover? The unending curiosity and excitement to explore new places is absolutely a different feeling. It makes every tourist much happier when they have visited the right place of their choice, take a deep breath in the favorite location and relax their mind-body-soul completely. It is an unimaginable experience that every tourist must have felt at least once in their lifetime.

In order to feel completely satisfied with the choice of location it is important to choose the perfect location, plan in advance and choose the right timings to visit. In order to reduce your efforts we have listed some of the best locations and holiday destinations which you can plan in the coming September holidays. If you plan to book your holiday package then it is always recommended to plan in advance and list the places to visit so that you do not miss the famous locations.



The best time to visit Goa is from September to December. The foreign crowd start visiting Goa from September and stay till the first week of January. Post monsoon the climate is not so humid and very comfortable to enjoy the water sports. Needless to explain the exciting nightlife of Goa and the seaside shacks where you can enjoy unlimited alcohol of your choice – anytime of the day! If you are a shopaholic then the Goa Market is the apt location you can wasted. Goa fort and church are some of the must visit places.

2. Sikkim or Bhutan


Charming Sikkim and Bhutan are silent but beautiful locations in the North Eastern Himalayan range which offers the perfect tourist attractions for those who are looking for break from routine life and mechanical cycle. Some of the important places to visit in Bhutan are Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Zuri Dzong Hike, etc. People here are very cooperative and guests are considered like god. The fresh air of Sikkim and Bhutan will revitalize your body and mind that gets toxic in city. Explore Bhutan with our Bhutan Holiday Tour Packages

3. Kerala


September is one of the perfect timings to visit Kerala as the monsoon season ends in August and light showers can be experienced in following month but not like in June to August. Kerala is also known as God’s own country as well as another Kashmir of India because of the beauty it has been blessed with. As, Kashmir is blessed with stunning Himalayan ranges, and exceptional beauty, in the same way Kerala is blessed with culture, mountains and greenery. Kerala is the only country in India which has beautiful backwaters locations and wonderful boat houses where you can spend a night or two. Explore, God’s own country with our Kerala Holiday Tour Packages

4. Andaman Nicobar


Andaman Nicobar situated at the southern most part of India is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. You should visit at least once in your life time to explore the places in Andaman. The Andaman Nicobar offers opportunity to explore several other islands like Havelock island, Neil island, Ross island, etc. The crystal clear beaches of Andaman Nicobar and freshness in the air will make you fall in love with it. The island is a blessing for people who wish to relax and spend quality time with their family and friends.

5. Nainital


Located among the beautiful places of Uttrakhand in the northern region of India, Nainital is also known as the city of Lakes. The beautiful & magical lakes of Nanital and the cloud covering peaks makes it look so beautiful that any tourist will never feel like returning home from there. If you have been looking for an apt location to propose your loved one or best place for honeymoon then you have found one. Do not delay and pack the bags today!

These are some of the best places that you can choose to book your holiday packages in September. If you need more information or wish to add to the list then keep us posted.