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Seychelles – An Archipelago Of Legendary Beauty

By Flamingo Transworld on Sep 21, 2015

If you are looking for a paradise with jade green water, gorgeous beaches and high hills cloaked with tangled forest, then indulge into the beauty and silence of Seychelles. It is one hundred fifteen Island country with a large number of perfect and distinctive islands. Seychelles is one of the most famous destination for its beautiful white sandy beaches, Palm forests, crystal clear water, Giant Tortoise, Flora and Fauna.  A dreamlike setting, Seychelles is an unsurprisingly choice destination for newlyweds. For those who are looking for more than a romantic spot, then this archipelago offers a unique and large number of high energy distractions. There are forest and long coastal walks, boat excursions, deep diving, marine parks, natural reserves and snorkeling to keep buzzing. The place will gift a clear blue sky and scenery along the hike is also breathtaking. Explore the vast romantic island with our Seychelles Tour packages. 

Some of the most famous Islands are Bird Island, Cousine Island, Mahe Island, La Digue Island and Praslin Island.


Bird Island is well known as a world’s top eco holiday destination and a successful wildlife reserve. It is located in the archipelago of Seychelles, spread over 5 km covered in corals and lined with purest white sandy beaches. The name of the island became bird island because of the spectacular colony of 7 lakhs pairs of sooty terns in the island.  Bird Island is situated about 60 miles from the main island of Mahe, and is easily reached by plane. Its covered in corals and lined with the purest white sand.


Cousine Island is about 6km off the west coast of Praslin. It is an island where nature is at its best beauty and we are only the silent observer of this beautiful dream. There are most exclusively luxurious villas are available to stay just on the tip of the finest beach on the earth.  Cousine Island is owned by a South African businessman, who has embarked on an intensive conservation program to restore it to its primal state. About 2,000 indigenous trees have been planted, and 12 endangered magpie robins have been introduced to share the island with a couple of thousand nesting birds and also famous for giant tortoises. It is one of the best and memorable island holiday destinations where luxury and comfort never came to an end.


La Digue is the third largest island in Seychelles. This island is famous for silky white sand and beautiful turquoise blue sea. The best beach in this beautiful island is Anse Source which can be reachable easily by bicycle. There are exclusively nice places to swim is Petite Anse, with its large smooth boulders. La Digue west coast, south of La Passe, is protected by a reef, creating calm water, ideal for snorkeling & other water sports activity. Besides these pleasures of beach life, La Digue offers horse riding, diving, fishing and boat trips. Diving instruction, expeditions and boat trips to tiny Felicite Island can be arranged at La Digue Island Lodge.


Mahe Island is among the largest and developed island in Seychelles. This island is the home to the Victoria, country’s capital and ninety percent of the Seychelles population. Extreme lovely wonder of this island is that it has perfect vacation with some exciting adventure opportunities, from exploring the forest and mountain to diving pristine sites and snorkeling with the most dangerous species like whale sharks. It has the highest mountain ranges in the Seychelles. For a stylish souvenir, Michael Adams, Seychelles’ most famous artist, has a studio gallery at his home at Anse aux Poules Bleues.


Praslin island is the second-largest island in Seychelles, take 15-minute time by plane from Mahe. It is most famous for the Vallée de Mai a World Heritage Site home to the distinctive coco de mer palm. It is a fascinating, friendly and fresh island to explore by foot, bicycle or hire-car. A number of excursions, including cruises, bird-watching and photographic expeditions are available from both Mahe and Praslin.


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