Things to do in Indo-China: Tour Packages to Vietnam & Cambodia


Angkor Wat is the temple dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu by King Suryavarnam II. The temple was constructed over a period of 30 years & is very famous for its spectacular beauty. The temple is a classical example of the Khmer architecture. It has become a symbol of Cambodia, appears on the national flag of Cambodia & has become a prime attraction for the tourists. In 1992, the whole city & the monument of Angkor were declared the “WORLD HERITAGE SITE” by UNESCO.

Vietnam Cambodia tour packages


“Fish massage” also called as Dr. Fish or Fish Pedicure in Siem Reap has become very famous tourist attraction. Customers come & sit on the edge of the fish tank & dangle their legs in the water & small fishes eat the dead skin on their feet.

Vietnam Cambodia holiday tours


Landmines museum was established by Aki Ra in 1997. The museum includes mines, guns, weaponry, mortars etc. The museum tells the story of landmines in Cambodia as in how they have impacted the country’s future in past, present & will continue to impact in the future. The museum provides home to many children & even facilitates education which will secure the career of the children.

Vietnam Cambodia packages


Ton Le Sap Lake also known as Great Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia & richest fishing lake in the world. It is a combined lake & river system in Cambodia. Its flow changes direction twice per year and the lake itself expands and shrinks by four times its size with the changing seasons. Vietnam Cambodia tours


Explore the lively Old Quarter of Hanoi. This bustling heart of Hanoi has been a commercial centre since King Ly Thai To built his palace there in the 11th century. This is a place you must see to experience Hanoi, where you will find shopping & cultural/ historical sites all wrapped into one. Vietnam Cambodia tour packages from Mumbai


Water Puppet Is Puppets That On Water Is A Tradition That Was Originated In The Villages Of Red River Delta Area Of Northern Vietnam. The Puppet Show Is A Unique Creation On Ancient Puppet Tradition. The Puppets Appear To Be Moving Over The Water & Specially On The Occasion Of Rice Fields Flood, The Villagers Would Entertain Each Other By Performing This Puppet Play.

Vietnam Cambodia tour packages from Ahmedabad


It is a temple of Confucius in Hanoi in Vietnam. The temple is also known as temple of Literature & is the country’s oldest monument of education. The war had completely destroyed the temple but the restoration in the years has given the temple its glory & beauty back.
Vietnam Cambodia packages


Halong Bay is declared the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can board a luxury boat for an overnight cruise in between more than 3,000 limestone islands. There are so many interesting activities you can choose from which you can enjoy onboard like: a cooking demonstration with chef on board, an optional traditional massage or swimming.

 Vietnam Cambodia tour packages from Ahmedabad


Sapa is growing town in the hills of Northern Vietnam. There are around 10 ethnic tribes in & around Sapa. Each tribe has a unique taste, culture, religion & language.

Vietnam holiday packages


Enjoy the vibrant city lights of Ho Chi Minh City with two hour dinner cruise on Saigon River. You can have a Vietnamese dining experience with both Asian & European cuisines.

Cambodia holiday tours


Getting clothes tailor made is probably the economic driving force in Hoi An. The place is full of small shops with tailors working for 24 hours.

Vietnam Packages


The War Remnants Museum is the most popular tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City. The museum is newly renovated & shows very somber & hushed graphic displays & photographs of the horrors faced by the country.

Cambodia holiday packages

There are lots of things to do in Indo-China for every interest. You can visit Indo-China round the year. We at Flamingo Transworld having regular departures for Vietnam & Cambodia Tour Packages. Contact US today and we will design memorable Indo-China Package for you.

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Discover Changing Times at The Times Square on Your USA Vacation


TIMES SQUARE – The world’s busiest pedestrian crossroads is located in mid-town Manhattan, New York City. In 1904, the New York Times built the Times Tower on 43rd street just off Broadway to replace its downtown premises. The square in front of the building was called Longacre square, but was soon renamed Times Square. The area is at the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenue which is stretched from West 42nd Street to West 47th Street. It is one of the New York City’s major gathering spot which attracts visitors with its ambiance and dazzling lighted billboards and advertisements.

USA tour packages

Times Square is the most happening place in New York with Broadway Theater, Cinemas, Shopping Center and super signs, it is one of those place which makes New York City that never sleeps. More than 39 million people visit the square annually including tourist and people working in the area and is world’s most visited tourist attraction.


The square is also very famous for its Broadway Theater District which is commonly known as Broadway, having 40 professional theaters which presents theatrical performances of Musical shows and Drama. Below are some famous shows of Broadway that attracts more visitors to Times Square:

  1. Chicago
  2. Mama-Mia
  3. Jersey Boys
  4. Violet
  5. The Lion King
  6. Aladdin and many more…

USA tours

Times Square on 31st December:

Since 31st December 1907, Times Square celebrates New Year’s Eve, the event is known as Ball Drop. Begin at 11.59 PM ball descends 141 feet down in 60 seconds and resting at midnight to signal the start of the New Year. Millions of visitor participate and observe the event with amazing fireworks.

USA packages

Bollywood Movies in Times Square:

Shooting in America is the hottest trend of Bollywood Industry, many movies have been shooted in different locations of America. In which one of the location is Times Square, here are the famous Indian movies shooted on Times Square – Jaan-e-mann, Tara Rum Pum, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Jo Bole So Nihaal, Love at Times Square, Out of Control.

Sounds exciting right?? Yes, Times Square is really very exciting place to visit in New York. You can enjoy at Times Square in our American Group Tours. For more information you can visit www.FlamingoTranswold

Enjoy Sky Diving with our New Zealand Tour

Queenstown – The Adventure Capital of The World

My name was decided to travel to New Zealand, as soon as it was decided I had always thought of experiencing Sky Diving in Queenstown, I was with group of honeymooners & some mid age passengers. I spoken about Sky Diving to all members in the group, many of them including me were ready, on to our journey of New Zealand we all reached Queenstown, we booked for Sky Diving right from booking to diving the whole experience was exciting and also frightening.

New Zealand holiday packages
I with other members reached Sky Diving office they showed us the whole video prepared us for the dive and then all of us in a car were taken to Sky Diving Site. There were goosebumps already thinking of jumping out of the plane from 15000 feet, I met my trainer he was very nice and interactive he helped me put on my dive suit and made me comfortable interacting with me. I also wanted to take video and photographs of my dive, now the videographer interviewed me I could not speak more as there was fear in my mind of diving but also was equally excited then got into the plane with my trainer and other divers , my trainer while reaching 15000 feet tied himself with me.

New Zealand tour packages from Ahmedabad
My videographer jumped first and then me and my trainer jumped, I closed my eyes & just jumped screaming so loud that all my fear was gone. The moment I opened my eyes I was feeling like I am in heaven all greenery, lakes and the view was just awesome out of the world. Then after a few seconds parachute opened I was flying then finally landed. I didn’t really wanted to come down the experience of diving was just amazing, superb & wonderful.

New Zealand tour packages from Mumbai

One should really not miss SKY DIVING in New Zealand.

If the words are enough to make you excited for Sky Diving than just imagine when the moment when you will experience it. We have regular Tour Departures to New Zealand from India. Find the most suitable deal for you and fly New Zealand With Us. For More information Click Here:

Learn the Change on Singapore Tour

The Singapore Story, Lee Kuan Yew

On 16th of September, 1923 the world witnessed the born of a great Singaporean leader, Lee Kuan Yew. From 1959 to 1990 Lee was the prime minister of Singapore; which till date is considered to be the longest-serving PM in history. Singapore went on to become the most prosperous nation in Southeast Asia under the leadership of Mr. Lee and that’s why you should visit Singapore once to see the change. After his retirement from Prime Minister Post, he went on to become the Minister Mentor of Singapore to provide his expert assistance in guiding the nation.

Singapore tour packages

The era of 1960’s and 70’s is widely remembered for Lee’s speeches; which provides his vision for Singapore and make Tourism the top priority for the natural resources starved nation. The creation of building several tourist attractions such as, the Night Safari, Singapore Flyer (World’s second highest Ferris wheel at 165m, the highest being taken over by the High Roller build in Las Vegas at 167.6m), Marina Bay Sands (World’s most expensive resort property built at a whopping cost of US$4.70 Billion) and many more attractions that places Singapore on top of the tourist list. Many nations have failed in attempts of National Airline but not Singapore. Singapore Airlines one of world’s top airlines is the brain child of Lee and it continues to be profitable. The Changi Airport is voted as world’s best airport for last 24 years. Along with tourism, Lee has worked hard over a period of time to make Singapore a country to invest with relaxed laws and transparent governance has paved way for the increase in the investments. Today, Singapore is financial hub of Southeast Asia and an economical force to reckon.

Singapore holiday tours

Lee Kuan Yew believed in the power of marketing to transform the way Singaporeans lived and the way world viewed Singapore. Many management experts around the world have termed Lee as the first Managing Director of a Country, a title never heard before and hardly thought of for a prime minister of a country. His marketing mantra was that it’s all about Perception. It’s having people think what is here. The magic of marketing works wonders on the economy and society.

Innovative techniques adapted by Singapore in generating business opportunities and promoting tourism are amazing. Lew Kuan Yew said in an interview with the New York Times that he seeks to make Singapore a first world in the third world region. According to him, building the infrastructure was easy; however the difficult part was to change the old habits and behavior of the people to live like first world citizens and stop spitting and littering on the streets. And Singapore embarked on a journey on the journey to greatness. There were lots of campaigns to change the face of the society. Some strict laws were enforced by Lee to improve the public image such as ban on chewing gums and punishment for throwing garbage from rooftops. Etiquette campaign such as emphasis on speaking English, acts of kindness and welcoming tourists with smile. The result is astonishing; with only 5.47 million of population Singapore received over 15.6 million of visitors/tourists (with 7% Growth) in 2013.

During the decades in which Lee held office, Singapore grew from being a third world country to one of the most developed nations in Asia, despite limitations of land space and lack of natural resources. For Lee Singapore’s people were only its natural resources who joined and helped for the transformation of the country. Widely respected by locals and madly loved by the old generation; and will be remembered for his leadership which shaped Singapore of today. Indeed, for many people in Singapore and other countries, Lee is immortalized with Singapore’s country brand.

Lee Kuan Yew will always be remembered who shaped Singapore into a first world country in a region of third worlds. His contributions in socio-economic areas are remarkable with Singapore’s per capita income today standing at $78,744. Lee’s attachment to Singapore can be measured when he said, “Even from his sick bed, if people were to lower him into the grave and he feels something is going wrong, He would get up.”

So, As an Indian should plan Tour to Singapore to discover Lee Kuan Yew’s Vision, You will come to know the growth this country made is fantastic. We have regular Tour Departures to Singapore, also if you are planning to fly on specific date in your mind than contact us. Our Tour Expert will design a memorable holidays to Singapore for you or Check it from here:

Great Learning on Our Tour to Japan

Why Japan is called LAND OF RISING SUN ?

My recent visit to Japan was fabulous where we all were in a group.. All senior citizen group was with me. It was a great experience, Japan is a beautiful country… I visited so many countries but i really felt that this is a country which everyone has to visit once in a life.. Its purity, cleanliness and its natural beauty attract all..!! If I close my eyes today, the glimpse of Japan comes in my memory. I could not stop myself from sharing my experience.

Japan is called the “land of the rising sun” because from China it appears that the sun rises from the direction of Japan. The Japanese people call their country “Nippon” or “Nihon” which literally translated means “source of the sun.” OR “the sun’s origin”…It is loosely translated into English as “Land of the Rising Sun “..!!

While I was in china I found that the Chinese Imperial name for Japan was Nihon .It simply indicates the direction of Japan with respect to China. If you are in China — than Japan is towards your east. In China it also appears that the sun rises from the direction of Japan.

Japanese language originally referred to Japan as Wakoku. These characters mean “country of the Wa”. Wa was an ethnic group that lived in Japan during the Three Kingdoms period (220 – 280 AD).


During my visit to Japan I stayed on Honshu island there are 3 main other islands namely Shikoku , Kyushu and Hokkaido. Apart from that Japan consists of thousands of islands, many of which are too small for the people to live. Shikoku and Kyushu are smaller islands located in the south of Honshu, and Hokkaido is in the north of Honshu.  


Japan also have many other names in English, Japanese, and other languages. The word “Japan” is an exonym, and is used by a large number of languages. The Japanese names for Japan are Nippon and Nihon. I found that the Japanese name which is used for the most official purposes,including on Japanese money, postage stamps and for many international sporting events is Nippon. Nihon is a more casual term and it is very frequently used in contemporary speech.

The pacific Ring Of Fire is the area where the islands of Japan are located.Most of the world’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur have occurred here. over 1500 earthquakes takes place here during a year.. In 1923 the Great Kanto Earthquake killed more than 143,000 people in the Tokyo area. The other 2 major destructive forces in Japan are Tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. In 2011 the Tōhoku Earthquake, which is also known as 3-11 (three-eleven) in Japan, was the most powerful earthquake known to have struck Japan till now.


Japan’s population is over 126 million.Tokyo is the capital of japan located on Honshu island .Japan is over 70% mountainous terrain with approximately 18% land mass suitable for human settlement. Japanese cities are typically sprawling and extremely populated. Main areas to cover in japan – Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Nara etc…!! Japanese traditional dress is Kimono..Japan has two dominant religious traditions: Shintoism -where they believe in nature and Buddhism where they believe in god. Japan currency is yen. Japan’s high speed trains (bullet trains) are called Shinkansen and are operated by Japan Railways (JR).Running at speeds of up to 320 km/h, the Shinkansen is very well known known for its punctuality. Usually houses in japan are made up of wood to protect themselves from earth quakes..!!

You can enjoy their best season cherry blossom which is in March- April.



So, Want to go Japan to experience its beauty ? Well, We are here to plan Scenic Japan Tour Package for you, which will be an outstanding experience for you. Click Here to check all Holiday Packages for Japan or Contact Us today, Our Japan Tour Expert will help you to design your own itinerary.

Scenic Rail Routes – Best Ways to Enjoy and Explore in Swiss Holidays

The Scenic rail routes of Switzerland provide amazing views of Switzerland. When Your are on Vacation to Switzerland, All these scenic rail routes takes you through mountain peaks, countryside, bridges, rivers, valleys and each is guaranteed to give you gorgeous views of Switzerland.

Below are the top five scenic routes in Switzerland:

  • Bernina Express:

Switzerland tour packages

Bernina express will take you from Chur in Switzerland to Poschiavo or Tirano in Italy. The train will pass over 196 bridges. If you are travelling in summer, you can continue your journey to Lugano by bus. What makes it different from other trains is it will give you experience of bus and it will take you closer to the Italian border.

  • Wilhem Tell Express:

Switzerland holiday packages

Just like the Bernina Express, this route combines two forms of transportation: train and boat. You can start the journey in either Lugano or Locarno and travel towards Lucerne (or vice versa). From Lugano, you have to take a regional train to Bellinzona, and then you have to board the panaromic train to Fluelen. As with the trains, you’ll have those beautiful views of Swiss mountain and the boat will make stops at the villages near the lake until you reach Lucerne.

  • GoldenPass Line:

Switzerland tour packages from Mumbai

Another most scenic train of Switzerland is the Golden Pass Line, which starts form Interlaken and Zweisimmen to Montreux (or vice versa). The journey will begin from Lucerne and it will take you to several lakes pastures through Bruning pass and it will finally end in Interlaken. From Interlaken you will take a train you need to take another train and later you will continue your journey towards Montreux. Certain departures on this route will offer panorama cars to give unobstructed views of every gorgeous thing mentioned above.

This journey includes the most varied landscape of the Scenic Routes, from valleys and waterfalls to mountaintops and meadows.

  • Glacier Express:

Switzerland tour packages from Ahmedabad

Glacier express is the most popular route amongst the Scenic Trains and also the longest. This scenic route starts from Zermatt to St Moritz (or vice versa), although you can board at any point in between. The journey will take you through various mountain landscapes, bridges, tunnels in just 7 hours. Some of the inclines on this route are so steep that drinks are served in a special tilted glass to avoid spills.

  • The Chocolate Train:

Switzerland packages

This unique train starts from Montreux to the Gruyere region from where the famous Cailler chocolate come from. You can have lunch in Gruyeres and then depart for your journey to Broc, where you can visit the factory of Cailler Nestle Chocolate where you will see how chocolates are made.

So, Feeling Excited to Go Switzerland after reading this ? Yes, Of course. Than Come to us we have great deals on Switzerland Holidays. Also You can explore other things to do in Switzerland. For Any Travel Related Query Visit Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd From Here.

Also if you have enjoyed any of these route, you can share your experience in comment.

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Things To Do on Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka is called “The Pearl of Indian Ocean”!!!

Not just the shape, but the country with its natural beauty is truly the pearl of Indian Ocean. My recent visit to Sri Lanka was fabulous where the full family has enjoyed the best holiday moments.

Sri Lanka, is the small country, but many sights to offer. If I close my eyes today, the glimpse of Sri Lanka comes in memory. The city & shopping, hill station & beach, world heritage sites, lush green tea gardens and so amazing sights with natural beauty!!! In just 7 days, with private vehicle, we enjoyed Kandy, nuwara Eliya, bentota and Columbo!!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Sri Lanka tour packages

How can I forget to mention, Sri Lanka is one of the top producing tea country in world. TEA means, tannin aroma of essence.

There are different types of tea like:

Green tea, black tea, white tea and gold tea.

Tea Gardens

Sri Lanka holiday packages

One of the most memorable experience of my trip was the rafting on Kelani river close to Kitulgala. We enjoyed 4.5 Kms long river rafting and the river is flowing with lots of greenery surrounded. We also saw the sight of the movie shooted ” The Bridge On The River Kwai”!! And yes, the most exciting moments was when my daughter Dhruvi jumped into the river and started flowing with the water, was real fun!!!

Kitulgala Rafting

Sri Lanka tour packages from Ahmedabad

Kandy is the second largest city of Sri Lanka n it is famous for its wood factories, gem stone jewellery, silk clothes n sarees n Buddha’s Tooth Relic  temple.

Tooth Relic Temple

Sri Lanka tour packages from Ahmedabad

Nuwara Eliya, which is the hill station of Sri Lanka  is on about 6000 ft height. When Britishers ruled Sri Lanka, they have made colonial buildings and good tea factories and few are converted in hotels. Gregory lake and colonial hotel buildings makes the small hilly town look very beautiful.

Gregory lake

Sri Lanka tours

Bentota is the famous beach city of Sri Lanka which has amazing location resorts, fantastic water sports, Ayurvedic spa n massages to offer. I got really refreshed with 2 nights of my stay at club Bentota resort where one side we have Bentota river and on  the other side is Indian Ocean. The international buffet had more than 100 items to cater to all nationality passengers.

Bentota River & Beach

Sri Lanka packages

Columbo city reminds us to shop with lots of shopping malls like house of fashion, Odell n romafour.  Also, the srialnkan rupee is half then indian rupee so I find the shopping very reasonable for the brands available.

City’s Famous Mall

Sri Lanka holiday packages

Sounds Interesting ? Yes. You can visit Tea Garden, Tooth relic temple, Gregory lake, Bentota River Beach and Sri Lanka city’s famous mall  with Flamingo’s variety tours to Sri Lanka, visit FLAMINGO TRANSWORLD PVT. LTD. Or check our Tailor made Vacation Packages for Sri Lanka from here.

Visit Global Village with Our Dubai Tours

Dubai Shopping Festival is a Shopper’s Paradise

Dubai tour packages

This festival is a retail place inaugurated in 1996 for first time by the government of Dubai had 1.6 million visitors. It had an opening ceremony which gave a good start to the festival. The festival is organized to promote trade and commerce of the Dubai.

The festival is organized in the first month of the year for month for shopaholics. In the initial stage of the festival it was considered as a simple shopping place but in later years the more festival was gaining success it became an international festival which Dubai is proud of. The festival is a retail place which is going to complete 20 years in 2015.

But innovative programs organized year the festival becomes remarkable and unique. Dubai got the name ‘CITY OF GOLD’ during the awareness campaign been done in Dubai shopping festival .The whole festival is theme based on different countries which also attracts customers to experience the gesture represented the theme.

Dubai holiday packages

The festival has played a big role in promoting tourism of Dubai. As more and more time passed this festival is also known for its various entertainments programs. It is considered to be the most promising and entertaining festival of the globe. A slogan is also given to the festival which is “SHOP AT THE BEST”

Dubai tours

Large number of tourists has been increasing every year which has provided platform for the international talents to exhibit their skills. The stage has entertainment such as street plays, special events, fireworks and fashion shows and other cultural activities. The festival has gained success for improving economic condition of the country. Visitors also get a chance to enjoy live music such as jazz, hip hop by the renowned artists.

Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

As Dubai is a tax free country and merchants are importing products from other countries the festival offers wide range of cost effective products for people to buy. Visitors also have an opportunity to bargain for the product.

The festival also has different cuisines prepared from all corners of the world to satisfy their taste of buds. Cuisines ranging from Indian to continental, Chinese to French, Italian to all other Arabian gourments are been offered.

This festival helds at global village which is spreaded over 17 million square feet. Global Village is associated with DSF for a long run of its success. It is the major attraction during the Dubai shopping festival as global village. As the name itself Global Village represents the culture of various countries at one place.

Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

All of efforts are been done to make this place more easy for visitors and also to ensure that everything is been well taken care of. They have kept an information counter which will help to guide them while traveling in the festival.

The shopping festival has an extraordinary closing ceremony to make visitors happy and to keep whole event memorable.

You can visit Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) with Flamingo’s variety tours to Dubai, visit FLAMINGO TRANSWORLD PVT. LTD. Or check our Tailor made Vacation Packages for Dubai from here.

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Visit Orlando: The Entertainment Capital of The World with Our USA Tours

USA tour packages

Visit to Orlando does not mean just Walt Disney world resort.

Orlando is called the “Entertainment Capital Of The World”!

Orlando – one of the most beautiful city I have visited during my trip to USA.  The major areas in Orlando are: International drive, Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista. Major hotels and apartments are located on the above area where people have the opportunity to stay longer. I choose to stay on international drive with Rosen group hotel, from which the Walt Disney Resort, Indian food n shopping, all r close by!!!

USA packages from Mumbai

Walt Disney World Resort – It has 4 Major Theme Park Named,

1) Magic Kingdom

2) EPCOT Center

3) Animal Kingdom

4) Hollywood studios

USA tour packages from Ahmedabad

We require 1 full day to visit each park. I enjoyed Magic kingdom and EPCOT Center and could get the feel of Walt Disney resort the best.

USA holiday packages

I believe the visit to Orlando does not mean u end up with above parks, Orlando has a lot to offer.

How can we forget the NASA Kennedy Space Centre. NASA is a major central Florida tourist destination and is approximately one hour’s drive from the Orlando. NASA Education Technology team designs, develops, implements and evaluates the products and services that use technology to enhance the educational process for formal and informal education, as well as lifelong learning. NASA Kennedy space center, an excellent place for both kids and adults and it offers attractions like NASA Bus Tour, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Shuttle Launch Experience ,  IMAX Theatre, Apollo/ Saturn V Center and Rocket Garden.

USA tours

Luxury on cruise

The fun on cruise, one of the best time I had with my family n friends. Port canaveral is the port from which many cruise liners operate 3, 4, n 7 nights itineraries.

USA packages

We enjoyed 3 nights/4 days Bahamas cruise with Royal Carribbean n visited ports like Nassau and Coco cay, where we had the opportunity to enjoy the sun n sand, all water n beach activities. On ship, while sailing, we have options of swimming, jacuzzi, dance performances, captains dinner, yoga, indoor sports, dance n try our luck with bingo. I did not realise where our 4 days journey got over and I put on 2 kgs weight by experiencing 6 different meals in a day….. And yes, how can I forget, the spa experience of 1 hour looking at the waves of sea from a clean class of my massage room.

I could see different cruise liners like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian n also Walt Disney cruise ships during my cruise experience. But I find, we had one of the best experience with Royal Carribbean!!!!!

USA holiday packages

Depends on time we have, we can explore other parks like the Sea world where you can enjoy different shows like the Dolphin and the Shark. You will get the best roller coaster experience here.

USA tour packages

Food n drink – hooters bar is the place for people to enjoy night out. Food is not a point to think about. U have lots of options of vegetarian meals starting from a roadside burger to pizza pasta to typical Indian as well as Gujarati food in the city.

So my trip to was Orlando was awesome just because I had the opportunity to relive my childhood again!!!

You can visit Orlando with Flamingo’s different tours to America, visit FLAMINGO TRANSWORLD PVT. LTD. Or check our Tailor made Vacation Packages for USA from here.

Singapore in The Last 50 Years: Experience The Change with Our Singapore Tours


The island of Singapore was known to the sea travelers as early as the Third Century. By the seventh century, when the trade through sea developed, Singapore probably was one of the many trading outposts serving as an import-export port and served as the center attraction of trade for Malay, Thai, Javanese, and Chinese, Indian, and Arab traders.

 A fourteenth-century Javanese people referred to the island as Temasek. As per local legends, there was sighting of half lion and half beast, it was due to those events the city of Singapura or the Lion City was named. The Malayan sultans and group of regional empires were the ones controlling Singapura back then.

Singapore tour packages

In 1953 a British commission recommended partial internal self-government for Singapore. The very next year, Labour Front led by David Marshall, called for immediate independence and merger with Malaya. The same year, the People’s Action Party (PAP) was established under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, the future hero and legendary prime minister.

In 1957 Malaya was granted independence, and the next year the British Parliament elevated the status of Singapore from colony to state and provided for new local elections.

Singapore holiday packages

The small island country with limited source of income and without any natural resources was not the same Singapore that we know today.

 Singapore today is riding high on the Financial and Tourism wave the per capita income has increased to $78,744. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is considered to be the longest serving prime minister in the history. Mr. Lee’s contribution to the transformation has been phenomenal.

Small manufacturing base and little industrial know-how and domestic capital contributed much to the rapid rise of the unemployment. Today the unemployment rate stands low at 1.9%.

The Infant mortality rate was 82 per 1000 live births which now stand at 2. The average life expectancy rate back then was 62 which is increased to 82 mainly due to vast improvement in the health care and better quality of life that the government has worked to provide the citizens.

The early time was a violent period characterized by constant anti-colonial agitation, communist subversion and unrest leading to self-government and culminating independence. Post its separation from Malaysia, Singapore has grown at an average of 8% a year. The successful implementations into housing, water, sanitation, clean environment, nutrition, and education – all important determinants of health. Health care has always been placed high on the national agenda.

Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad

Singapore‘s land filling program has provided excellent results as the 581.5 km2 land has grown to an impressive 718.3 km2. The future land filling program has plans to grow the land size by another 100 km till 2030 that will double the size of the country from its original size. The Marina Bay area is an excellent example of the land filling program. The construction of the hotel Marina Bay Sands on Marina Bay is the most expensive building in the world costing $4.7 Billion.

After Monaco, Singapore is the second most populated or densest sovereign state. The 20th smallest country in the world stands 6th in the list of wealthiest nations.

Some of the famous brands of Singapore include Singapore Airlines, Tiger Palm and Tiger Beer. Over a period of time Singapore has evolved into a global meeting and events venue for big companies. The port has been one of the main pillars of Singapore’s economy for nearly 200 years and has played a key role in Singapore’s transformation into a global trading power for re-export. Much of this success is given to its strategic geographical location, stable government, and reliable workforce, pro-business environment, transparent legal system and sound infrastructure. Singapore has been and remains the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage.

Annually it receives an average of 140000 vessel calls at their port. The housing system is well planned and implemented to avoid any land wastage. The tourism sector has contributed a lot as over 15.6 million of visitors/tourists (with 7% Growth) in 2013.

Today Singapore has one of the best infrastructures, safe for tourists, pro-business approach and health care system with booming economy.

This Lion City has traveled from being a third world country to the first world, Are we ready to venture onto this journey?

Visit Singapore today and get mesmerized!!!

Sounds Interesting ? Yes. Singapore is one of the best Place to visit. You can choose us to design a tailor made Singapore Tour Package for you, also there is an option to select from our Group Tour Packages for Singapore. For More Information on Singapore Holidays Visit :