Maharaj Tour

Join our special group tours with an Indian chef called Maharaj for an amazing food journey! 

At Flamingo Travels, we bring the flavours of India to you no matter where you travel. Our Maharaj Tours has an expert Indian chef joining your group trip. Wherever you travel, be it - Japan or Iceland, our chefs serve the best taste of India. They are masters of Indian cuisine. We often carry most of the ingredients and spices from India. But we also use locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring every meal is delicious and different. Our Maharaj creates dishes blending Indian and local flavours. You also get the real taste of India with new flavours from that country. 

We offer a diverse range of menus throughout the tour. Our chefs prepare different authentic Indian menus every day. They ensure you never eat the same meal twice on your tour. From North Indian curries to South Indian dosas and Gujarati snacks, you will enjoy different cuisines throughout the trip. They travel with your group from city to city. Whenever you arrive, hot fresh Indian meals are ready for you. So, while exploring new countries, you can still enjoy the taste of home-cooked Indian food. 

At Flamingo Travels, we believe that food is the heart of any travel experience. That's why our Maharaj Tours let you journey across beautiful countries while never worrying about what you will eat next. With our Maharaj Tours, you experience unique cultures and still enjoy the comforting flavours of home. It's like a big feast for your heart and soul!
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