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Top 6 Honeymoon Destinations in 2017

By Riddhi Shah on Jan 5, 2017

Every couple dreams of enjoying their honeymoon in the breezy beaches. You can make this dream come true only if you know about what beaches are apt for you. To know more about the top honeymoon destinations continue reading the article.Newlyweds these days are choosing to search their romantic getaway in pursuit of the perfect exotic beach for their post-wedding retreat-one that is the perfect one stop destination for romance, adventure, and fun. So here are the top 6 exotic beach destinations for your honeymoon to make it the memory you cherish all your life. Visit this romantic destinations with our Honeymoon tour Packages.

1.  FIJI

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The first thing that you’ll realize about Fiji is that the locals are incredibly friendly and the shouts of “Bula!” (Hello) are directed at just about for everyone. Located in Melanesia- the Republic of Fiji sits in the South Pacific Ocean, which is more than 2,100 miles away from Tahiti and midway between Tonga and Vanuatu.

Since the Fijian islands were formed by -volcanic activity millions of years ago, you will find rugged mountains that are blanketed with lush green forests on many islands. The beaches are surreal golden crescents and many other islands offer world-class snorkeling and diving. Fiji has a number of championship golf courses and these islands offer a terrific mix of activities for honeymooners of all age. To Know more about the Fiji & Bora Bora Tour Packages!


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Maldives has to be a priority amongst the top 6 exotic beach destinations for your honeymoon. If your idea of honeymoon is a deserted island, then the Maldives are for you. The archipelago sits on the top of massive underwater mountain range. From the air, you will see a perfect mosaic of sand bars and beautiful coral reefs. This is blessing for divers who wish to see the whale sharks, moray eels, and stingrays, Manta rays, reef sharks, and turtles like the hawksbill and various  green sea varieties The trip is worth it all. Want To know more about the Maldives Tour Packages


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Scenic and perfectly laid-back- Belize is the ideal honeymoon destination after the frenetic pace of your wedding. It is still an uninterrupted tropical paradise which is not as well known as the other Western Caribbean islands. Belize has excellent diving and fishing opportunities, plus most perfect beaches for sunbathing. You must make sure you visit- the Mayan ruins and rain forest reserves during your honeymoon which has amazing opportunities to click pictures with your beloved.


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A honeymoon in Phuket is a great choice of romantic destination after all the hassle of marriage functions, this beautiful island is ideal for the couple who love to spend some time away from the rush of the city side. Including several award-winning west-coast restaurants with stunning sunset view.Romantic cruises off Phuket are another big favorite and must visit for newlyweds. Romantic restaurants are what Phuket is best at: With a 50km-long sandy coastline dotted with many picturesque bays with coves as well as lofty viewpoints that are ideal for that perfect sunset cocktail with your honey – the stage is set for romance at the surreal locations such as-Mom Tri’s Kitchen in Kata Noi are set on beach side cliffs and both offer sensational sunset views.


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Rightly known as the Paradise Island-the gorgeous side of Mauritius unveils with soft powdery white sands on its ethereal beaches. The surreal romantic places to visit in Mauritius are what make it the go-to destination for newlyweds. Starting from enjoying your precious private time exploring the adventures together, Mauritius is a place with endless things to do for newlyweds. Mauritius offers you a romantic time over crystal blue lagoons, unspoiled beaches and, coral islets . However there‘s a lot more to Mauritius than just the tropical beauty. You can enjoy an unparalleled time experiencing the world famous water sports, trendy bars, clubs and restaurants. From a romantic walk in the gardens to a calm relaxing day at the spa- Mauritius will be full of pleasant choices. check our Maurititus Tour Packages!


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The beautiful islands of the Seychelles are quite simply the most romantic location that is imaginable and is perfect for a romantic honeymoon. Seychelles features so many hotels and resorts which suit all budgets.

The larger resorts on Mahé Island are great for the couples who like doing various adventurous activities and the secluded tropical island offers idyllic hideaways- while the hidden coves of La Digue and Praslin are perfect for the couples who prefer seeking peace and a little more privacy. Wish to know more about the Seychelles Tour Packages!

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